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Eritreans have talked much about EDA and now its offshoot, the Awassa congress. The debate is centered on the incessant non-adaptability and inability of EDA to galvanize Eritrean people around a vision that democratizes our thinking and our struggle. The culprit is none other than the Islamic ideology and the politics of ethnic that run antithetical to democracy and the common good. This persuasion attempts to paint a picture of Eritrean society along religion, geography, and highland-lowland divisive politics, and falsely advocates liberation from the Tigrinya

domination. When this false claim could not hold water or faced stiff resistance not only from the Tigrinya but also from every ethnic group in Eritrea, the detractors (the EDA that comprises Islamists, regionalists, and other sub-nationalists), shifted gears and sought assistance from Meles regime in a surreptitious style that hampers Eritrean people’s ability to make intelligent and well-informed decisions towards the struggle for democracy. The Islamists and ethnic warriors have so far wounded the political body of Eritrea and still are thriving on this open wound as a bacterium.

This is not about opposition per se; this is about the long-held allegiance to Meles regime by EDA, which crosses every threshold of any political alliance that Eritreans have never seen in their history. Such an embodiment of foreign force has become the underpinnings of EDA/Awassa congress for managing the opposition. EDA often attempts to condemn its critics while leaving its own unscratched, muddying the democratic discourse of Eritreans with mistrust, hatred, and undue zeal. And the strategy is to control the entire political spectrum of Eritrea, and to replace the PFDJ regime even though this is remotely unlikely. This vision in the making will be as autocratic as hell if it succeeds, which makes the fundamental meaning of the current struggle for democracy groundless, and the genuine prospect of becoming an alternative to PFDJ regime untenable. This is the unanswered question and it is the crux of the matter.

Undoubtedly, given how EDA operates, no Eritrean in their right mind believes that it can be an alternative to PFDJ. EPDP and other secular forces are much more aware of such a dangerous political agenda than the EDA and its allies. Yes, the brute reality is Eritreans want to uproot the PFDJ and its institutions but they are more worried about the threat that is coming from the South (with full support of EDA) than the PFDJ threat to their freedoms. This will remain a fundamental national problem to tackle for any political Party in general, and for EPDP and its affiliates, in particular until the dynamic behind Ethiopia’s agenda on Eritrea is brought into the open.

However, in the absence of changing the status quo, predicting a dramatic change in the struggle against the PFDJ is unachievable. Hence, EPDP and its allies need to realize this crucial matter: EDA’s/Awassa support of Ethiopia’s agenda of regime in Eritrea on one hand, and Eritrean people’s support for PFDJ to abort Ethiopia’s regime change policy that threatens their hard won independence on the other hand. Even if one assumes the support of PFDJ is waning, the threat of Ethiopia will be a strong recipe for Eritreans to reverse course. I believe these are irreconcilable positions that will continue to clash and present an alarming challenge for EPDP and its allies to solve.

Again, Ethiopia after 20 years of work, it is now inching to the edge of institutionalizing religious and ethnic organizations in Eritrea on the account of many pretexts, chief among them being Tigrinya political system present in Eritrea while there is no Tigrinya political system in Eritrea. Yet, the heart and soul of this distorted argument is that the Tigrinya nation is working hand in glove with PFDJ regime to oppress the rest of Eritrean ethnic groups. Not only is the Tigrinya nation supporting and defending PFDJ but it is also benefiting from its rule, with its freedom, culture, religion, and values well protected while the rest of the Eritrean ethnic groups are deprived of their rights.   

As much as this is toothless argument and knowing that the interest of Tigrinya nation and the PFDJ are mutually exclusive, still it is being framed in such a way as to intimidate and scare Eritrean people into accepting EDA’s argument. This constant ploy if succeeded is intended to define the Eritrean politics in line with the Ethiopian regime. But the issue is not as simple as it seems. The question is whether this ploy is translating into reality, and whether the objectives EDA and Ethiopia set is meeting its goal on the ground is important yardstick to measure. My observation is that the strategy of EDA/Ethiopia is backfiring, forcing Eritreans to write off the latest Awassa congress agenda. But EDA/Awassa is quick to turn to defamation and condemnation in order to divert the issue from the main subject, calling those who point to its flawed ideas and shaky objectives ‘PFDJ loyalists.’ This simply shows the crisis and fragility of EDA’s/Awassa stand. Truth, EDA would not have lasted long if it were not for Meles regime.

