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[DEHAI] RIP Tegadalay Naizghi Kiflu

 Sat, 18 Feb 2012 08:21:52 -0600

RIP Naizghi Kiflu! 

It would not be an exaggeration to say that I find no words to express adequately the sense of personal loss I feel at the passing of our dearly beloved and highly esteemed Tegadalay Naizghi Kiflu. All hearts are filled with unspeakable grief at the loss of such a precious Tegadalay. 

This honorable Tegadalay has dedicated himself to the service of the peoples Eritrea from his teen years until the end of his life with steadfastness and uncompromising self-sacrifice. Without hesitation, he always was ready to offer up his life for his country and his people. All his actions were performed for the love of Eritrea detached from all personal interests. When he traveled to England for his medical treatment, his enemies maliciously accused him with false and malicious crimes. But, when whey they were asked to bring their accusations to the court, they refused. Thus these coward liars were exposed. For anyone who flies away from his or her accusation becomes coward. Anyone that fears the Western courts and does not stand his or her ground against his or her accusations becomes a coward. 

Thus the peoples of Eritrea have seen the difference between the heroism of courageous Naizghi Kflu and cowardice of his defamers. Instead of saying “Thank you!” for giving his life to save Eritrea from one of the most ruthless and the most brutal army that Africa has ever seen, some cowards decided to accuse him of false and malicious crimes. 

Such was his selfless dedication that even when he was severely ill from different maladies, he did not even take one single penny from the public fund for his own medical treatment. In the end, his body was flown back to Eritrea. 

Where is the place in the world whose highest ranking public Ministers are free from corruption, except in Eritrea? Where is the place in the world whose highest ranking highest ranking leaders are not afraid to die to protect their own people, except in Eritrea? Where is the place in the world whose highest ranking leaders wear less expensive clothes than their own people, except in Eritrea? Where is the place in the world whose leaders walk in the streets of their capital city without bodyguards or bullet proof vests, except in Eritrea? Where is the place in the world whose highest ranking leaders walk in the streets of New York in broad day light and even the in the darkness of the night, except Eritrean leaders? 

My heartfelt condolence and profound sympathy goes to his bereaved families, relatives and friends on this heavy loss of dearly beloved Tegadalay. He was not only a big loss to his family, he also was a big loss to his country. We can only wish and hope others will now arise, and through their selfless services seek to fill the gap which such a valuable Tegadalay has left in the forefront of the country. 

May God deal mercifully with his soul, and enable him attain to highest spiritual destiny, and may He also protect his bereaved family, and give enduring consolation to their grief loaded hearts. 

With Loving prayers. 

Your true brother, 

Barnabas A. Yohannes. 

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  1. wow

    so it took you 11 days to come up with this lie? if he was a hero as you say he was, why did it took you this long to pay your tribute? or why does it take this long for the Gov. website to report his death, or why aren’t they reporting his death? I remember the death of Ali Said Abdela was a big deal!! why the difference? Naizghi Kiflu did the dictator’s dirty work, in the end that was what he was good for! what ever you believe i feel sorry for him, it is so sad to see somebody who worked tireless and mercilessly to make one man happy. Yet his body is getting damped in a foreign country!!!

    But he is dead now, may God Judge him accordingly!

    • Thanks Barnabas…indeed we wish a RIP to our great Naizghi.. Indeed this country has lost, again one of it’s best…Unfortunately, there’re very few animals like the so called VegasBoy, Chirum who don’t have a simple knowledge of what our leaders, our brothers have gone through for the last 50 years in order to achieve the independence and the freedom…these’re people who were born and raised abroad..with no culture..see the difference..we never curse a dead person and yet you can see such damn stupid west products, who lived their entire life abroad calling, cursing

      • yeah right! do you think only the so called leaders achieve our independence? The story of our independence is the story of our people, not one or two. And we also know there were a lot of bad apples in there. Like Naizghi (RIP). By the way, i am not a west product…I am pretty much Eritrean product, I may have done more for the country than your sorry self. I was there in the middle of the war when Weyane threatened my country. Unlike you, i was prepared to die for my country. But now people have smarted, zetakue geza kiserhu, zitewefeyu homeless zikonulu gizie.

  2. I think I would have added far more facts like: where else in the world do slaves build houses for ranking officials for free? only in EritreA. where else do people get shot at for crossing a border? only in the beloved nation :) Where else do people are forced to study in a military university? Where else people don’t even get their hands on Matric results and graduation papers except Eritrea. Well it seems that even your master is not allowing the body to be transported to Asmara, and where else does that happen? Big question, Which country is goverened with out any law, with out constitution except EritreA, none?? nAIZGI IS LUCKY AS HIS COMPATRIOTS CAN NOT EVEN GET FUNERAL IN eRA eIIRO.

