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 ( Read Festival’s performers suspect — Eritreans’ entry to Canada questioned — Border services agency slammed)
 meskerem 08-18-2012: Some Eritreans in Canada who oppose the Eritrean government and led by Ghezae Hagos have  labeled the EPLF as a terrorist organization and have called for deportation or removal of all those who claimed to  have been members of the gallant Eritrean People’s Army.
 “As members of the EPLF (Eritrean People’s Liberation Front), they must have lied about their identities,” said Ghezae Hagos of the Eritrean-Canadian Human Rights Group of Manitoba. Canada passed a law in 2010 making EPLF members inadmissible to Canada. The law says it is an organization “known to have engaged in acts of subversion and terrorism.”
 Such accusation by Ghezae Hagos is likely to anger the whole Eritrean-Canadian community regardless of political persuasion as they consider the EPLF a heroic liberation organization that liberated Eritrea and consider those who gave their life under the EPLF as heroes and martyrs. All of Eritrea participated in the liberation of Eritrea and has offered its sons and daughters for the liberation of Eritrea.  In labeling EPLF as a terrorist organization, does Ghezae recognize a free Eritrea that was liberated by these terrorists? To oppose ones government is fine but to label the heroes and heroine that liberated Eritrea as terrorist in order to be seen as opposing the government is wrong. It hurts me personally as I remember my loving kid sister Simiti who gave her life for Eritrea as a fighter with EPLF. It is very upsetting when one hears folks like Ghezae labeling and calling our martyrs including my kid sister, terrorists. It is not only a national issue but it is a personal issue to one and all  who lost loved ones during the liberation war

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  1. Its true that the one time liberator turned the worst oppressor had countless selfless heros and heroic in its rank and file that never hesitated to sacrifice their precious lives for freedom,justice and democracy of our people and certainly you sister Simiti was one of them.Unfortunately,their sacrifices were all in vain because none of the principles they died for realized in Eritrea today.As an organization,Shaebia failed miserably to check and balance its leadership or stop the assasination of its reformers and dissents.Instead it paved a way for the worst dictatorship in history to hold its grip in Eritrea shattering the hopes and vision of an ambitious nation and its people.
    The one time seemingly ambitious leader reduced himself to associate with Somali terrorists that openly pledged allegiance to Al-qaida.Despite,the sacrifice of all those hreos and heroic,Eritrea has become a nation where imprisonment without due process,torture,execution including its own,systematic rape, disappearances of citizens for having different views,or faiths and rampant corruption have become the order of the day.
    How would your sister Simiti react if she knew that all these crimes are happening with the sole order of a man we all once used to affectionately call wedi Afom?
    She would hate you to death for defending the indefencible and she proudly join us to call him and his gangs terrorists.

    • You said it all bro, 100% you are right and I agree with you Hagerawi.

    • If Simnit knew that people like Ghezae Hagos were selling out on their people she would send them to Irairo!

      • I would just like to add that Ghezae Hagos is an over-ambitious, lost and confused man. An African writer who runs around defaming his own brothers while quoting T.S. ELIOT in this day and age is nothing but an idiot of infinite proportions. Might I suggest that Ghezae Hagos starts reading NEW AFRICAN, AIME CESAIRE and FRANTZ FANON etc? In my opinion not only has he gone to too far but his actions show a very clear inability to grasp the very essence of the Eritrean struggle for independence, self-determination and self-reliance. I am nothing but ashamed of this man, who having caused great strife upon his people, then runs to the white man for cover. GHEZAE HAGOS YOU HAVE SHAMED YOURSELF AND US! Let us hope that your friends at Irairo have been excorcised of their white demons…

  2. You make a big deal of your one sister. There are many families who lost 3-4 forced conscripts and still live in the dark. Infact Darkest time of all generations. The leadership of EPLF was and is still a terrorist organization

    • Listen to what THOMAS C.MOUNTAIN has to say about our region, you will discover that our brothers are the only non-terrorists in the region. People like you blindly use the white man’s poison to wipe out your own people. It is people like Ghezae Hagos, Dawit Isaac and yourself who are the real terrorists! Misinformed and unconscious WHITE MAN’S LACKEYS is what traitors like you are! If I were President of Eritrea, I would send even those who express OPINIONS such as your own to IRAIRO!