For starters, no Eritrean is to be branded PFDJ for opposing any agenda that they believe is a threat to their country. Yes, it seems easy to lose sight of the struggle for democracy amid the emerging threat of Ethiopia and its cabal, EDA. Contrary to this belief; however, Eritrean people do know what is at stake and what is not. But even if one assumes it is true, whose fault is it? It is EDA’s, that has become an obstructionist, that has ordained Ethiopia to change the PFDJ by dismissing the fundamental right of Eritrean people, and that has stood on the other side, which all this is viewed by Eritreans a real threat not only to their sovereignty and independence, but also to the struggle for democracy. And this is dangerous and it should be stopped.     

The sorry reality is after two decades in the opposition, the EDA/Awassa is unable to master the meaning to oppose and lay the foundation for democracy; it could not define the problems, let alone how to solve them.  Seeing its history, from the 2010 August conference to the Awssa congress, the EDA refused all plausible alternatives and suggestions, sticking its neck for Meles regime. The choice it made is unlikely to change. It has dug its own hole.

The effect is this: it is not just going to be the PFDJ supporters who will work hard to stop the agenda of both EDA and Meles regime. It is going to be every Eritrean, from the growing youth movement to the various civic societies to the Eritrean Defense forces … etc. But EDA does not understand such politics – and this is one of the many fundamental mistakes that keeps causing EDA to incessant pain and crisis, and has been its failure to engage, reach out, and debate the majority of Eritreans in public. Given its modus operandi, it is very doubtful EDA will be able to exit from its crisis or work on reversing its fundamental weaknesses. After all, EDA has proved to be the most self-condemning entity that paralyzed itself by colluding with Meles regime where it reached at a point of no return. The choice is ours; and the choice is to stop the agenda of both EDA and Ethiopian regime.   

Over the last two decades, the secular forces of Eritrea, despite their size and intellectual resources, have yet to grasp the nature of the conflict between Meles regime and them on one side, and between Meles regime and PFDJ on the other side. This intricate conflict has been restricted to the few, merely feeding the public with flawed and biased information on the discourse of the conflict.  Enough with the current approach that goes ‘Meles regime and Eritrean people have the same interest in removing the PFDJ regime.’ We do not have the same interest. Regime change and fighting for freedom and democracy are two diametrically opposed view, the former being the goal of Meles regime, and the latter being Eritrean people’s goal. To put it in another word, Meles regime’s interest is by no means congruent with those of Eritrean people. And this is where EPDP and the rest of the secular forces must draw the line when it comes to Meles regime. In a word, the inconsistencies of principles and positions toward Meles regime must end.  

Fact, a mere opposition to EDA will not end the fundamental challenge we are facing. This will only expose the struggle to future uncertainty, and will encourage EDA to find new ways to play its game. The main challenge is Ethiopia, which conceived the current crisis of the opposition, turned EDA into a sharp edged political tool, and put us on a never-ending precarious ground. This picture shows the depth of our political crisis, which demands a development of new thinking and approach towards Ethiopian regime. And i.e. rather than continue to hand over the fate of the opposition to Meles regime, EPDP and its affiliates should address what is the truth about Meles regime and what is the illusion of the truth if they want to rally Eritrean people around a secular vision – and that is the only way of stopping the conspiracy that is pulverizing the unity of Eritrea and its people.


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  1. This is meant to weaken the opposition which has done a great job second to none in our history. By this article, it is clear that you’re another face of PFJD and its agent pretending falsely to care for Eritreans and Eritrea. You, your likes and Meskerem are those the will regret one day like those who stood with Haile Selassa and sold Eritrea in the 50th…. history repeats itself..

