Mar 182012

Eritrea has said it will not retaliate after Ethiopia’s cross-border raid on Thursday, easing fears of a new conflict between the long-time rivals.

“Those who rush to aggression are those who do not know what the life of people means,” Eritrean Information Minister Ali Abdu told the BBC.

Ethiopia said it attacked three military bases where rebel groups were being trained.

The two countries fought a border war from 1998 to 2000.

The United States has called on both countries to “exercise restraint and to avoid any further military action”.

But Mr Ali accused the US of being behind the Ethiopian raid.

“Not only this attack, the destabalisation of our region is instigated and compounded by the US,” he told the BBC’s Focus on Africa programme.

Ethiopia, a close US ally, has also sent forces into Somalia to tackle the al-Qaeda-linked Islamist group, al-Shabab.

The UN has imposed sanctions on Eritrea, accusing it of backing al-Shabab – charges it denies.


“The people and government of Eritrea shall not entertain, and will not be entrapped by, such deceitful ploys,” a foreign ministry statement said.

It said the attack was mean to divert attention from Ethiopia’s “illegal occupation” of Eritrean territory, as well as its internal problems.

Eritrea accuses Ethiopia of refusing to withdraw from the village of Badme, where the border war began, despite The Hague-based Boundary Commission 2002 ruling that it belonged to Eritrea.

A number of people were killed and others captured when three camps were attacked up to 18km (11 miles) inside Eritrean territory, an Ethiopian defence official said.

‘Hit-and-run terrorists’

Mr Ali said Eritrea would raise the matter with the “appropriate diplomatic channels”, such as the UN.

He also dismissed as “ridiculous” the accusation that Eritrea was harbouring Ethiopian rebels.

In recent weeks Addis Ababa has accused Eritrea of backing the groups who staged a January raid in the northern Afar region, killing five Western tourists.

Two German nationals were taken hostage during that attack – there has been no official word of their condition since.

Ethiopian government spokesman Shimeles Kemal said the army units involved had returned to camp after “successfully completing” their mission.

He said Eritrea was harbouring “hit-and-run terrorists”, and he warned of further possible operations.

“As long as Eritrea remains a launching pad for attacks against Ethiopia, similar measures will continue to be taken,” he said.

Eritrea was annexed by Ethiopia in 1962 but gained independence in 1993 after a 30-year guerrilla war.

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  25 Responses to “Eritrea ‘will not fight Ethiopia’ Ethiopian troops are also currently active in Somalia”

  1. Eritrea’s foreign minister went to Egypt and talked about Egyptian boats and aid money and the dula hit of Weyanes but not about Eritrean prisoners and slaves held in Egypt and Sudan by the Rashaidas and Bedu criminals.
    Issaias is begging the sahsah Arab to save him from Weyanes punishing slaps. Arabs are in deep craps themselves, they need to be saved.
    Sahsah Arab comes to your home only when he wants to take your sister or daughter as concubine or to rob your house.
    Have you seen an Eritrean moslem marrying an Arab girl, no way! An arab will take your sister or daughter but he will never give his own sister to you because he sees you inferior.
    Therefore, Isaias, the Arab slave gets none, except crumbs of bread to keep on slaving.
    Too bad but Ethiopia will take more action no matter what Sahsah Arab or their slaves say, get ready.

    How can an Arab save Eritrea while he is robbing and raping Eritrean young boys and girls in Egypt and Sudan?
    Eritrea must have the most stupid diplomats

  2. It is unforgiven to retaliate against a servant .I like the Eritrean bold thinking .

    • The coward pfdj have no choice. They know they are empty barrel and can not fight for one day. The game is over. They will be removed very soon. We may have a Happy Easter for a change with all the prisoners freed and all the young reunited with their families.

