Mar 052012

Protest the banishment of Naizghi’s body..wear it..put a black ribbon on your car..our females put o balck scarf

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  1. Wow you are out of your mind did you care about the other people who died under the tyrant.Who cares about this guy who inflicted a lot of pain in my people.Do yoi know mergem we are witnesing mergem. See dictactors and ther apologists try to look good to the lasyt remember Gadafi final minute. The fate of dictactors is mergem sure mergem

  2. It is about Naizghi in the first place. He was special for he served his country until the end. Only illness forced him to leave his beloved Eritrea. Let us not change the focus.

  3. For every 4 by 4 space in Eritrea, we gave one our best and brightest gallant to liberate , now if you are one of the sold-out conspirator who are working with the enemies of Eritrea to reverse the heroic achievement instead of living the promise of our martyrs , you will not have a space for burial, obviously your consciousnesses even will not accept it of a guilty feeling, so no matter what banner or scarf you wear your fate remains unchanged .
    long live Eritrea

  4. Dear Meskerem Editor,

    Accept our deepest appreciation for your coverage of the issue about Mr.Naizghi Kiflu.As a first opposition website,there was a genuine doubt from the main stream public for the shifting your balance on the PFDJ propaganda.We believe that this is not a paradigm shift in your strategy but joining the vast majority sentiment.PFDJ leaders doesn’t represent the Eritreanrevolution in general for the revolution was people’s and popular one.It is high time for to join the popular movement of change for better Eritrea.

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  6. For the sake of putting things in perspective, Abdalla Idris died on April 29, 2011 in UK and he was buried in Sudan. Osman Saleh Sabe died in 1987 and I believe he was buried in Egypt. We may disagree with their political views but both Osman Saleh Sabe and Abdalla Idris were members of the core-founding group of the Eritrean armed struggle and were fiercely committed to the cause of Eritrean independence in their own ways.

    Irrespective of their political believes they deserve a better treatment from their country. Osman Saleh Sabe not only did he commit his entire life to the cause of Eritrean independence, but he also championed the Eritrean cause in the Middle East and Asia. He also fought very hard for reconciliation between ELF and EPLF and he paid a personal sacrifice for taking a stand with respect to the unity of ELF/PLF.

    Some may want the Eritrean struggle to be about them but the struggle for our independence was never and will never be about individuals. The key issue is the lack of meaningful reconciliation amongst Eritreans, which has victimized not only Naizghi but also may brave Eritreans, especially those who devoted their entire life to our independence.

    • About the first time you said something sensible! I thank you for that!

    • Sabbe died long before the independence of Eritrea. After the independence of Eritrea no one requested for his reburial in the Eritrean soil. As far as Abdallah Idris is concerned we have to respect the choice of his family. For your information President Issaias Afeworki paid a visit to the family of Abdallah Idris in Kassala.

      • This is not the first such case of its kind nor will it be the last. You also don’t know anything about the wishes of the families of Abdalla Idris and Osman Saleh Sabe. I used them as an example but there are many more like them, Seyoum, Adanet, Weldedawit, Said Saleh, Meleake etc who are scattered in foreign land and the mountains of Eritrean. In due time they will all get the respect that is due to them.
        The important issue is that the overwhelming majority of Eritreans will always be grateful to all our unsung heroes and heroines, including Naizghi. In due time we will put our house in order in ways that protect and respect our hard earned gains.

        One of the reasons that his has become an issue is because the gutter critters of the ethnic Woyane regime and their hired messengers, the so-called Eritrean opposition, want to get a political mileage out of this tragedy. Only hyenas and bottom feeders thrive out of the misery of others. I believe not too many Eritreans have any use for a Woyane sponsored ethnic based Eritrean opposition groups. I believe what was hatched in Awassa will not make it past Adwa.

        The wheels are starting to fall off the Woyane wagon and those of you who are confortable in their company, you better buy a land in Sothern Ethiopian while the Woyane are auctioning it for pennies.

        • Contrary to your assumption I do know what the wishes of the Abdallah Idris and Sabbe families were with regard to their burial arrangements. Eritrea is a small country; we know each other very well.

          Not every Eritrean wants to get buried in Eritrea. There are ex-Tegadelti of ELF, most of them from Kebessa, who are not prepared to visit independent Eritrea or make it their last resting place.

