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  “If we no longer treat the dead with dignity what hope is here for the living”

     Condolences to the family of Naizgi Kiflu that is to his wife, his childern and relatives.

 People say that you can measure how civilized a country is by the way it treats its dead. That is dignified burial. The world community is moving into the brave new world of designer babies, face transplant and cloning. These advances are held to be evidences of the superiority and prowess of our civilization. Yet the way we treat the dead is of the greatest possible significance, not just to the health services but to the society at large. If we do not show respect to the dead, we will not show it to the living.

     Death is inevitable. Naizghi Kiflu died Feb 6th 2012 in London a natural death at the age possibly 70 years. Yet his corpse did not get proper burial not because his family could not afford it, not because the British government did not give permit, but the dictatorial regime PFDJ inEritrea did not allow entry of Naizghi Kiflu’s corpse toEritrea for dignified burial.

          Highland Eritrean Christians always prefer to bury the dead at his/her village of origin. This is the norm of the Eritrean highland society and this is not the norm of only Eritrean but of most world society. 

         I knew Naizghi since my school age days first at Tibo Elementary School then at San Giorgio  Middle school in Mendefera and at a high school in Asmara. Naizghi battled colonialism since his middle school days.


People say beauty is on the eye of the beholder. My take on Naizghi’s struggle for independence and after is based on observed facts and reported information.

a)     His struggle started during middle school days when he led the demonstration of St. George middle school student in support of the students of high school students in Asmara. Then he continued it by distributing fliers in Mendefera and Asmaraduring his high school days. He was also the brave man who organized the most cells of Movement of seven{ mahber 7} ,organize demonstrations. Because of these activities he was expelled from high school along with the late Andemicael Kahsai and were exiled to Ethiopia Where he continued his struggle. Then he got scholarship to the Soviet Union stayed in other countries and joined the armed struggle in 1972.

b)    I met him in Sahelfor a brief time in 1976 that we only exchanged greeting. 1974 is the time Naizghi started to put black spots in his endeavor for independence. He became right hand man of Isaias Afeworhi and had a role in the execution of the revolutionaries (MENKA). There is also information that implicates him in many ways as a minister of information, vice chief of security——-etc. This is second hand information that I can not conform or reject. 

c)     Naizghi Kiflu was an intelligent, bold, hard working and visionary. People who grew up with him expect from him a document of the struggle of EPLF and PFDJ and his vision for the future. I am sure the Eritrean people will forgive him for certain misdeeds the moment that document surfaces.

Eternal life to Naizghi Kiflu and condolences to his family and relatives.

    We struggle we succeed  
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      Glory to our martyrs              



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  22 Responses to “Naizghi Kiflu Is Mortal. History Will Absolve Him. By Amare Gebremariam Gebre”


    • you keep on saying we this…we that…how do you know if we want or don’t want democracy? how do you know what kind of democracy we want? have you ever asked the people of Eritrea who paid dearly for our freedom? who made you my spokes person? or are you just following the dictator’s propaganda….please speak for yourself.. don’t say “we’ when you fully know you don’t represent anybody…you can express your opinion but don’t suppress other people’s opinion…Thanks!

    • Mr. Amare Gebre has every right to praise or condemn any Eritrean as he sees it. Let alone to Naizgi Kiflu who gave fifty years of his life for good and bad of Eritrea, many other full time canibals and assassins like Abdella Idris were praised all year round by their own criminal run away sydicate groups.
      How many innocent Eritreans did the evil and twisted mind of Abiddela Idris kill? how many times did the evil killer Abdella Idris get praised?
      How many young Eritrean univerisity educated were murdered by the likes of Salih Hayoti who was chief of Halewa Sewra in ELF? Why is Salih Hayoti, the torturer being praised day and night by the Janjaweed website for being a member of criminals in Awasa? How many innocent Kunama peasants were killed by these criminals?
      Why are many criminals still allowed to march as free men right now in Awasa leadership in Ethiopia?
      why are so many criminals who killed thousands of Kunamas, burned their villages, ransacked their property are praised by small time run away criminals?
      Why are the crimes committed to the Kunamas ignored by the false “human rights” mafia in the likes of Awate web site? Who burned more than twenty Kunama villages?
      All political crimes should be treated in the same manner, some criminals can not be “heroes” like Abdella Idris while others like Naizgi are villified.
      Why are Eritrean Janjaweed killers still praised?

    • either it is home grown or not why cant we just have the basic human freedom that any body can have you fool. and those that you are telling them they are wrong , they are eritreans too. When you see we that includes me and every one else and so as to dnt give dame where it came from i need basic right in my country. Dont you be telling me we have it coz i just left 2 years you go and i know what it is like to be down there @ this moment

  2. ገብረ ገብረ ገብረ ከማኻ ደንቆሮ ኣብይ ይርከብ ፈደል ኢንግሊዘኛ ቅጺርካ ትመስል ይርዳእካ ከማኻ ደናቁር ፓፓግሎ ኣየድልዩናንዮም መንሽሮ።

    • መን ይብሉኻ:
      ለቕላቒ ንስኻ?
      ኣንጭዋ ሃዋሳ:
      ብርሃነ ጠስጢሳ።

      ጸርፊ ግደፍ

      • adolay

        niska ke men hibuka sitlan kitxaref. Emo keAni aykielato, aysienato kmzbehal ide igr zeelu xerf aznkalu. ay … ay Adolay n You do not have any thing to say, to comment in priase or aganst but just insult, insult. That i what your heart can generate. It would have been good if you have an idea so I can reply to,. I am not going to say insults , but It is a shame you just jump to make an insult, Nothing elese. Poor Adolay. You better grow up

  3. History never absolved dictators and fascists. A murderer is a murderer in life or in death. Naizghi was a murderer in life he cannot be otherwise in death. Dear Amare are you going to tell us that history will absolve Isaias when he dies. Let me assure you, if at all there is hell both Isaias and Naizghi will be condemned to be roasted in that everlasting fire. That is what they deserve and for sure they will end up there.