  3. I have numerous reasons to stand by Gezae Hagos. The accusation you trying to make is poitless. I think it is time for every body to move from comfort zone. No body has denied the fact that our brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers have paid their precious life to get independence. We are proud of them, and we highly regard their heroism.
    The point is that the EPLF regime has not maintained its promises. Instead of boosting democray and justice to us, they opted to get involved terorrist activities.

    • “Western-style democracy is polarising” – ISSAIAS AFEWERKI. Our leader is far too intelligent to lead his people into the deathly swamp that western democracy is without a thought for the dangers it would present us with. Good luck catching up with the visionary leader Issaias Afewerki for he is light years ahead of you. By the time you finally understand what he has done for our people he will be dead and you will never have thanked him! AWET N’HELMI SEMA-ETETATNA! AWET N’SOWRA ERITREA! AMLAKH MIS ERITREA! MARIAM MIS ERITREA!

  4. What you don’t understand is any Canadian dual citizenship has a Constitution of Canada right
    Contribute to his other second country. Dear human right go read candian constitution.

    • Ato Tesfay.. you need to read our Canadian charter of right… Canadian law not only opposes but also prohibited any Canadian to involve in any criminla activity including in a terrorist activity. By laundring money to the EPLF terrorsit group and through them passing it to Al-shebab is against the Canadian law.

      • Which one is terrorist group whom pass criminal act to al-shebab?
        are you Eritrean. shame on you.
        you are denying those you are calling them are the ones who got us our freedom. We should be thankful and ignore the west for trying to separate us, by inventing different lies through people like you , gezai and melees.
        get a life please.

      • What criminal activity? Go and listen to Thomas C.Mountain as he spills the beans. The West ahs always been the greatest criminal to have ever lived!

  5. pls get a life

  6. Dear All: Gheza-E Hagos is way out bounds

    Gheza-E has the individual right to his own opinion or political right to try to stop the admission of Eritreans into Canada, but that does not make the basis of his opinions or actions right or reasonable.

    His views that members of the ELF (Eritrean Liberation Front) or the EPLF (Eritrean People’s Liberation Front) were terrorists and should not be admitted into Canada are misguided and opportunistic. Gheza-E’s suggestion has no basis of legitimacy, and therefore out of bounds, for two main reasons–international law and Canadian Immigration law.

    It is true that the ELF and the EPLF have used law and violence against Ethiopian forces of foreign occupation and for the rights of the Eritrean people to self-determination, freedom and independence. Such violence is, according to international law [UN resolutions are part of it], a legitimate use of force in cases where peoples were forcibly deprived of their rights. The U.N., in the resolution partially stated in A, and other resolutions condemns terrorism but upholds the legitimacy of the use of violence for national freedom, among other causes. For that reason Gheza-E is in error in characterizing members of the ELF or EPLF as terrorists.

    Gheza-E is also out of bounds of the Canadian Immigration law [see B below]. The only section of the Canadian Immigration law that comes close to being a basis (Re: “subversion” or “terrorism”) for refusal of admission to Canada of former EPLF members is Sec. 34(1)(b) : “engaging in or instigating the subversion by force of any government”.

    The “any government” phrase may not be constitutional in Canada for it contradicts international laws Canada is party to. Nevertheless, the Eritrean people’s fight for national freedom from foreign occupation was not subversion but a revolution, for Eritrea was forcibly put under Ethiopia. Regardless of these truths, Sec. 34(1)(b) of the Canadian Immigration law had to be applied according to Sec. 34(2) of the same law, which partially states that,
    “(2) The matters referred to in subsection (1) do not constitute inadmissibility in respect of a … a foreign national who satisfies the Minister that their presence in Canada would not be detrimental to the national interest.”

    A Canadian authority has determined that the presence of Eritreans (regardless of Gheza-E’s accusations) who visited Canada for an event were not detrimental to Canada’s national interest. Gheza-E may have to account his behavior with regard to both the laws of Eritrea and Canada. Canadians of Eritrean origin may have grounds to make Gheza-E face the Canadian law, particularly Sec. 34(1)(b): “engaging in or instigating the subversion by force of any [in this case the Eritrean] government.” and see to it if his stay in Canada could be revoked and/or his harassment of Eritrean could be stopped. You may also need to consult Professor Won Kidane of the Seatle University School of Law on Canada’s law and refugee rights, for he seems to have studied it.

