FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: expresses grave concern over the ongoing conflict in Sudan

[May 2, 2023] – Eritrean Humanitarian Organization (EHO); formerly known as EriYiakl Foundation (EYF); expresses grave concern over the ongoing conflict in Sudan. The ongoing Sudan Crisis has put Sudanese civilians as well as Eritrean refugees; who consider Sudan to be their safe haven; lives in danger and made it difficult for them to receive urgently needed assistance and support.

EHO appeals to all Sudan military and political leaders to avoid further loss of lives, injuries, and further refugee crises to the Sudanese, Eritreans, and others in the region.

EHO was established in early 2020 as EYF to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on Eritrean refugees residing in Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, Egypt, and other Horn of Africa countries. The initiative was joined by many other Eritrean members of Yiakl in different countries which are members of the Global Yiakl movement as well as by the Eritrean community connections (ECC), a non-governmental organization geared towards similar goals. With about $800,000 in funds raised mainly from individual Eritreans in the Diaspora, “the United Eritreans to fight COVID-19” implemented several projects, directly impacting 17,000 to 20,000 refugees and providing PPE supplies and health education to 150,000 refugees.

However, with the eruption of conflict in Tigray, Ethiopia, about 65,000 refugees migrated to Sudan, and EHO secured a $250,000 grant to implement a medical facility to support the new arrivals mainly geared towards emergency medical care and COVID-19 prevention methods. In 2022, EYF secured a $3.6 million in-kind donation of medical supplies and a grant to continue implementing medical intervention for refugees in Sudan.

Despite significant Sudan’s  bureaucratic delays, the medical intervention for Eritrean refugees was initiated in 2022 and planned to run for about 18 months. EHO distributed significant medical supplies to Eritrean refugee camps in Shegarib, Tenedba and Kassala city. However, with the recent conflict in Khartoum, the medical intervention staff members have been scattered to different parts of the country and abroad halting the ongoing efforts when it’s most needed until the crisis settles down.

Eritrean refugees throughout Sudan are facing significant danger at this time, as those who escaped the fighting in Khartoum are being directed by local Sudan administrations to either return to Eritrea or leave the refugee camps. EHO expresses concern that the crisis might provide Eritrean government easy access to political refugees, which could repeat the atrocities inflicted on them. EHO continuous to constantly monitor the situation and explore ways to help.

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