    • tewelde wela tefe kinbileka wedi buda hassad. naizgi was one of eritrean hero vetrans.not like you stupid to dismissed history of don,t known naizgi is morder or not. but he is never dismissed like you gaverment support. wenn he was in work never man rolking .wenn he was died start to fight you and your gaverment with nonliving things.fuch all isaias and you.any way has wes died ab zikone yikeber ka zeshegir eye konen resah hatsabi biati eka gin nisika

      • I don’t have to reply you. If you want to know that Naizghi was a murdrer read “Zena Mot Naizghi Kiflun IsebAwi tegbarat Isaias Afework’n” by Elsa Churum 28th Feb. at His criminal acts against humanity is well documented by London police. It has become an international case. If it was not for his serious sickness he would have been convicted as guilty for crimes against humanity.Please read and research and find the truth then write. Don’t put the cart before the horse.

        • The report by Elso churum is mere propaganda. Elsa cvhurum tried to bring Naizghi iflu to court, but she did not have any proof apart from witnesses in which their witness statement was not enough to charge him. Yu do not understand English is another thing, or you twist story to suit is is another. I do not know what Nizghi did bad, But he paid all his life to liberate Eritrea. If he made a mistake then it is not for you to judge him. It has to be left for the law to deal it. When Churum failed to get enough witnesses and evidece, she used the situation to propaganda campaing against mr Naizghi. Churum is opposition and she is a mad woman, I would not read her reports seriusely, as it is mean for political tactica and defamation campaing.

      • So stupid ( Donqoro) poor you don’t know anything,

    • Teweldeberhan weldedawit for president. Thank you for saying what you said and i agree with you 100%. Isaias Afewerki could have used office powers to move us forward building a strong education system, encouraging rich eritreans abroad to come back and invest in their country, building a strong and independent press, and independent and fair judiciary. Instead his legacy will be overseeing a corrupt government, a non-existent judiciary, a murdering security apparatus led by naizgi with a shoot to kill on eritreans leaving eritrea. He might be getting away from justice today but he will not escape the judgement of history. His story and naizgi’s story will be known by future eritreans and they wont be celebrated as founding fathers. They wil be remembered like mengistu, idi amin, momar gadafi. Morons with no idea of what it is to be a leader.

      • Goitom gebrekidan, you better go to adwa. do not mess up here. You are not wanted here. it is non of your business.

        You do not have anything to do here.

        As to Isais and Naizghi leave it to the people. We will celbrate and respect them for ever.

        • hey ayda, i’m born and raised in dekemhare. nonetheless, i might be waisting my time telling you this but you sound like the sheep that say “four legs good, two legs bad.” “four legs good, two legs bad.” “four legs good, two legs bad.” “four legs good, two legs bad.” its amazing that there are people who could support the activities of the “government”. Ayda you must personally benefit from this government and if that is the case, its a shame that you would sell out the 60,000 martyred eritreans for money. shame on you. They didn’t die to make isaias pharaoh.

      • Thank you very much Goitom for your comment, It might take time but even charlatans like Ayda will one day understand that it is absolutely ignorance to support a government without constitution, without elected parliament, without rule of law, without free press, without budget,with rampant human right abuse where the whole country has become a prison and the whole population became prisoners of few people like Isaias, Naizghi, and their cronies. One day the people will rise up and say in unison “Enough is Enough” That day is not far away.

  4. Amare’s avidity is clear, just find a subject to blackmail the Eritrean leadership, and now is using Mr Naizghi Kiflu, (may God bless his soul) I personaly never had the chance to know him, so I reserve my selfe from commenting, but something is sure thre is no smoke without fire DEMOCRACY requires : political consciouness, hence education,health society and prosperity, Thus if you are not educated can’t differantiate political parties, if unhealthy anable to stand for democracy, if not prosperous can’t finance your party so be dipendent from outside and be VASSAL of external powers, just look around such as East African country, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Arab Country and others. The choice is yours.

  5. Ha Ha Meskerem you just wake uo sad about Naizghi it is funny of you. You popagated for the junta what hapened. You see they donnot care about their own let alone Jebha neber where are the heavy weigt of EPLF keep counting all of them .They were murdered their stryggle tarnished wake up these cowards eat alive their own they are exposed by their own evil agenda

  6. He/She who served, nourished, protected, co-authored, sugarcoated, defended fiercely ..etc the prince of death, the king of misery, the master of destruction, the author of “How to eradicate and disintegrate the fibers of society”, did NOT have a life to begin with nor he had a life to be celebrated or embraced by the living. Thanks