Apr 192012

UNITED NATIONS, April 18 — Months after the UN Security Council imposed more sanctions on Eritrea without arranging for its president to address the Council before the new resolution was finalized, “in blue,” Eritrea’s Mission to the UN has for what it’s worth raised questions about the Sanctions Committee’s sourcing.

  If this were being reported elsewhere, Inner City Press might not. But at the UN a silence surrounds the treatment of Eritrea. The simultaneous meeting of the North Korea Sanctions Committee drew much interest though that committee’s chair said very little afterwards, declining even to confirm that Japan has submitted a list of new sanctions targets.

  Meanwhile Eritrea could not get such coverage of its defense to its (and Somalia’s) sanctions committee. And so we run this quote:

The vitriol that the Monitoring Group routinely produces against Eritrea emanates, by its own admissions, from four principal sources:

i) Foreign law enforcement agencies; this begs the question on who these agencies are? Why are their testimonies accepted without checking the ulterior agendas that they may harbor? Do we have assurances that testimonies from intelligence agencies that have hostile agendas against Eritrea are excluded or meticulously corroborated with accounts of other neutral and credible bodies?

ii) The second category of sources of the Monitoring Group is ‘former Eritrean military or diplomatic officials.’ Again, what are the assurances that testimonies of elements who may be fugitives from the law or who may be involved in subversive activities against the country are credible and not politically motivated fabrications?

iii) The third sources are “active Eritrean Government contacts”. This provokes other deeper questions. Is it lawful for the Monitoring Group to foster clandestine contacts with Eritrean officials? What are the financial or other inducements? And can testimonies of this type be considered valid?

  These strike us as good questions, and should be answered. Watch this site.



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  10 Responses to “Eritrea Asks If UN Can Bribe Its Officials For Info , But Gets No Hearing, Unlike DPRK.. By Matthew Russell Lee Inner City Press”

  1. Eritrean government is the best. We Eritreans are always the winners. We send Hayleselase and dergi to hell. We know hoe is the next one.

    us+weyane=regem change

    • Simply day dreamer.Daydreamer simply.You only end up being traped in your miscalcualtions and refuge camps.The fall of durg has noting to do with Eritrea.
      Durg can survive for century fighting with you ,if Ethiopians were not participating
      in the fight aganist durg.Shabia has told you infinite lies which trap you in visous
      circle of miscalculation, like the colonial psycological trap in which you are in ,and probable continue for decades to come.

      • Eritrean government is not the best but to the contrary. Eritreans are ending up in the refugee camp because of the current regime in Eritrea not because the consequence of being an independent country.
        There are Eritrea refugees in Ethiopia and Sudan because both countries happened to be neighbours to Eritrea.
        Do not try to make everything abstract.
        And one more thing, actually it is you Nunu who is daydreaming. Was Derg fighting using solidiers from Mars?

      • nunu since the beginning you stuck on only one reference point that is refuge…what is wrong??not new ztemam hade derfu.characteristic for a 24 carat idiot weyaniety


  3. Yekaalo + warsay + PIA = Eritrean people
    Ethiopians en Tigray people is always our brothers. But Meles and his government as soon as possible goes to hell just like dergi

    Ethiopia is 70 million people. Eritrea is just 3 million. Ethiopia gets everything from US + EU +UN+AU. God is always with Eritrea. We have sahel, nakefa. If you don’t know what is Nakfa or where is Nakf just ask dergi soligers or your brother or your father. Meles just toke to much he believes not op his own people. Just meles is post man (kuli) or US message man. Long live PIA
    Long live EG
    Long live warsy
    Long live Yekaalo
    God is alwys with Eriteran people and Ethiopians
    Long live genbot 7

  4. Answer to the so called Wodi Afom

    Just like the real wedi Afom (The mad man -ISAIAS AFEWERKI) you are trying to mislead by claiming a victory against Dergu and Hailesilassie as if it was a vectory of Eritrean alone….just funny…to tell you the truth, it was a victory of the hero and heroin Tigreans who defeated both brutal regimes. Had it not the involvement and scarifies of the gallant fighters of Tigrean, you could not have the so called Eritrea today….but for foolish and ignorant people like you, it is too easy to change history just within minuets and claiming that you are the only one who defeated successive Ethiopian regimes…….but to tell you the fact, what ever you said about previous regimes in Ethiopia, they are completely different from the current TPLF-Lead government in Ethiopia….Now, you have one and only one alternative….just convince your brutal dictator ISAIAS and his mindless information Minister Ali Abdu to come and sit around tables before it become too late …..otherwise, you will not have too much time to talk and to claim about your past invented history and honestly, you will end up in refugee camps around the world……the sooner is the better


    From Mekelle, Tigray, Ethiopia

  5. Just stand up with your own legs. You Ethiopians Always cuba America europa ……don’t took to much.

    • Wedi eritrea you forgot : Soviet Union, East Germany, Czechoslovakia Hungary, Yemen, China, PLO( they had an office in Addis and are said to have contributed intelligence to Derg), waw the list is really long. All this to achieve what? Suppress a lawful movement of the Eritrean People.
      Whoever says Tigrayans or Weyanes did this did that, we know they fought, but it was EPLF that brought them all the way to Addis Ababa. The mechanized brigade of EPLF was at ARAT Kilo Palace, and posted in main corners in Addis when EPLF brought in the Weyanes. Who is trying to change history? We were there to see.

  6. Eritrean people knows better than any one else their fate,they are civilised, matured to to deal with their domestic and international subjects, due to their nature of vigilant they think a lot before taking action, so no one can dictate them what to do in their affaires.The conspiracies waged against Eritrean since the withdrowal of the Italian colonizer are not made by the variuos ethiopian rulers are made by western super power on top of them the usa, ethiopian has no power to confront the Eritrean maithy, ethiopia can’t feed it’s starving children.The cospiracy of usa is to it’s interest in the Red Sea, not because tjey love ethipionas. So all ethipians should focus on their domestic affairs nad live alone Eritrea, Eritrea has it’s children that they take care of it.