Jun 192012

An Eritrean who should be “treating the sick in a poor albeit repressive country” chooses better life and abandons the people who paid to get him through medical school. Is this the teaching of his religion? Why would a “religious person” abandon the poor people who paid for his education and who need his help and choose for a better life making more money treating those in the west. Is this the religious teaching of this opportunistic individual who used religion as a pretext for a better life for himself?

Chaotic Eritrea is topic today

Staff Reports
Posted:   06/16/2012 01:08:56 AM PDT

YANKEE HILL — Bemnet Meried will share about his faith journey from East Africa’s chaotic and repressive country of Eritrea to Paradise at the 11 a.m. service today of the Golden Feather Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Meried grew up during the time of political, religious and economic conflicts that followed the country’s independence in 1991. He served in the military and attended Eritrea’s new and only medical school before coming to the United States a year ago for more training in natural remedies for health.

The church is at 3861 Detlow Road. For details, call 592-5853 or email [email protected]

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  1. The poor people of Eritrea paid for his tutition. upp to medical school.Yes this is how the opportunist people abandon those who sacrificed for their education and well being
    In the name off Democracy, human rights, religious freedom. They have betraid their motherland.