  3. Denden, you are full of s**t and master of verbal Diarrhoea!
    If only you can forget your inferior past as a shoe shiner then you could have talked some sense.
    You are beating the war drums for your own interest not the Ethiopian people. The common people of Eritrea and Ethiopia don’t want to go to war with each other except people like you who are bent to hell and have nothing better to do.
    You can keep on opening your stupid mouth but most of us will do everything we can to resolve any conflict peacefully no matter how long it takes. However, it doesn’t mean the Eritrean people will sit and watch while the Weyanes come marching through our land. Ethiopia might have all the support of the West but if you have any brains you should imagine how tough it can be.
    So, if you have any sense at all, you should encourage the two countries to resolve their conflicts in a peaceful way, otherwise before you know it, the ‘Dula’ will land in your empty head!
    Awet N’hafash

    • When did our ShaEwya learn “peace”?
      When it was hit hard by the Dula in 2000. Issu Afaf waked up President Clinton from his sleep to tell him “we need peace selam with Meles and tell him to stop the war.”
      Issu Afaf likes a big Dula and he keeps quite.
      it was a brave diplomacy of haile drue, haile Menkorios and Butafliqa that saved Eritrea from annihilation.
      Eritreans are hardworking and brave people, had it not been for this Afaf leader, they would been by now the masters of the Horn of Africa.
      I tell you the people of Dega Eritrea are tough and brave warriors without any match in the Horn, with the exception of the Shire and Tembenite people.
      Eritrea’s problem is Issu Afaf.

  4. beggars is beggars tnx to our gov not to ritaliat

    • How can ShaEwya retaliate when its horn is hit hard and under strict sanctions?
      Thanks to the sanctions, shaEwya has no way to buy tanks or RPG launchers

      • Denden,

        You are stupid Agame! Watch Eri-Tv in few days to see your dead and to hear what your captured soldiers say.

        We are under sanction but we have more than enough to kick the Agames! Believe me – I swear in the name of Allah, each and every Agame will be deported from Addis and each province after the fall of Meles Agame – back to your begging and shoe shining!!

        Long Live my beloved Eritrea!

        Long live our Defense forces!


        • If you have a capacity to fight back, what have you been waiting for ten years? Where is Badma?
          The young Eritreans are demoralized. They will not march to war under your corrupt and well fed appointed army commanders.
          Eritrea’s best and brightest are either in jail or in the refugee camps of Ethiopia or living as as Arab slaves in Egypt.
          Would you please tell your foreign minister to talk about Sinai too?

          • Denden,

            We are law abiding people – nothing to worry about as you will surrender Bademe to Eritrea and other areas like Humera to their rightful owners one day. No need to waste our resources and life to get back Bademe as our life is very precious.

            Wait and see what will happen to your Tigrai you kodar Agame. You will go where you belong – back to your begging!!


  5. Higdef, Hiji do tihyish. teleminka abiKa, tetsefiEka tilimin. deqi sebeyti. hizbi ertra awaridkum hagerna awaridkum abta ziquAtuma gudguad tiatwu.

  6. Pet and dande
    You know very well, if the Eritrean army moves you will lose your begging headquarter Melelik cottage In a matter of days, is that what is bugging you ?

    • The Eritrean army is broke. This is not the fault of Eritreans. This is what Issu Afaf did to the army. The army is under fed, under trained, under armed, & worse it has the worst and opportunist commanders.
      Why would a young Eritrean die while his commander is well fed and corrupt? If you believe in your own words, go to Eritrea with wife and children to defend Issu Afaf.

    • Awget, kikikikiki,

      mesHaq iKi ba. The Eri army cannot move; it’s paralized thanks to Wedi Medhin Berad. You’re talikg about a sick leadership with a disillusioned forced conscripts.

  7. Dande
    That is what you think ., always what you don’t know can hurt you .haaaaa

  8. Hi Awget,Ahmed, and Yosief I donot understand why are you giving a chance to losers to chat on Eritrean websites. We have enough losers to deal and pls ignor them.
    Eritra will triumph for ever through murutst deqa n merihinetan. Awet nhafash

  9. The Kidnapped Europeans are released but there are two Ethiopians still under Eritrean jails. Ethiopia has every right to use any means for their release.
    Americans and Israelis use all sorts of force to release their hostages so did the Weyanes have that right.

