Mar 182012
 The Ethiopian minority regime (Weyane) launched yet again another open aggression on Thursday 15, 2012 over the southeastern territories of Eritrea, and on Saturday over the northwestern sections near the illegally occupied town of Badme, under a pretext of retaliation for what it termed as Eritrea’s subversive actions. A couple of months ago tourists in the Afar territory of Ethiopia were attacked in a cross fire between Ethiopian troops and an Afar rebel group called ARDUF. ARDUF has been battling the Ethiopian regime for more than two decades for marginalizing the Ethiopian Afars. Its sporadic confrontation has become at times deadly, especially in areas where tourists visit the volcanic marvel of the northern and northeastern Afar territories. Among many of their complaints, lack of equal sharing of the resources of the region and the monopoly of the tour companies by Tigrayans are stressed.
The aggression might seem as a surprise to some, but the racist Weyane has been instigating skirmishes here and there across the borders for many years. What is new in this situation is that it has admitted openly that it has violated Eritrea’s territorial integrity and it will continue to do so. But why the regime has shown dangerous overtures and has become bellicose in recent years? Why are the responsible people at the UN keeping mute every time the Ethiopian regime violates neighboring countries territories? It won’t be difficult to figure out the reason behind all this indifference by AU, UN and EU. There is no doubt in my mind that without a tab at the shoulder by the
United States, the leaders of the Weyane regime, ridden by inferiority complex would not unleash flagrant and provocative acts on its neighbor Eritrea. The United States and the European Union members, especially France are responsible for letting Weyane become so belligerent, untamed spoilt child of the Horn of Africa. The US Government alone has been pumping close to 5 Billion USD per year to the regime for its services as a stooge, and a delivery boy; outsourcing its ill-conceived foreign policy in the Horn of Africa. The State Department believes that Ethiopia is keeping its interest in the Horn of Africa, which is fighting terrorism, but it fails to understand who the main actor is in destabilizing the Horn of Africa.
The regime in Ethiopia has divided its people into ethnic enclaves suspicious of each other so as to avoid any cohesion among the people. The divide and rule mantra has been the guiding principle of the Weyane regime since its inception. It has been antagonizing the Amhara people as chauvinist “neftegna” when they show any sign of taking over its power. It divided the Oromo people into two antagonistic groups by favoring the one that it created. It didn’t spare the Muslim community either. The Muslims in Ethiopia have been living in peace with their Ethiopian believers of other faiths for centuries. But in recent years, Weyane has unleashed its weapon of divide and rule by classifying the Muslims as Wehabis, Khwarigi, and Al-Ahbash groups – considering one group as a moderate the other as conservative and militant. Obviously, the regime survives in murky waters, and many Ethiopians consider the regime illegitimate, especially after it lost the 2005 election and stole it by brute force. It gunned down close to 300 innocent souls under a pretext that they were bank robbers. It divided the Ethiopian opposition leaders as moderates and chauvinists.

It considered the then leader of the most popular group Kinijit, Engineer Hailu Shawel as an extremist and Dr Berhanu Nega as moderate, in an attempt to create a wedge among the supporters of the group. In 2003, in the Gambela region, when armed rebel groups, who have deep grievances on the Weyane government’s nepotism, attacked settlers from the highlanders of Tigray and Amhara, the regime vented its anger on unarmed innocent Agnuak native and killed close to 2600 people, but no one from its backers and handlers reprimanded for its atrocious acts.