  2. Hamid,

    You are Woyane agent. You wanted Genet to say what you want hear. In fact, she is one of the courageous wise Eritreans who is putting emotions aside and who is asking all real Eritreans to face the reality in the Eritrean politics. All nationalist Eritreans immaterial of their political views need to cooperate and coordinate their struggle to fight their common enemies. They know that their national security and sovereignty are at stake. The true Eritrean nationalist must focus on these top priorities first. The common enemies include Woyane and their US masters and traitors who lost their soul like “EDA” and those people who participated in the Awassa conference of traitors. Any Eritrean who has no respect for PFDJ is living in a dream world or he/she is a victim of the enemy’s defamatory propaganda. Whether we like it or not PFDJ is a true defender of our national interest. Those who try to vilify PFDJ are enemies of Eritrea. It is clear that if the enemies of Eritrea don’t like PFDJ, it means PFDJ is an obstacle for them to implement their evil agenda in Eritrea. That in itself makes PFDJ the true defender of the Eritrean national interest. Also, it must be clear that PFDJ is not owned by few special groups of Eritreans, every Eritrean has ownership of PFDJ. Thus, it is every true Eritreans responsibility to build a better PFDJ if we believe it has flaws as a national political organization.
    The majority of Eritreans have no problem supporting PFDJ and cooperating with PFDJ because they know PFDJ belongs to them. The enemies of Eritrea tried to exploit the process of democratization and implementation of the Eritrean national constitution. All Eritreans agree to see progress made on these important national building components. However, there is disagreement when to implement these. PFDJ and the government of Eritrea believe that we need to wait for the right time to implement these because we are still at war and we need to focus on defending our national sovereignty and at the same time build national institutions that can support a true democratic and constitutional government system. On the other hand there are Eritreans nationalist excluding traitors opportunists who believe that we need to implement them now. Myself say both are right and they need to work and cooperate together to reach their common goal to make Eritrea peaceful and a true democratic nation. The root causes of the non implementation of constitution and democratic process are the enemies Eritrea (Wyane and their US masters) not PFDJ. Eritreans must focus on defeating these evil enemies by uniting and cooperating their political actions. Our enemies are working day and night to dived as in to pieces we must work day and nit to defeat them with our united voice and power.
    Victory to all Eritrean nationalist!!!!!!!

    • Zeroem Hataf,
      I am respoding to your dead on arrival argument on the basis of believing that you are naive and simply echoing what you have been told by the likes of mekerem,dehai and other evil supporters.
      First of all,you should know that there is nothing like Shabia,PFDJ,parliament or cabinet of ministers or any other functioning independent gov’t body in Eritrea but ”only one strong man” that does anything that includes when to go to war or when to withdraw as well as deciding on who to live or who to die and he is Issaias.
      Justice,Freedom and Democracy are not in Issaias vocablary and he did everything from assasinating democrats and reformers to jailing anyone who question his authority with impunity since his early days in Ala and Sahil mountains.Thousands of selfless patriots were murdered and it continues unabated to this day.
      Therefore,Issaias doesn’t have the will or the gut to democatize Eritrea and he reassured it during his interviews with Aljazera that it might take 30 or 40 years for elections to be held in Eritrea.This was not shocking for the opposition but for his dead brain supporters.As for the opposition they are always in the frontline fighting tyranny and dictatorship until its religated to the backwater of history.
      You also said ”we are at war” what war? Do you imply the war that was ignited by Issaias in 1998 and defeated in a very humulating war with the woyanes controlling 1/3 of our territory?That war was over, the time Ethiopians withdraw their forces from our territory unilaterally.The main reason why Issaias went to war was to evade the elections that was underway after 1997 ratified consitution otherwise Badame couldn’t have been the reason as it was awarded to the woyanes by none other than him in 1982.No leader who cares about a national interest of his country goes to war without being provoked.He did and it costed our poor nation thousands of its brave service man/woman and the destruction of incaculable amount of properties.If Issaias accepted and bowed down to sign a shameful deal that allows the UN to controll 25 kms inside our territory,why is he refusing to talk to the woyanes to resolve the stalemate peacefully?Because he knows that a peacefull solution to the border stalemate will undoubtly bring his ironfist rule to the end.As far as Eritreans are concerned,its neither the woyanes nor its American masters (neger keytemtsulna ember natkum fekera mewedaet yebilun) are the enemies but the real and dangerous enemy is well within and he is Issaias and his cohorts.