  3. Why the PFDJ didnt talk about Naizghi and you guys are trying to mourn the `Butcher of Nakfa`. It is really funny. Everyone knows that the PFDJ mourns lower rank fighters let alone a big one like the butcher of Nakfa, Naizghi. Why cannt you ask simple question, why? Instead of remaining as always blind. In my beloved country Eritrea, unfortunatly, everything is at the good will of the president. He will chew you down and split you out. Wait your, all PFDJ supporters, turn!!

  4. ** Barnabas where did you get this all lie from. His body is awaiting confirmation of the ruthless leader. Dont fabricate lies here.

  5. Vegasboy you are stupid guy, I don’t think you are Eritrean, because our culture never insult dead body, Naizghi Kiflue died his body but his soul will remain in the hearts of each true national. Naizghi sacrified his life for his country. god may receive his soul in paradise.

    • speak for yourself nebsi…lol

    • Barnabas, Kidane

      Stop your hypocratic and crocodile tears and tribute to a veteran fighter. If you honestly beleve in hornoring him then ask for his burial. Your Dictator Hero has spent him like a broken glass or used up utenstil. Even so called Dehaiers and Alenalkis were zip awaiting for their boss to say something. DIA has moved on busy with his son’s honeymoon. Who are you to utter who is Eritrean or not Eritrean. Real Eritreans do no bow.. …..like you do to this brutal dictator.

  6. Vegaboy, I can’t agree more. You rightfully raised a valid question for the blindfolded supporters of a dying regime, “why does it take this long for the Gov. website to report his death, or why aren’t they reporting his death? I remember the death of Ali Said Abdela was a big deal!! why the difference?. I don’t think they have an answer for this. They will use their shallow arguements. Such as you are a Weyane…bla bla bla. The only reason why I would want him to live a little bit was for the Eritrean people to see him stand before a free court of Justice (in a Democratic Eritrea) along with his criminal friends. Only then we can say ‘ Justice has been served’.

  7. His body is rotting away in London..I love it. Even if the dictator agrees for his wife to take the body to Eritrea now, he showed us what he really thinks of his DOGS..and the so called supporters. He doesn’t even consider them humans..There are not many people who served the Murderer DIA as faithfully as Naizghi Kiflu did, and look how he treated him in death..to Isaias, Naizghi is a sub-human, an un-person, less than a dog. As far as DIA is concerned, Naizghi Kiflu never existed let alone been his comrade for 40 years. Thank you DIA.

  8. The medical bill was being paid by courtesey of Her Mjesesty the Queen of England….God knows who paid the bill whn he purchased the kidney from Pakistan? 2% fee maybe! I hope it ws not from Sinai.
    Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones…Think twice Mr Barnabas!!!!

  9. Traditionally and culturally, Eritreans refrain from blaming the dead. But, the point here is a bit different.
    I had known Naizghi Kiflu from the 60’s. No one can deny his patriotic aspirations then and during the 30 years of arm struggle. The main problem with Naizghi was his expectations!!! He wanted every body to do as equal as he did. That is unrealistic. He blamed every one who didn’t go to the field!! that’s also unrealistic.But, most of all, he didn’t respect the rule of law during his powerful era in Asmara. He was pulling out his pistol in bars at times to scare people. He hated the Johova witnesses so much that he commented he would hang them on the electric poles between Mesker square and Fiat Talero, if he had the extreme power of the nation. In general he was a dangerous individual.

    • Teddy,

      If he was that dangerous may be DIA is worried he may haunt him at nght from the Martyrs Cemetry…..I think DIA is keeping him far away.
      What a shame…………DIA used and dispensed him.
      As for pulling his pistol , heard of that but was selective who he did that to. Because some of them punched his face many times more…aside from DIA himself.

  10. In a country where transparncy and free press is missing, this is the confusion that one get. Was Naizghi Kiflue a hero of our struggle or was his a servant of the DIA? Was there a fall out with DIA, at it seems to be as he never visited him or spoke good about his like he did with Alamin, or was he still considered one of DIA diahart supporters?

    Any ways truth will prevail sooner or later. History does not forgive.

  11. You can also read this article from Asmarino in 2009. It may shed some light.


  12. The only reason the media in Eritrea are not saying anything about Naizgi Kefle is because he is not a MUSLIM like Ali Said & Salhe Meki this guy never fire a single bullet yet he was buried as national hero but Mr Nazgi Keflu & Amdemicael Kahsay gave their life for the struggle and look what they got SHAME to PIA & Meskerem. Peace to Eritrean people no matter were they are.

  13. What an idiot you are motbaynor…… what ever you shity name stand for ,probably you might not be an Eritrean. your comment speaks louder than your thoughts. we are one dude…get your thoughts in the scarko……….if you are Eritrean you will understand what scarko is .

  14. Where was he burried? ;)