Jan 172012

(AFP) – 3 hours ago  

KHARTOUM — Sudanese intelligence officers have broken up a ring preparing to smuggle Eritreans to Israel, a report said on Monday, just days after UN officials voiced concern over the gangs.

The Sudanese Media Center, which is close to the security apparatus, said officers in Kassala state bordering Eritrea “were able to capture a network of people smugglers”.

It did not say how many suspects were caught.

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  4 Responses to “Sudan busts people smugglers: report (AFP) – 01-16-2011”

  1. We all know those call themselves eritrean opposition group. positioned in ethiopia , doing business by using landcruisers givin to them by woyane regime, to smuggle eritrean and tigreans ,to sudan charging each individual 1000birr,

  2. If and only if it is true, then I could say well done. This is one step forward. I hope the rest will also arrest of the Sudan Authorities put pressure on smugglers and the Eritrean government which the responsible of this tragdy in Sinai. If the Eritrean government was forcing this people to leave their country, this people will not put their life in this situation.

    As Eritreans we should voice for the voice less people who under dictatorial regime. For simple reason, it is about human right. The Eritrea People paid 60000 marytors to get independence but we still denied our basic right. Issais and his small group and the people paying him are responsible for what happen for eritreans.

  3. Wedi Keren you mast be out you maind.Eritreans at time are fortunat they have free schools, clean water, good health care that is why i love the govenment

  4. Irresposible so called oppositions groups funded by the arch enemy of Eritrea are to blame.They are profiting and making deals by selling their ownbrothers and sisters. Sad.