    [A] United Nations General Assembly Resolution No. A/RES/42/159 of the 94th plenary meeting (7 December 1987) differentiates between the use of violence for national freedom, or independence, and international terrorism; and

    ” 1. Once again unequivocally condemns, as criminal, all acts, methods
    and practices of terrorism wherever and by whomever committed, including those which jeopardize friendly relations among States and their security;

    2. Deeply deplores the loss of human lives which results from such acts of terrorism;

    3. Also deplores the pernicious impact of acts of international
    terrorism on relations of co-operation among States, including co-operation
    for development; ….

    14. Considers that nothing in the present resolution could in any way
    prejudice the right to self-determination, freedom and independence, as
    derived from the Charter of the United Nations, of peoples forcibly deprived
    of that right referred to in the Declaration on Principles of International
    Law concerning Friendly Relations and Co-operation among States in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, particularly peoples under colonial and racist regimes and foreign occupation or other forms of colonial
    domination, nor, in accordance with the principles of the Charter and in
    conformity with the above-mentioned Declaration, the right of these peoples to struggle to this end and to seek and receive support;”

    [B] Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (S.C. 2001, c. 27)
    Act current to 2012-07-08 and last amended on 2012-07-04.

    34. (1) A … foreign national is inadmissible on security grounds for
    o (a) engaging in an act of espionage or an act of subversion against a democratic government, institution or process as they are understood in Canada;
    o (b) engaging in or instigating the subversion by force of any government;
    o (c) engaging in terrorism;
    o (d) being a danger to the security of Canada;
    o (e) engaging in acts of violence that would or might endanger the lives or safety of persons in Canada; or
    o (f) being a member of an organization that there are reasonable grounds to believe engages, has engaged or will engage in acts referred to in paragraph (a), (b) or (c).
    (2) The matters referred to in subsection (1) do not constitute inadmissibility in respect of a … a foreign national who satisfies the Minister that their presence in Canada would not be detrimental to the national interest.
    35. (1) A … foreign national is inadmissible on grounds of violating human or international rights for
    o (a) committing an act outside Canada that constitutes an offence referred to in sections 4 to 7 of the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act;
    o (b) being a prescribed senior official in the service of a government that, in the opinion of the Minister, engages or has engaged in terrorism, systematic or gross human rights violations, or genocide, a war crime or a crime against humanity within the meaning of subsections 6(3) to (5) of the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act; or
    o (c) being a person … whose entry into or stay in Canada is restricted pursuant to a decision, resolution or measure of an international organization of states or association of states, of which Canada is a member, that imposes sanctions on a country against which Canada has imposed or has agreed to impose sanctions in concert with that organization or association.
    (2) Paragraphs (1)(b) and (c) do not apply in the case of a permanent resident or a foreign national who satisfies the Minister that their presence in Canada would not be detrimental to the national interest.
    36. (1) A … foreign national is inadmissible on grounds of serious criminality ….
    (3) The following provisions govern subsections (1) and (2):
    o (a) …
    o (b) inadmissibility under subsections (1) and (2) may not be based on … a record suspension has been ordered and … ceased to have effect under the Criminal Records Act, or in respect of which there has been a final determination of an acquittal;
    o (c) the matters referred to in paragraphs (1)(b) and (c) and (2)(b) and (c) do not constitute inadmissibility in respect of a … foreign national who, after the prescribed period, satisfies the Minister that they have been rehabilitated or who is a member of a prescribed class that is deemed to have been rehabilitated;
    o (d) … and
    o (e) inadmissibility under subsections (1) and (2) may not be based on an offence … for which the …foreign national is found guilty under the Young Offenders Act,….
    37. (1) A … foreign national is inadmissible on grounds of organized criminality for
    o (a) being a member of an organization that is believed on reasonable grounds to be or to have been engaged in activity that is part of a pattern of criminal activity … or engaging in activity that is part of such a pattern; or
    o (b) engaging, in the context of transnational crime, in activities such as people smuggling, trafficking in persons or money laundering.
    (2) The following provisions govern subsection (1):
    o (a) subsection (1) does not apply in the case of a … foreign national who satisfies the Minister that their presence in Canada would not be detrimental to the national interest; and
    o (b) paragraph (1)(a) does not lead to a determination of inadmissibility by reason only of the fact that the … foreign national entered Canada with the assistance of a person who is involved in organized criminal activity.
    38. (1) A foreign national is inadmissible on health grounds if their health condition ….
    39. A foreign national is inadmissible for financial reasons if they are or will be unable or unwilling to support them self ….
    40. (1) A permanent resident or a foreign national is inadmissible for misrepresentation ….
    41. A person is inadmissible for failing to comply with this Act ….
    42. A foreign national, other than a protected person, is inadmissible on grounds of an inadmissible family member ….