          Who told you that Woldedawit,Mel’ake or Said Saleh would have liked to get buried in a country led by the Popular Front? Apparently you do not know Eritreans very well.

      • and you are back to your ignorant self…

  7. Please, know you culture and your values.
    The colour black is not the sign of Hazen or mourning in Eritrea. This culture is what Amharized city people “seb ketema” adopted. If you go to the country side, they never use the black colour as the symbol of Hazen.
    Black colour is the sign and symbol of pride. In weddings, qurbans black kaba is used. High priests and Abuns including Shieks in Islam use black kaba as a dress to symmolize power with a black hat.
    Again, black is not tradionally the sign of Hazen in any Eritrean culture or religion. This may have been Asmarinos Amaharized or Italian borrowed values and symbol.
    The colour of mourning in Eritrean highland is white. The women tie a white cloth on their hair and the put around their waist a white shawel or nethela or Gabi.
    And every Eritrean women going to the burial site wears her white nethela or gabi around her waist in a prescribed the same style.
    It is white the colour of mourning, not black in Eritrea.

    • No no no you are wrong we Eritreans all black for expressing deep sympathy .May you are referring on your own country Tigray I dono.

    • Lekatit: When simple minded individuales act like a super citizen of a country, then, the disaster grip upon a nation and everything turn upside down. Example: U said A black color is Amharized culture and u turned using an amharic words to explain how the black color is an Amhara: Hazen,Ketema,Kaba, gabi, qurbanes, netela.(these are Amharic words, better than the adwa agame Tigrigna) but i got ya: u are an agame woyane lekatit.

      • These common words do not only belong to Amhara, they also belong to Tigrinia, Tigre, Afar and Guragie but Lekatit is right “black ribbon” for Hazen or mourning is not Eritrean. The italian, spanish and French languages have a lot in common but their cultures are different, as are Tigre, Tigrinia and Amharic.
        The color of Hazen in many Eritreans in ethnic Tigre and Tigrinia is White color.
        Lekatit is right

  8. There should have been some law in the Eritrean government that states, every Eritrean that fought for freedom (regardless of the political stripe) needs to be buried in their homeland, even if the family of the deceased refuse to bring their loved one back to the land s/he died for, it should be reserved for other time to be repatriated back and given the right place in the land. This is not about political differences, this is for history. The people around the President need to know that they are all humans and they will pass at some point, and denying a burial right to one will come back to them.

    It just reminded me of the recent vandalism against the cemetery of the second world war in Libya where some Libyans felt they had to do something to the cemetery of Europeans after having heard what the ISAF forces did in Afghanistan. The cemetery is there to remember the people that fallen ion the spot where they were fighting to liberate. Imagine both warring factions were from Europe (Allied and Fascism), and they died in a different land, both sides have a cemetery where they commemorate the fallen human being.

    Why would the Eritrean government refuse their own, and their inner circle from having that basic rights, not just for them to feel good, but for the family of the fallen have chosen to bring him home and they should be given the right to do so. When the current government passes the next government will go all around the world to collect every Eritrean fighter and bring their bones back to Eritrea and have a dignified burial procession in the land they died fight for. I am not sure the rank of Naizgi Kiflu, but he sure sounds someone that had high position in the government.

    Eritrea’s land mass is about 117,600 km2 and if each citizen is to get their share, everyone will receive more than a space needed for burial. We would have had extra space to give double to those that died fighting for independence of Eritrea. There is no way to express this stupidity other than to say the people around the President do need to understand what goes with people and what does not go with people, and this one certainly does not go with the average citizen.

  9. Th Idiot bunch higdefites think they own Eritrea? what do you think when the heavy weights who supported this devil Tembienay perrished jailed. The little errand boys specially the diaspora what is their fate playing with dead people shame on you lousy bunch of ethnocentric

  10. Out of the four thousand seven hundred dead soldiers the last remain has returned back home for burial.

  11. Most of what you all are saying is pretty common sense, the only one here that’s really debatable is the barking of these so-called Eritrean opposition web sites on the government. I’m sorry meskerem, but you’re really no different from any of the other gossip loving rumor fabricating web sites. You have already told us what the government representative in London said regarding this matter. To this day, no one from the desist family has made any accusation at anyone. Why don’t you ask the spokes person of the family before insinuating the government and/or the president are behind this unfortunate standoff?