Apr 162012

PERTH (miningweekly.com) – ASX-listed South Boulder Mines has reported an 85% increase in its resource estimate for its flagship Colluli potash project, in Eritrea, taking the resource to more than one-billion tons.

South Boulder said on Monday that the expanded resource was expected to substantially improve the already-robust economics of the openpit project at Colluli. Continue reading »

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Apr 162012

By Sohrab Ahmari

Editor’s note: This piece begins with journalist Sohrab Ahmari’s criticisms of Justin D. Martin’srecent article. Martin’s response comes next, then Ahmari closes it out with a response of his own.

In recent years, the Columbia Journalism Review has devoted special attention to the use and misuse of statistics in American journalism, taking reporters to task when they have fallen for unreliable statistics or failed to seek the human stories behind data. The cover essay in the March/April 2011 issue, for example, harshly criticized the Los Angeles Times for publishing the names of thousands of public school teachers next to their “value-added” performance data without giving readers sufficient context to interpret these numbers. In its next issue, CJRlauded an alternative weekly reporter for exposing the faulty methodology behind wildly alarming sex trafficking statistics that were uncritically picked up by a number of regional broadsheets. Such instances of statistical credulity and probity on the part of journalists regularly earn “darts” and “laurels” in the pages of CJR. Continue reading »

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