Bi-Monthly English Organ of the Eritrean People’ s Democratic Party – EPDP

Washington Needs a Coherent Strategy
“Eritrea’s embassy in Washington is a den of organized crime whose main victims are the
Eritrean diaspora…This should be a national security and law enforcement concern for
American citizens… Simply put, if Eritrean envoys insist on acting as Mafiosi rather than
diplomats, it is time to close the Eritrean embassy. The State Department should be under no obligation to perpetuate the illusion of the Eritrean regime’s legitimacy.”
Sanctions Aren’t Enough
“…To date, the United States has largely limited its efforts to sanctions. There are two
problems with a sanctions-only strategy. First, Isaias cares nothing about the Eritrean
people. Second, bilateral and international trade with Eritrea is minimal, so the outside
world has limited financial leverage…The State Department has long lacked a diplomatic
strategy to accompany sporadic U.S. sanctions. Both Israel and the United Arab Emirates
have traded cash for access to Eritrea’s military facilities or territory in order to run regional counter-terror operations…Secretary of State Antony Blinken should pressure each
Eritrean partner to abandon the Isaias regime. Such a diplomatic campaign might be difficult, but the dividends would be great. African states would welcome the opportunity to
have the Isaias threat reduced. Additionally, seeing American leadership in practice rather
than only in rhetoric would enhance America’s regional credibility…The United States
also lags behind in its information strategy…If Washington is serious about Isaias’ pariah
status, it is time to sharpen news broadcasts, give more space to opposition voices…”
The End Game in Eritrea
“Almost every U.S. administration pays lip service to Africa, but few sustain attention. Biden is no different, despite the fanfare of last month’s summit. Compounding the strategic
neglect is U.S. foreign policy’s traditional reactive nature. For three decades, this has
meant kicking Eritrea policy down the road. But that road now ends. Isaias is increasingly
“The United States must plan for Eritrea’s transition upon Isaias’ death. It would be a human tragedy if Isaias’ son or any of the Eritrean dictator’s top lieutenants succeeded him.
That will occur, however, if the State Department and the National Security Council do not
plan now….To do nothing, however, would condemn Eritreans to suffer and provide an
opening for Russia, China, or other reactionary states to expand and cement their Red
Sea foothold. It is time to get serious about the Eritrea problem. The decisions made by
Biden’s team today will have an outsized impact on democracy, economics, and security
in Eritrea and the broader Horn of Africa and Red Sea regions.”

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