Jul 252012

In the following Toronto based CIUT 89.5 FM radio interview with Elias Amare, an expert on Horn of Africa, is discussing the largest demonstration in Africa since Tahrir Square, Egypt, that is taking place in Ethiopia, as well as, the disappearance of the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, his health, possible death and its potential effect on Ethiopia and the regain. One should not take these remarks lightly. Elias on 07 August 2011 wrote in a public discussion group:

      “Meles Zenawi is slowly and agonisingly dying — of cancer. This is a bit of good news that has come our way in some time.

When asked to give his sources he replied: “Take my word for it, and don’t ask me for my sources. But, as an independent journalist, I can vouch for my sources, as long as I am not forced to reveal them”.

That was August 2011. A year later here is no longer any reason to doubt Elias’ sources. Now when he tells us about a hidden power struggle  taking place in Ethiopia today no one should take those words lightly, either. His sources have proven invaluable and correct time and again. Press Play to listen to this short and to the point interview below.

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  1. Horror story,far from truth.

  2. elias who?

  3. day dream. who is Elias Amare by the way? is he really ethiopian and saying the Un sanction on Eritrea is unfair. I doubt it. TPLF/EPRDF is not one one party unlike HIGDEF aite Elias Amare. God forbid if something wrong happens to Meles there are thousands and thousands of brilliant and thought full Meleses who can replace him. what are you gays going to benefit by painting your country, if you are Ethiopian, bad image which is not happen the reality. Meles and his party has lifted the face of Ethiopia from destitution and back wardness. Meles and his party have brought major change in the life of the poor Ethiopians. Alahmudin is the only person investing and creating jobs to Ethiopians. if you have the knowledge, skill, and the money go and support your least developed country. this is the country that does not even feed its own people, and talking about democracy, election rigging, and so on so forth. where were you when Mengistu Hailemariam butchered thousands of innocent Tegaru at Hawzen. no body said anything. I hope all the liars like you will get visa to Canada and live on welfare and do more demostration; when Ethiopian Airlines start flight to Toronto, when teff Enjera start coming to Toronto straight from Ethiopia, and Etc. because you guys do not have any other job other than talking non stop cheap politics until people get tired of you. Ethiopia is progressing under the leader ship of Meles Zenawi, and it will not stop by talking non sence from washington or Toronto. you guys better find a job and make your self busy.

  4. Dear All: An interesting unsettled question—what is the population of Ethiopian Muslims?

    Elias Amare said that Ethiopian Muslims amount to roughl 50% of the total sum of the Ethiopian population. Was he right, or was he wrong?

    According to the official Ethiopian 2007 census, out of the total number of Ethiopians, 43.5% were Orthodox Christians, 18.6% were Protestants, and 0.7% were Catholics; and 33.9% were Muslims; and the remaining 3.3% were of traditional or other minority religions. These figures are, however, contested by others.

    Out of all the Ethiopians (in 2007), 34.5% wer Oromo, 26.9% Amhara, 6.2% Somali, 6.1% Tigrie [sic], 4.1% Sidama, 2.5% Guragie, 2.3% Welaita, 1.7% Hadiya, 1.7% Afar, 1.5% Gamo, and 12.6% varied numbers of smaller minorities. The 2007 census doesn’t seem to classify each ethnic group by religions.

    That being so, some Ethiopian Muslim groups believe that the census was politicized; and that the Ethiopian Muslim population was reported as smaller number than what they think it is. One source believes that 45% to 50% of the Ethiopian people are Muslims.

    So, is Ethiopia a Christian country, as the West portray it? The current Ethiopian borders were set up after the Ethiopian-Italian battle at Aadwa ended and and somewhere during the early 1900s. Those borders mark the edges of the modern Ethiopian nation. So when Leggesse “Melless” Zenawi says Ethiopia is not 3000 years old, but instead is only 100 years old, it is this fact that he is referring to. At least starting from Minilik II on and upto 1974, Orthodox Tewahddo Christianity was the State religion. For that reason Ethiopia was portrayed as a Christian nation. Otherwise, Ethiopia has always been either a multi-religious or a secular (i.e. worldly) nation. Regardless of the exact number of the Ethiopian Muslims, they are of significant size; and if and when politically organized as Ethiopians, they could impact the future direction that the Ethiopian nation may take. The “anti-Islamist-terrorism” (America, its client State, and allies) are stirring them up the wrong way. They might regret it later.

    • did you say “6.1% Tigrie [sic]”, I am just laughing. you do not have the gut to use your real name and expressing your disgusting opinion freely. it is laughable when you read Ginbot 7 members live in the wetern world and using nick names(yechaka sim) do they mean the jungles of niorth america and Europe? sick and tired of the this non sense opposition politicians, good for nothing.