Mar 182012

Rome (dpa) – The Italian government on Friday condemned an attack by Ethiopia on neighbouring Eritrea, and appealed to the two Horn of Africa nations to refrain from other violent acts against each other.

The Foreign Ministry in Rome was following with “deep concern” news of the foray launched by Ethiopian troops into Eritrean territory, it said in a statement.
Ethiopia said on Thursday it sent troops 16 kilometres into Eritrean territory to attack camps run by “subversive groups.” Ethiopia often accuses Asmara of aiding rebel groups hostile to Addis Ababa.

“Firmly condemning every recourse to violence”, the Ministry appealed to the two sides “to refrain from other measures that violate fundamental principles of international co-existence.”

The statement also referred to the need for both countries to fully implement the Algiers Agreement to end a border war fought from 1998 to 2000 between Eritrea and Ethiopia – both of which are former Italian colonies. Their shared border is still poorly defined.

The war left over 100,000 people dead and the two remain arch-rivals. dpa pwm shg cfn hl Authors: Peter Mayer

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  1. The Hgdef regime finaly got someone to remember him — Italy! Italy is a dying nation that will soon be declared bankruptcy so it counts very little. Besides, it is still one of the major investors in Ethiopia with numerous active NGOs in the country, the Italians are just fullfiling protocol because they have to say something like ” Bambinos shut up and feed your own people … if you go to war again, we will have little land for your refugees and no money to send you tendas and pane to your people.”

  2. Erigazette is deleting my posts. This is my last one.
    If you donot want to hear the truth but nothing the truth.

    bye bye,

    Thank you for reading

  3. While i was warming to follow, I dare say that it is back to is former self as a tacky site that puts anything and every thing regardless its merits, why

    Meskerem few weeks ego you were reflecting the true journalistic (somehow) works, but now it looks you are competing with Assena and Asmarino, sites that have no norms, moral integrity or journalistc profession, more so Assena as they profess of journalistic ethics of free press and all that goes with it Assena are emplyed to perpetuate annimosity between people.

    So meskerem pls be considerate to coem to our level and make your site free from garbage.


  4. What do you excpect when the US led international hooligans ganged up against my beloved nation to disarm and made victim out of the proud nation, Eritrea, so that it cannot defend itself. The agames will pay heavily for this crime henous crime inkind. As for susan shitti Rice she is playing a political prostituition game not knowing she is victimizing my people just as slave forfathers were victimized by their American masters.

    • qomish adey Anqifuni. lol

    • sirak
      what do you expect when you have a leader who harbours terroriests on his land. I can not say on our land as your tembianay leader thinks he is the only one who fought for our independance so he could do what he makes him happy to play with his toy eritrea.the world is waking up to stop this dictator before it is late.the only one I fell sorry in this whole saga is the innocent eritrean youths who will be sacrificed like a lamb to save this evil dictator . sirak , you mention the agames on your statement who are you reffering too(dia,kisha,monkey,..).think twice before you open up your fucking filthy mouth.I FORGOT to mention it to you stop being reginalist and spreading you lies all over leeds.people are getting fed up with your fucked up face.l

  5. What do you excpect when the US led international hooligans ganged up against my beloved nation, ERITREA, to disarm and made victim out of MY proud nation so that it cannot defend itself. The agames will pay heavily for this henous crime inkind. As for susan shitti Rice she is playing a political prostituition game not knowing she is victimizing my people just as her slave forfathers were victimized by their American masters.

  6. assena is for mahber andent asmarino is also

    • wedi hama
      can you try to write some thing which could help the people of eritrea to reconcile among our selfs.stop your bile filled thoughts spilling all over the internet you stupid prick head.

  7. ani zegaremine feleyi zebla hasbi zetazarbi agam ,samething elsa teblewa bekamez dea abey kebisa,hgdf zetkamalu ebari shetara mekanu kefelit yegeba.

  8. ani zegaremine feleyi zebla hasbi zetazarbi agam ,samething elsa teblewa bekamez dea abey kebisa,hgdf zetkamalu ebari shetara mekanu kefelit yegeba.

  9. the italian mafias cannot administrate themselves, and now they want to give advice other countries to observe international law. The Berlusconis and their likes have become the laughter of the inetrnational media. Please leave us alone and do your homework in conjunction with the european loans you took and you are not able to pay them back. We don´t need your arbitration. Hgdef will be punished sooner or later for the violation of human rights it commited during the last twenty years. If you support them, you will be made accountable

  10. It’s back to square one, alla badme, yesterday was by surprise and act of traitor, to day is imposible to hupen. Bya bya( via via)


  12. I was expecting it from Italy no no i’m kidding, but what the world expectes from the Italians who were hardly punished by the brave Ethiopians in the month of march,1896. Every Ethiopian action is a horror to Italians if it is done in march even our laugh in marchmarch….funny

  13. “we will see who will die first”