When a semblance of peace prevailed in Somalia in 2006 by an amalgam of Islamic Courts, UIC, after many years of chaos, the minority Ethiopian regime was quick to be on the forefront to do the dirty jobs of its handlers. Soon it started to divide the leadership of the Somalia group who controlled Mogadishu and other capitals into Moderate Islamists and Extremists. It invaded Somalia with the US intelligence aid, and dislodged UIC from power. This ill-conceived adventurous aggression has become a source of instability in Somalia. A more radical group known as al-Shabab was formed in retaliation to the blanket killings of innocent Somali citizens, and raping of their women and children by Ethiopian troops. This radical group introduced a new method of engaging the enemy – suicide bombing, which was alien to the Somali psyche.
The US State Department fails to see the big picture of the Somalia Crisis. It focuses on the unipolar issue of Islamic terrorism, and to that end it supports whoever is willing to do the contract job of fighting terrorism. All these indifferences by the UN and EU to the wanton aggression of the Weyane regime bolstered its divide and rule policy over the Horn of Africa. The United States is using the same failed
policy of the Middle East in the Horn of Africa. No matter what the Israeli government does in the Middle East, it doesn’t say a word because Israel is its democratic alley, and using their veto power at the UN, they continue to frustrate any tangible move to stop the Israeli from their illegal settlement.
Ethiopia is considered an ally and therefore it has to be protected at the AU, EU, and UN at any cost regardless of its human rights violations, its belligerent and bellicose acts towards its neighbors. Just like the Western powers are concerned about the lives of their people, they should also be concerned about the millions of people in the Horn of Africa whose lives are at stake because their weapons, given to their allies are killing people. More than a decade ago, close to 125,000 people died when the Ethio-Eritrea war broke. Yet again, the irresponsible Ethiopian regime with its backers is saber rattling for another full-scale war, with unpredictable outcomes.
Woyane has openly declared it wants to change the Eritrean government by any means necessary. To that end, it had accommodated, funded and armed an assortment of Eritrean opposition groups that want to divide Eritrea into ethnic and religious enclaves – just the way it wanted. The chaos that they want to create in Eritrea will definitely have a ripple effect with grave consequence to the Greater Horn and to whatever the US and European interest might have in the region. Eritrea is relatively stable within itself compared to Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia, where religious and ethnic clashes are a norm. It is trying its best to reach the Millenium Development Goal (MDG) without begging for alms from donors. Its economy is showing signs of upward trend, thanks to the booming mining industries. However, the irresponsible minority government of Meles Zenawi and the US continue to lobby at the UN for blocking any investments in Eritrea. Strangely, instead of rewarding Eritrea for its efforts of self-sufficiency, the US government is on a full gear to discredit the efforts and stigmatize Eritrea at any occasions. Eritrea’s hands are tied by the US sponsored sanctions of arms embargo, and Weyane is fully loaded with US arms and surveillance drones, and has become more bellicose. The regime’s handlers should know that might is not right and the rule of law should be prevailed.
Yusuf A. Mahmood.
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  1. kabzi kulu azer kozer,,,, nhna sanction weriduna weyane ksab afnchiom teatikomba gele kab mibalsi,,,,, beka akmi ayblnan mis weyane ayndaregn mibal ayhayshin neyru?

    • mis ahbay imber mis seb tizarebi zeloKi mesiluki?

    • it’s not about who have power or capacity against some one it is about who is right or wrong. who do you think is right ? meless because he is good with the western powers while his country is standing at the very last line looking for bread from some body else or Isais who is dying for his position in power no matter what? i would say none of them is doing good so let us work together to takcle our problem taking both leaders as an enemies of both peoples.

      • Anyone who raises his brutal hands on a 87 years old Patriarch and tortures peaceful worshippers has crossed a sacred line and deserves to be imprisoned.

    • Gual agame,
      You will never understand cos you are sumuni kid, so shut up an come and clean out mills

  2. I admire your perfectly true analysis. lemani Haxin kiKumur kifiqedelu niHna kaa bibetri kinikelaKel! rUuy zriya. Whatsoever,Habo, niH, jgninet daamber Kumra Haxin hafafi iyu, Haqin amlaKin Hiza kaa entay keytiKewin eza adi anabis. zna nadew zna Adi murug ziresEwo yimeslu koraKur eti gezif kelbi. May God/Allah bless Eri.

  3. Why the USA continues with its failed policy, in the 1950th it used a crime against the Eritrean people, but the Eritrean people won its independence with heavy sacrifice, again it used the new servant to invade Eritea 1998 but defeated shamefully.And Eritrea continued more stronger & more united. Now again The regime in Ethiopia (Wayane) for the second time acting a cheap provocative movement to serve its bosses message to terrorize eritrean people. But the Eritrean people is in the opposite direction instead it will be more anger to its routine enemy of the south.

  4. We hoped Obama will work to the truth as he did hard to find his true Identity. However, born from a corrupt Kenyan and biased American No Eritrean should expect any sign of hope from him. Let the Weyane’s wage war if they think it is for the best interest of them and for now let’s forget the people of Ethiopia at large. But I will only tale them that whatsoever, they could accumulate today will endanger the lives of their children in the future. Peace will never prevail by illegally occupying and attacking a neighboring country. Yet again, a bribed criminal never sees far and they are at that stage. Remember, end of the day neither the US nor Russia helped Mengistu or despite his strong alliance the US didn’t care about Hailesellassie. Therefore, don’t you think a healthy neighbourhood is better than a petty cash.

    • Stop talking about “Obama will work to the truth …”
      Tell me what did Issu Afaf did for Eritrea? Why are Eritreans running away to be Arab slaves from Hgdef?

