“Eri-Yiakl Foundation Changes its Name”

 [May 2, 2023] – The Eri-Yiakl Foundation (EYF) has announced today that it has changed its name to the Eritrean Humanitarian Organization (EHO), effective immediately.

The decision to change was made to better align the organization’s name with its core values, mission, and vision. EHO provides humanitarian relief such as food, medical assistance, shelter, and educational resources to Eritrean refugees and create opportunities for them to thrive.

 “Our new name, Eritrean Humanitarian Organization, reflects our mission and vision to provide lifesaving assistance and facilitate opportunities to thrive for those in need, with a particular focus on Eritreans globally,” said Dr. Habteab Feseha; who is the board chair and spokesperson for the organization. “Our commitment and dedication to serving our Eritrean community in need remain unchanged.

” EHO has also reorganized its board leadership to better focus on its humanitarian mission, with the goal of providing essential support to vulnerable Eritreans. EHO leadership remains committed to transparency and accountability, ensuring that all donations and resources are used effectively and efficiently.

 EHO would hereby like to thank its supporters for their ongoing commitment to the organization’s mission. Therefore, the organization looks forward to continue working towards its goals under its new name.


Media Contact: Info@eritreanhumanitarianorganization.org