Jan 252012

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  3 Responses to “Ethiopia TV report shows Ethiopian soldiers talking about the tragic incident..VIDEO”

  1. Point your curser at 3:32 where you will see the hole that the soldier claims was pierced by a bullet. If he was wearing that jacket, how is it that the bullet did not wound him. The man lies. Either he is wearing a jacket of a killed soldier and instructed by the Woyane to show that he was shot at or he is bullet-proof. I do not know what the Woyane are trying to prove other than exposing their utter stupidity. This proves that the Woyane planned and executed this sordid act to earn the sympathy of their Special Interest financiers with a sinister plan to defame Eritrea and hinder its mining industry. Unfortunately, innocent people are killed just to protect the Woyane and chase investors from operating in the Danakil. The Woyane have been provven to be LIARS AND MURDERERS.

    • @DMB, It’s not about either Woyane lies or not but It’s about the fact the incident indeed happened and the Eritrean Government is to be blamed. So Isayas has to do something to convince the westerners that he didn’t do it and should be full co-operative otherwise just get yelling Woyane!!!!! is nothing to save u from to be blamed cuz of ur isolation from African Union and United nations makes u and Eritrean in general already have a black name. So plz Mr. president need to think wise b4 its getting late. They put an eye on u already thus they will not let u go easy this time that’s all I can say ..remember Saddam Hosen and Moamer Al Gazafi Cheers!

  2. weyane killed them all. TPLF simply means Totally Poisonous Low-life Facists