Mar 142012

We are shocked and terribly sad to learn that the Ethiopian girl who we saw on a video over the weekend being attacked and kidnapped by Lebanese men in front of the Ethiopian embassy has committed suicide this morning. She might have been killed to cover up what really had happened to her after she was kidnapped.

What happened to our sister Alem Dechasa is a crime against all Ethiopian women. The horror and humility she suffered is unacceptable to any decent human being. To express our outrage over the crime committed against Alem and mourn her death, concerned Ethiopians in the Washington DC area will gather in front of the Lebanon embassy tomorrow, Thursday, at 11 AM. Alem is not just a “domestic worker.” She is an innocent human being and a beautiful Ethiopian woman who didin’t deserve to die this way.

Place. Embassy of Lebannon
Address: 2560 28th Street NW, Washington, DC 20008
Time: 11 AM

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Organized by Concerned Ethiopians in the Washington DC Area.

  3 Responses to “Ethiopians in DC mourn, protest the killing of Alem Dechasa.. Concerned Ethiopians in the Washington DC Area”

  1. Someone told me today, Arabs come to your house for two reasons only:
    1. when they want your sister or wife for a concubine, or
    2. when they want to loot your money and cattle.
    Have you seen an Eritrean moslem allowed to marry an Arab girl, no way! because they consider any black moslem or non moslem a slave.

  2. Ah Abyssinya! the land of history and Godly revelations, you became the laughing stock of other nations who are not near to your Beauty and Civilization.Is’t lack of education or is’t the curse that came from God? why all this suffering and why all this sorrow? Is’t because you saddened God with your pride and ignorance, to an extent you allowed the bloodshed within your own soil, killings eachother, brothers against brothers of same stock, colour, and culture and history? Or is’t something that we are not aware of? why all this suffering? Imagine thses Barbarist arabs humilating our sisters on day light? where is the world here? Why this inhumane act shoulg go on and on for decades especially to Habesha women? why? I am outraged by this arabs! Recently i was transiting through Dubai, in my stay for one day and half i decided to go shopping and i saw how Habesha women are undermined and taken forgranted by the Arabs. Guys stand up and say it loud for this poor women , she really desreves a solid compensation! otherwise the Arabs will do something worse. Condelences to the family and friends of the late. Let God crown her in heaven for she didn’t make it on earth, despite her longterm goal to helpherself and her family!

  3. It is really sad to hear this. Poor girl driven by poverty at home tried her way to enslave herself if and only if she could help her hungry mom and dad, yet inhumane death occured just like what is happening to our innocent brothers and sisters in the Sainai. The savage Arabs will always do it, same as what is happening by the Rashaidas in Eritrea but whom can we blame for this except the leaders who claimed to be fighting for human rights for many years and turned out worse than they ousted once they get the warm chair. God is there to one day give them thier own share of missery.

    May the Lord Accept her in his Kingdom and rest her sould in Peace and May the savage Arabs remain Dogs as they are.