      • Have the ethiopians withdarw from our country completely? where did you get this information? you’re contradicting yourself..sometimes you’re saying that the woyane controlling 1/3 of our territory and then again you said the woyane withdraw their forces….where do you stand man? and as President Issaya, rest assured that the time election will be there in eritrea, he’ll be elected…that’s guaranteed.

      • Excellently stated. Your artical is all inclusive argument. Fact of the matter is: from a support of about 90% of Eritrea to him/his party during the first years of liberation (including by myself) its is hard now 20%…..what a loss. This government that can’t adminster about 3 million Eritreans well (the worst dictator in the world second to Kim of North Korea) does not have the moral upper hand to lecture us of their positive perfomance and that they are working for the good of Eritea.

    • Hakika! kab zitewaxia genzeb hizbi enda belaeka…ask yourself one question…if a new war breaks out with ethiopia..where would you be…tuning your tv to listen news or you would join in the military? would you send your kids? or buy them ticket in the next flight ( if they are in eritrea) we have seen all of you cowards who give lip service to eritrean people. eritrean people is tired of issayas. everyone is escaping from his mother land. I bet you if war break out with Ethiopia, weyane will be in Asmara within 3 days of maximum because even the military needs justice and democracy like you who is residing in adi amarica and europa…selchiyuna ….ethiopians are way ahead of us in everything because of you and issayas…

      • John,

        you said “selchiuna” and you admire ethiopian for their “achievements”…it’s your choice man…Inihe meda, inihe feres…go and join them…as for eritreans, we where there, we’re here and we’ll be there to defend the country…as for you…you can just simply join the vagon of the few traitors and be happy in ethiopia….

    • Very out-dated, nothing new in your talk and very much stero-typed hashawia repeated by PFJDists …PIA, Ali Abdo and all their Cadres…………. Ze Tafash Poletical scam (listen to the latest deserted Journalist Amanual in Wagahta). The dream of Isaias (deaming to become the Super Power in the Area in unstudied manner) is back-firing and causing Eritrea greatly…. Isolation and losing its competitive advantage. All the problem of Eritrea is from this type of mentality on the part of the ruling party……….Super-ego coupled with not understanding ones capacity…. result appalling and dark future for Eritrea and Eritreans. The Manager need to be fired …… his company is on the red despite all the Credits and goodwell given to it by the selfless nationals……full stop.

  3. Hamid, what’s the matter? are you confused? The editor is simply highlighting the dangers we Eritreans are facing. If the collaboration of the EDA/Meles is totally true then yes, she is damn right, we are up the creek and without a shovel!
    In fact if you have a bit of sense you should have thanked her for the information. You can’t simply label her being pro PFDJ at one stage then contradict yourself and accuse her of being like our fathers who sold the country to Haileselassie? If she is PFDJ then she couldn’t have possibly sold Eritrea to Haileselassie can she? You can always ask or challenge the editor in a reasonable way if you believe he/she is completely wrong.
    Like everyone else you have the right to state your opinion but do it in a way that will benefit everybody. In other words, if we all are truly Eritreans and are concerned for our country then we need to stage our arguments in a civilized and respectful way! No need to call names and belittle each other (you know who you are). Let’s try to prove our points until we build a common ground where we can help each other and our country (you probably think, I am a priest :-) )
    As the saying goes ‘Those who live by the sword, die by the sword’ so brothers and sisters which way is it going to be?