    Once, while a university professor was teaching in a class a fly got into his mouth. Then, he immediately tried to get it out. He tried and tried for long to get it out. However, after long trial he realized that he couldn’t do so. At the end, he said, “we will see who will die first” and swallowed the insect. Whom do you think will die first?
    Actually, I raised this question neither demanding any reply nor looking for further narration rather to show how one can react back while facing such a dilemma. If one left with a single option but to take it become due, he or she has to face it regardless of its consequences. In other words, if one fails to get any second alternative, he or she can inevitably take the available one due to the absence of any additional options. Shortly it means, “no choice is a choice”.
    In one way or another one can personally experience such a problem or might come across those which experience such misfortunes. To this end, Ethiopia as a country has been testing the bitter dilemma spring from neighboring Eritrea for over a decade and so. Alas, the regime in Eritrean has been bent on bashing to distract peace and stability in Ethiopia and the Horn region in general. The regime has reportedly established network with various global terrorist groups such as Al-Shabab and Al-Qaeda to dissolve the peace and stability of various countries specially across the Horn and Eastern Africa.
    Recently, the regime in Asmara sponsored the killing of five foreign tourists, who were on visit in Afar region while some other tourists along with local people were kidnapped. With no doubt, the Eritrean government was behind such insurgent brutality. It is crystal clear in the eye of many that the trigger-happy regime in Asmara tirelessly works day in and day out to jeopardize the peace and security of Ethiopia and the whole region.
    The recent terrorist attack clearly vindicates the trouble-looking Eritrean government steadily increases its overt and covert subversive tendencies aiming to spoil the peace and stability of Ethiopia. In spite of such relentless efforts of the dictatorial regime to impose threats upon the country, it has not brought a significant effect to speak of yet. However, its cumulative effect in the long run should not be underestimated.
    As a matter of fact, despite such threats, Ethiopia as a neighbor and peace-loving country has been, however, trying to soothe and smooth discords peacefully with the Isaias Afewerki’s regime for years, though it has not bore fruit so far.
    But, presently it seems that the dictatorial Isaias’s regime tempts the patience of the Ethiopian government. That is perhaps why the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in a statement released recently “we will be obliged to take whatever action necessary to stop the activities of the Eritrean regime once and for all unless the international community assumes its responsibilities and takes the necessary steps to bring this abominable behaviour to an end.”
    In relation to this, Prime Minster Meles Zenawi had put forward three possible approaches to deal with Eritrean government while he presented the recent six month performance report to the House of People of Representatives. He said these approaches have paramount importance to stop the Eritrean regime insurrectionist activities and thereby ensuring its peace and sovereignty.
    The first approach stated by the premier was pushing the global society to put pressure on the Eritrean government pursuant to the international law. In this regard according to the premier Ethiopia has undergone massive diplomacy campaign and was able to convince UN security council to impose continual sanctions on Eritrea. The Premier reassured such effort would go further in the future.
    The second approach mentioned by the Premier was taking measures upon Asmara’s proxies in Ethiopia. He pointed out that the Eritrean government has deployed destructive forces who uphold symmetrical agenda focusing on terrifying Ethiopia and causing civilian causalities though, such effort has been foiled several times after a serious follow up.
    The third approach stated by the premier was taking proportionate military measures to any Eritrean regime provocations according to international laws. Compliance with this, Ethiopia cannot and should not see passively while any foe attempts to threaten the country with military attack, Eritrea is not an exception in this regard Meles indicated.
    Accordingly, using the third approach, the Ethiopian Defence Force recently destroyed three mercenary camps which based in Ramid, Gelahben and Gimbi moving some 17 kms away from the Afar Regional State. Defence Ministry Indoctrination and Public Relation Head Col. Gebre-Kidan Gebre-Mariam said such attacks would continue till the Asmara regime along with its mercenaries refrain from its subversive activities.
    And yet, the Ethiopian government notes it still looks for peaceful negotiations and other diplomatic approaches. Ethiopia has been calling the international community to turn the clock back and try to eliminate this train of vilification against its sovereignty. Having heard the call and proved the facts the international community has imposed a certain level of sanction on Eritrea via its delegates. However, it has not yet stopped it from committing its folly acts.
    In such a way, Ethiopia is long suffering from the mischievous stands of the Eritrean government. The Isaias’s regime to Ethiopia is like the uninvited fly entered into the mouth of the professor. Ethiopia therefore, as the professor has been trying to get Isaias’s regime out of its subversive stand in its internal affairs. Nevertheless, if the effort does not succeed and the Eritrean government keep on its present stand, the fate of the fly is ahead of the dictatorial regime.


    Election in a democratic country is the legitimate way in which eligible citizens determine candidates and political parties to hold public power. In the last two decades, Ethiopia has carried out four national elections. Yet the nation need to work hard to realize a strong democracy and democratic systems. Democracy could not be built overnight. To foster the realization of fully-fledged democracy and democratic system the role media play is of great. It is informed citizens that make a genuine and responsible decision over its would be government. And it is through media the wide range of people could get the necessary information about the different programs of political parties and candidates. Contrary to that, if media works unethically the result is obvious-instability and mass destruction.
    Ethiopian National Electoral Board [NEB] Chair Person Merga Bekana says ethical media and journalists are very crucial for his institution. The media and the NEB has symbiotic relations. “We need them to educate voters and they need us to get information about the processes and result of election hence to satisfy the public right to know.” Said on a day long work shop where three papers on Democratic Election and the Role of Media, Election & Media Monitoring in Ethiopia and Peaceful Journalism and Election Reporting had been presented and discussed by journalists of both public and private media.
    The first presenter was Zadeg Abrha, expert at Government Communication Affairs. He said that media have a watch dog role in the democratization process. If there are malpractices in the process the media should probe and urge for a corrective measures. This role,however, should not be understood as it is always criticizing the malpractices it also includes promoting and expanding good practices. The research also uncovered as the media is responsible in creating a conducive political space to all political parties and candidates. The capacity of journalists in analyzing the different programs of parties should be strengthened. Journalists versatile knowledge is of vital to do that. The public need to be clear on the differences the parties have from the ruling party.

    Accornts highly depend on ethical media and journalists.

    During the past decades there were challenges showdown from the media and journalists. The worth mentioning one is lack of professionalism, especially in private media. He explained that most privately owned media are not led by professionals rather by inverters with hidden agenda. Due to that the editorial freedom of such media is questionable.