  5. Petros Eritreawi intekonka, melhaska zehayik zereba aytzareb rishat kseri aykilin immo resah zereba tsbuk aykonen Ethiopiawi intekonka iwin tegagika n Eritrawian Ahbay ilkayom aytfelitin ikka nay biri sim tetekimka msraf gin mushmush ferah mkuanka iyu zeri. Gual agame inte belet aytehabetin gual agame iye illa nhageran teamnelu mengstin kea dlaya tibel

    • higdef/mendef ahbay aykonun diKa tibil zeloKa? ahbay ‘tezekonu kemey malet hizbina agafiOm Adina bi Alem kemtiwugezni bi woyane kemtihrim abtsiHoma.

  6. Hgdef had already dug its own grave. It is waiting for the Weyanes to come and bury it, if Eritreans are unable to do it.
    Eritrea has been sanctioned for so long, there is no food, money, armaments and above motivated young men and a good military leadership.
    Issu Afafa is wetting his Jelebia with Ali Abdu.

  7. The big lier,arrogant,bankrupt of USA isnt advocating for democracy or human rights wile itself isnt one.It pretends to do so,what is doing is diktating the world and its own people how to live by dragging them in to poverty,every fool knows it have only one in mind to have a full control of our world,but as history is showing us, they are on the sinking the born without self confidence woyane, its their destiny being beggars.

  8. Wey-Ane, Wey-Ane! cried the poor people of Tigray when Dergue bombarded civilians in a market. Now Weyane is in power, enriched by the West and want to cause atrocities towards the Eritrean people. The Eritrean people don’t want to go to war at the moment, they want peace and prosperity……something they have been waiting for and they truly deserve.
    The Tigray minority regime wanted to go to war using other ethnic group from the south, knowing there are enough to last them to stay in power. A time will come when other non- Tigray Ethiopians will say , ‘enough is enough, let the Tigrayans fight their own war!’ Then the Tigrayans will try their best and fight the war themselves only to be distracted by the sight of ripe ‘Beles’ on the hills of Eritrea. Business opportunities again, yay! let’s drop our guns and pick some ‘Beles’ (can’t resist the sight of good beles). I wish the Weyans and their supporters will stop bragging how powerful they are, given one to one, they will never stand a chance against the Eritrean fighters. So if you really want to have a war come on your own and leave the other Ethiopian people behind alone. We can then give you a one to one tutor that you will never forget.
    So let’s all wise up and try to work for peace not war. War only kills. The Americans had their lessons in Vietnam (they got a kick in the Arse) and now they are planning to exit from Afghanistan. One thing they would have learnt on both occasions is, you can destroy buildings and kill people as much as you like but you can’t defeat the ideology and belief of the people no matter what or who you are. A point worth considering.
    Awet n’hafash

    • How can you afford to go to war when your young men and women are hauled by illiterate Arabs to be slaves of the worst in the Arab world?
      Your government is selling your young to Arabs and you want them to fight and die for you? What are you doing in England or America?

    • Hitman

      I think you are slowly losing your mind!

  9. United state are barking on a wrong tree to salvage the already failed and doom Woyanne junta rigime Regretbly !!!!

    • failed and doom ..” is ShaEwya!
      Its horn is broken beyond repair and the crappy Arabs will not pay for him to fix it even if it wants to sell more and more young Eritrea boys and girls.
      It is history.
      the best of Eritrea are scattered in jails all over Eritrea, to date more than 300 jails.

  10. Dande

    Long Live PIA .He will be your nightmare until you die .

  11. Dande
    99.9999 percent of Eritrean people are all Issayas ,so it will be your choice which venom to take to your death .

    • You are telling me they are 99% Arab slaves like him. Arabs are buying them cheap because he is selling them to slavery.
      The Eritreans that i know are very proud and dignified people who work hard.

  12. This time you(PIA dogs) are getting mad.

    You didn’t properly read Ethiopians.

    You grossly miscalculate when you kill innocent tourists.

    The worst is yet to come.

  13. Mr mahmoud yousif, yours is the best analytically written presentation i have read of the ongoing sitiuation in eritrea/ethiobia.

  14. Rest assured, Kibrom T, I am not losing my mind, just playing games with Denden.
    Every time I tried to engage on a discussion with him, He (Denden) goes into verbal Diarrhoea. He makes me laugh at times. The person can’t take serious political discussions. He is just foul mouthed, piece of S**t waiting for the doom of Eritrea. Little does he know, ‘what goes around comes around’, the other ethnic groups of Ethiopia are waiting for their turn to come. When that happens, Denden will have little to say but to bury his head in sand.

    Awet N’hafash