Apr 172012

Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:55am EDT

* Meles says Addis Ababa has taken unnamed measures

* Claims come a month after Ethiopia raids inside Eritrea

* Asmara denies links

By Aaron Maasho

ADDIS ABABA, April 17 (Reuters) – Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi accused Eritrea on Tuesday of abducting dozens of Ethiopian miners from the country’s northwest, in a potential escalation of tension between the arch-enemies.

Ethiopian troops crossed into the Red Sea state last month and attacked what they said were military bases used by rebels to stage raids, including a January attack that killed five Western tourists in Ethiopia’s remote Afar region.

These attacks were the first on Eritrean soil that Ethiopia has admitted to since the end of a devastating 1998-2000 border war, sparking concern that their unresolved frontier spat could escalate into a full-scale war.

“They (Eritrean government) recently kidnapped more than 100 young miners who were mining gold in our country’s northwest. And in the northeast, they killed some tourists and kidnapped others,” Meles said, the latter referring to the January raid.

“We have taken proportional measures in both locations,” he told lawmakers in response to a question on relations with Eritrea.

Meles did not specify when and exactly where the abductions in the country’s northwest Tigray region took place, nor the measures his country had subsequently taken.

Eritrean officials were not immediately available for comment, but they often dismiss their rivals’ allegations as a ploy to harm Eritrea’s reputation.

Ethiopia routinely accuses Asmara of supporting Ethiopian separatist groups. It blamed an Afar rebel movement for the kidnapping of Westerners in its northern Afar region in 2007, and again for the attack in the same area earlier this year.

Gunmen killed two Germans, two Hungarians and an Austrian in a dawn attack on a group of tourists in the remote Afar region on January 17, and seized two Germans and two Ethiopians.

A rebel group in the Afar region said in February it had freed the two Germans, although there has been no official confirmation of the release.

After the border war, the Hague-based Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission ruled that the flashpoint town of Badme belonged to Eritrea but the village remains in the hands of its neighbour, which is calling for negotiations to implement the ruling.

Asmara blames the international community for the impasse, and President Isaias Afewerki last month accused the United States of plotting the Ethiopian raids.

Ethiopia is Washington’s biggest ally in the Horn of Africa region and has deployed troops in lawless Somalia to fight al Qaeda-linked insurgents in Somalia.

“The military incursions were plotted by Washington with the aim of diverting attention from implementing the boundary commission’s decision,” Isaias said in an interview with state television. (Editing by Yara Bayoumy)

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  1. Here you go again, the shameful crime minister a deceit and lies for his life support to stay on power game and trying to release his pow .

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    • Your like usually do not sort and reason things out.
      Blame your mad boss who has no plan B.
      Proper is the most diplomat person that horn Africa ever get.
      He has also soft heart for you.Go to Addis it has been comman to see Eritrean ever where like before.Ethiopian people is the most decent in the world.
      That burnt your boss and his clique.Go on Go on PIA.

  2. Pinhead Meles Zenawi,

    Netxtime when its rain in Eritrea side of the border and not in Ethiopia, than will say Meles Zenawi, Eritrea or Iassias stole the clouds from his country. Mybe too, when the clouds and the rain come from Eritrea to Ethiopia, than hwe will say, its an illegal terrorist attack from Eritrea. Meles is really a pinhead.

  3. To all eritrean and ethiopian people let us tell to this shameless thug that enough is enough. By all means we have to put him in his place either prison to pay for the dispicable crime that he has done and is still doing, or eliminating his power.

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  5. This is the sign of the desparation of the Fog Minister. The dream of Tigray Republic officially is dead.

    R.I.P Abay Tigray

  6. ኣይበልናንዶ፡ ስሳስ ኣላታ። ሕርሕራይ ተደሲቁ እዩ፡ ኣበይ ኣሎ ሬንጀር (ranger) ምሩኻቱ ጠንጢኑ ዝሃደመ። ሕጂ kidnap ዶ ኣደይ ማርታ።

  7. Why these people keep on repeating the same mistake, again and again is beyond me.
    – Remember Haileslassie and his cruel and twisted schems
    – Remember Derg, with all its military might
    – And now, this fool, subordinate, ass-kisser bastard is doing it again.!

    And one step up – why are the US, UN and all the international community choosing to side with this good for nothing leaders of this miserable neighbour of ours, called Ethiopia???!!!

    There is an easier was to pease and mutual prosperity – PEOPLE!!!.

    1. Tell, this tiny fool, to abide by law and get out of our land. Justice, is justice. Stop bending it
    2. Stop supporting this fool, with the pre-text of terrorism, so that he will lead his people and the people of the region to hell

    3.And finally – put him straight, whenever he lies, commites crime,…plays the balame game

    And – the region of the Horn of Africa will be at pease , and may be prosper at a great rate

    • “miserable neighbor of ours, called Ethiopia???”

      That is why you like are known by self denial.who is miserable?
      I think it is the largest refuge sending country that is miserable.
      As it is the direct manifestation of misery.

  8. The so called miner workers are actually the one who infiltrated and cross Eritrean soil on march 15 on suicide mission to their death .

  9. This criminal thug he’s SO worried because the ethiopian people are united and strong than ever before. Now all opositions are working towards one amied goal that goal is unity, freedom and , equality to all ethiopans and long lasting transparant peace though out the horn of africa. Even now the European Union, Abrab leauge,and most african countries have respect and recognitionton towards the oppositions also the united states now know with this thug criminal that they will not achive there own personal goal. To them Melese and his followers are a loss. Before, they fully supported him as we say in the proverb, ” In a blind village a person with one eye becomes king”. In the past the amaricans did not belive that the oppositions had the capablity to rule ethiopia, now the opposition with the idea one people one ethiopia who ever rules ethiopia in the future is going to be elected by the people, not by ethnicticity. This goal is the end of his criminal activity. That is why now they provolk eritrea to fully go to war and all the accusation is appearing. In the past he used these silly tactics to stay in power but it will not work any more.

  10. I am Eritrean and I pray for an major attach by the Ethiopian regime against the shaIbia junta so that the Eritrean poor people would enjoy freedom, Not me as I am already a US citizen. ahahahhaha I feel sorry for my relatives, too. Thanks God I am raising my sond and daughters in a free world.

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    Long live Eritrea, its people, PFDJ, PIA, & Eritrean Deference Forces!!!


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