  10. You comparing your country with others . what a shamfull and disgrace beggar . Haaaaaaaaaaaaa

  11. በጃኻባ መድከረም!
    መጉሓፍ ትፋእ እኮ ትኸውን ኣሎኻ፣ ብዕሉግን ፍንፉንን ቃላት ይኹን ዘለፋታት ከተአንግድ እንከሎኻ እንታይ ግምት የውህበካ፧
    እንታዋይ ሥነ ስርዓት ዝውንን ኣእምሮኸ ተመሊሱ ከንብበካ ይኽእል፧
    በጃኻ ንጥዕናኻ ሕሰበላ።

  12. you donot know why meles want to start the war it is becoz eritrea is full of gold and oil that is why isu doesnot want to chase the investors but your tigray is full of beles and bukulti if you guys behave nice we will invite you to work in our roads and farms donot worry . lig yirotal enji abatun aykedmim we are the one teachs u and gives u arms we will change u with amharas and oromos

    • Lemlem anti lemalmo Haftey:
      afki ‘mo yemaArey:
      liEi lawzi ltgray:
      kuEntn buqltn teblyo Hray:
      There is no doubt our Tigrayan brothers and sisters had lived in destitute and poverty in the last 100 years. But, this is not the case anymore. The only people who benefited from the Eritrean Ghedli of 30 years war are the Tigrayans, they have become the masters of their own and the Horn of Africa.
      For Eritreans, the Eritrean Ghedli has turned out to be a disgrace, curse and humiliation. Just look around Asmara and count the number of new jails built and opened. Zoba maekel, the old awraja hamassien, has the largest concentration of jails, prisons and prisoners in Africa per square kilometer.
      Eritreans have been humiliated at home and abroad. In the Eritrea-Sudan border, one can easily buy and sell young Eritreans, mostly Christians. The Arabs buy and sell Eritreans without any fear in Sudan, Egypt or Libya. The Arabs can take your kidney or liver anytime and throw your body. The Arabs can take you hostage and ask your family for money.
      Worse the government of Eritrea is also selling Eritreans to the Arabs. If you ask help to the Eritrean government in Cairo or Khartoum, they sell you back to the Arabs. This is what Eritrea is now — a disgrace.

  13. Denden, you truly are master of verbal Diarrhoea! You still are waffling and fluffing. I am not going to call you cheap names such as ‘Agame’. Because what makes a person good or bad is not necessarily where he is born or grown up. Agame is just a name of a place/district and could have easily been called ‘Chicago’ or ‘LA’. There were few good people I knew in the past who were from Agame. Unfortunately, you are a low life who probably has been to Asmara in the past and still are suffering from the inferiority complex you got during those days. You can become a better person if you can forget your miserable past life and try to work out for a better feature. Your sarcasm and ill wish for our people will not change anything. Eritrea has got its own destiny and it will not be governed by your sick comments. You keep on talking about our President as if you know him personaly, how sad you are! I can talk about your Prime Minister Zenawi if I like….. I don’t know the man personally but my first impression just by looking at his picture will be that he has got some kind of ‘Down Syndrome’. Now that will be silly of me to keep on repeating myself and say PM Zenawi has ‘Down Syndrome’, the PM has ‘Down Syndrome’ hundred times, that will be immature and will not change anything.
    So, as I say I don’t want to go into name callings and sad descriptions to prove my point.

    I have stated before none of us should be encouraging the two countries to go into war. We should all come together and try to find a peaceful solution. Even the Germans and the British have learnt to work together in time. War only destroys and there wouldn’t be a true victor in these kind of wars.

    So Mr Denden, once more try to use your brain not your mouth! If you don’t no one will take you seriously and you will be treated as a retard. The choice is yours.
    Awet N’hafash