Aug 162012

Eritreans forcibly returned to Eritrea face a real risk of being subjected to violations, including incommunicado detention, torture and other forms of serious ill-treatment,” Amnesty said. “Detention conditions in Eritrea are appalling, and in 
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  6 Responses to “Sudan Urged by Amnesty to Stop Deporting Eritrean Asylum Seekers By Jared Ferrie – Aug 16, 2012 2:31 AM ET Bloomberg”

  1. iI think organization nothing to do with human right,rather looklike it has a share in sinai business with budiween.b/c it doesn,t say any thing,while our people kidnaping and sold by the colaboration of sudan with budiween from all over is better they deported back their home than suffering in sinai.It is happing in day light even from the comp so called UNCHR corupt organization.

  2. Running away from your country shouldn’t have been the answer to escape indefinate slavery,imprisonment without due process,summery execution,systematic rape by the commanders in the army in the first place.One might escape the atrocity and terror that have been unleashed by the shifta regime in Eritrea but worth remembering that the young loved ones that have been left behind will also be forced to face harsher reality more than the one who is living in a disease infested camp somewhere in Sudan,Djiboutti and Ethiopia experianced.
    The only viable solution to the situation that our poor motherland in today,is to fight the very group that caused all these head on and its only Hgdef mendef.
    Speaking of Sudan,its one of the countries it has been held hostage by Issaias group so its not a shock that it takes orders from Asmara as it has always been the case and returning refugees is one of them.

  3. unfrotunately, Eritrea is not meant for its people, neigbouring countries respected us during armed struggle, yet we became slaves everywhere now. Did we gain anything better after Independence by the way? why do we have to suffer always? who is to blame? Does HGDEF have anything to do with this or is our fate, I mean we were created to suffer?

    I just ask and for sure I am not going to get an answer as all what i can get is emotional slashing and name calling.

    sorry bros and sisters but let us control our emotions and try to organize ourselves wherever we are and save our people back home.

  4. ‘Eritrea 21 memmber of Olympic team arrives home to warm welcome. The team was welcomed by high delegations of Eritrean Sports Commission as well as Eritrean National Athletics Federation and Family members of the team.’

    LET US Celebrate,forget about gold,silver or bronze. coming home save is great thing.Many has graduated
    to be refuge as usual.who dare to go to hell.

  5. I hear a lot of defeatist people here. These guys are leaving the country because some liars make these kids believe, the west is heaven on earth. I meet many of them here where I live and can´t find ONE happy person for the choice they made. On the contrary, most of them, regret it deeply. Forget amnesty, they´re just looking for something to attack Eritrea and its govt. and unfortunately, the fate of this boys and girls is a great weapon of attack for them.

  6. Dear Hager and Wedi Zer-eh: Amnesty International’s concern is not relevant anymore

    The Eritrean ambassador to Israel has stated Eritrea’s policy regarding the escapees at the Israeli Kneset last June. It is reported that:

    “Eritrea will not accept the forced repatriation of its nationals living in Israel, Ambassador Tesfamariam Tekeste said on Monday, at a lively and at times heated meeting of the Knesset Committee on Foreign Workers.

    Tekeste said his government’s position remains that it will welcome those who choose to return and will help the Israeli government determine which migrants are Eritreans. He also said his government would ensure the safety of those returning and would not prosecute them for leaving the country, except those who skipped out on mandatory military service.”

    There is no need to worry that much. All an escapee has to say is either “I don’t” or “I do” want to go back to Eritrea; and would either be left alone or be assisted to go back home.

    This may apply to you or your suggestion, too, Wedi Zer-eh. If you believe fighting PFDJ is the only solution to the problems you see, please take the lead, what are you waiting for? or do you want to entice the young (may be not as experienced as you are) escapees to do the fight for you? The door seems to be open to be among the Eritrean people and “sink or sweam” for them. PFDJ would distribute weapons to the people at this time if it were afraid of the people rising up against it.