Jul 272012
Canadian Dual Citizenship Laws as described by the foreign affairs office of Canada…
 “You could have tax obligations not only in Canada but also in the country of your second citizenship. Taxation arrangements between countries are complex, and you should discuss these obligations with your financial and/or legal advisers.” …Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada.
“You may be legally required to register for military service and to respond to call-up orders in the country of your other nationality. This obligation may be enforced even if you are just visiting that country and permanently reside in Canada. Some countries do not accept ignorance as an excuse for failure to comply. The consequences could be imprisonment or immediate induction into military service the next time you arrive in the country or attempt to leave. Even dual citizens who have passed the age for military service may be considered defaulters for failing to report at the required time.” …Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada.
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  1. This is a good reason why Eritrea has to make sure it diversifies its mining sector. Even after earning millions of dollars out of the resources of this great African nation, the Canadians seem to be bent to serve the interests of Washington. This is one more lesson on why Eritrea has to diversify its sources of capital funding to the various mining projects in the country.

    The money-holics of the West are never satiated until they see you ooze the agony of helplessness and total dependence in their arm pits. Heck no!

  2. The Canadian foreign affairs minister is thinking in violating the rights of Eritrean Canadians by using the National Post journalist Stewart Bell deliberate misleading information and lie about the Eritrean government and its relationship with Eritrean Canadians. It is puzzling why this minister uses information from corrupted journalists such as Stewart Bell to attack the law abiding Eritrean Canadian community. The information that Mr. Bell is feeding to Canadians is mostly based on the discredited UN Somalia & Eritrean Monitoring Group (UNMG). The UNMG got their information from the pathological liars of the Ethiopian leaders blessed by the US. The US is trying to protect these liars by decorating their lie using the UNMG to make their lie to equate with truth. Mr. Bell is one of the messengers sent spread this lie to Canadians. The Eritrean Canadians must stand up to defend their rights by first organizing peaceful demonstration and by hiring competent lawyers stop the defamatory, hostile and unprofessional news of the National Post about Eritrea and the Eritrean Canadian community. All those who believe in justice need to know that the Eritrean people are being used as escape goat for the US lead and managed war failure in Somalia. The Eritrean people are victims of the US misguided policy failure in the horn of African region.

  3. Remember the corrupted mouth piece of the Monitoring Group (Bryden) is Canadian. He is spoiled and associated with a number of shady activities in Somalia/SomaliLand/. The Eritreans in Canada has to rise up and challenge these lunatics.