    • Hypocrite! who is going to fight now? my dead brothers? or you who is hiding behind screen in europe or states. I have sacrificed my blood my tow brothers and now my son is in the military. where are you now? well, I 100% support the Ethiopian government to bring me justice and democracy than to be enslaved by someone who is not pure Eritrean sane issayas. Blood will bring blood. we have seen it but for his own greed. our brothers flesh and blood was meant for his cushion….my son and his friends who are in the military are praying for freedom in their own country. where are your family? who is genet? where are her children? Aydgfu biKefer Ydgfu biKenfer….hademti…tebelexti…

      • John,

        You are contradicting your own statement in the same comment. You are an idiot and Ethiopian who support Ethiopia 100% to bring justice and democracy to Eritrea and at the same time you are saying that PIA is not pure Eritrean.

        So you want to bring un-Eritrean to kill Eritrean. Go and live your miserable life in the miserable weyane Ethiopia.

  4. Thank you Genet. I hope your article will serve as an eye opener. The polical reform we Eritreans want and need should be Eritrean owened and it is should include PFDJ. Afterall Eritrea belongs to all Eriteans and those who are advocating violent removal of our President and uprooting PFDJ (that includes you) do not wish well for the Eritean nations. What we want is a peaceful transition to a democratic rule and I believe PFDJ should be part of it. It is also time that PFDJ releases that they cannot continue to maintain exclusive right to govern and determine Eritrea’s future fate. It is time that they see themsleves as part of the bigger picture and not the bigger picture it self becuase Eritrea and its people are more and beyond PFDJ.

    And those of you who are pushing for Ethiopian invasion and destruciton of Eritrea, think again.

    Eritea and its people are MORE THAN Issayas and PFDJ.

    Awet N’hafash

  5. John,
    Bitterness will not change the present situation in our country. You are not the only one whose sons are in the military. Please don’t forget that. Yes blood will bring blood and I for myself don’t want us to go to another war.
    You asked if our dead brothers will rise from the dead and fight? .
    But ask yourself the question, why are they dead in the first place? To get our people the freedom they deserve. Who did they fight against? ….Ethiopia.
    Using the philosophy, ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ and trying to resolve a problem can be quite dangerous. If you truly feel sorry for our dead brothers and sisters then don’t try to undo what they have done. You said the Ethiopian government can be in Asmara in three days, I am not sure about that because I don’t know anything about military science or war strategies except the odd game of chess that I play. But one thing I am sure is, during the Badme war against Ethiopia, some of the pro- Ethiopia Eritreans were saying Ethiopian army will get down to Asmara in three days. It didn’t happen! They didn’t even go through Assab, did they?
    So instead of wishing and waiting for the Ethiopians to do the job for you why can’t you come together with others who share your views and make that happen? That will be a true sentiment of an Eritrean. You have every right to oppose/ hate the present government and if you wish you can admire the Ethiopians as much as if they are building a space station. But whatever you think don’t collaborate with the Ethiopians! They might win you a sit in “new government” but they are going to despise you so much and you wouldn’t get any respect from either side. Nobody likes a renegade.
    If you really want Ethiopia to come and administer our country then you must have your own agenda and it will not interest me to engage in any conversation with yourself.

  6. Thank you Genet. I hope your article will serve as an eye opener. The polical reform we Eritreans want and need should be Eritrean owened and it is should include PFDJ. Afterall Eritrea belongs to all Eriteans and those who are advocating violent removal of our President and uprooting PFDJ (that includes you) do not wish well for the Eritean nations. What we want is a peaceful transition to a democratic rule and I believe PFDJ should be part of it. It is also time that PFDJ releases that they cannot continue to maintain exclusive right to govern and determine Eritrea’s future fate. It is time that they see themsleves as part of the bigger picture and not the bigger picture it self becuase Eritrea and its people are more and beyond PFDJ.

    And those of you who are pushing for Ethiopian invasion and destruciton of Eritrea, think again.

    Eritea and its people are MORE THAN Issayas and PFDJ.

    Awet N’hafash

    EG – I am sending it again….am not sure why you did not post it…I guess it is too moderate for your taste….what a joke you are….do not bother to post it am not an internst junkie…

  7. John,Hamid and Hitman ;
    Eritra for Eritrawin and fullstop.What about Oromo,Ogaden,Amara and now Afar boy?It is so much year for you to stay in power and this moment is fresh time to think and to live the power to Menelik III and go to your home town and reborn agian.