    • GHEZAE HAGOS is the terrorist that is why why all his friends are in IRAIRO, the white man’s trick has always been to give shelter to our criminals in order to use them against us.

  7. not only terrorist they are the worst terrorist.

    • It is the likes of you and Ghezae Hagos who are the real terrorists, go and kiss the white man’s ass as is your habit then go and administer his plan on HIS LAND because people like you are no longer welcome in Free Eritrea! To be quite factual, the white man doesn’t even have his own land, all he has ever done is used brainless zombies like you AND GHEZAE HAGOS to snatch it from American Indians and NOW Africans! DO YOU GET IT NOW?

  8. Please collect yourself and get to the point. Puting lots of texts does not make an arguement sensible.

  9. The outrageous claim by Gezehai Hagos, that the Eritrean libration fighters (ELF & EPLF) were terrorists is a major insult and disrespect to our Eritrean martyrs & people. He showed a great disrespect to all proud Eritreans who have great respect to their free dome fighters. It is very unusual phenomena to hear this kind of claim by an Eritrean born person. This kind of behavior may have been initiated due mental depression because he also made great damage to himself as an Eritrean. What he has tried to do is to hurt his own community but what he didn’t realize is whether he like it or not he is the member of the Eritrean Canadian community and what ever happen to the Eritrean Canadian community it will happen to him. In my view this person needs help from those people closer to him who have the capacity to think rationally. As far as I know we respect our fighters EPLF / ELF like gods. I am sure many of as remember when the artist wedi Gebru sing “mestiat bahri cawlo fiyori isoom do seb eyom fetari emberi” elu kiderif kolu the feeling was/is the same in the hearts and minds of all Eritreans.

    • There is no pride left in the tiny cursed land when its people overlooked the the unpredicatable and immeasurable atrocities been carried out by a group of shiftas that claimed to be our own for the last 21 years and counting on.
      There is no doubt that Shaebia was made up of countless selfless patriots who didn’t blink their eyes to sacrifice themselves for the sake of Democracy,Justice and Freedom.Unfortunately,they failed to deliver the principles they fought for instead,they helped create one of the worst forms of dictatorship that has never seen anywhere before.The regime has been ruling Eritrea for the last 21 years with ironfist treating our poor people ten times worse than all its predeccessors and that includes Giz,at Turki.
      How would someone be proud of being an Eritrean when the cursed nation has become a land where indefinate slavery,imprisonment without due process,summery execution,systematic rape corruption are the order of the day.There is no pride to have be become the largest producer of refugees in the world as per capita or a nation without a university on earth.
      The good Eritrean patriots that deserve credit and respect are either killed,exiled or held incomunicado in the dungeons built across the nation by the terrorist regime you seem to advocate for.

      • Remember! I want you to remember that you said that when in ten years’ time Eritrea is at the lead of EVERY good thing that this sad old world has to offer! When the landscape of my homeland shimmers like fields of gold, I want you to remember what you just wrote NEGATIVE AND DEPRESSING REGHAMI!

    • He is sick, he quotes T.S. ELIOT in his writings, only a sick black man can’t see the blatant and racism in T.S.ELIOT.

  10. I am happy to read these discussions among Eritrean…it is time for Eritrean to free themselves from emotional slavery embedded in their sole.

    Stop worshiping Afewarki.

  11. Those who wrote in support of Gezihai Hagos, you are all victims Eritrean enemies’ psychological warfare & you are on the edge towards self destruction. You need to save yourself by having positive attitude in accepting all the facts about the activities of nation building by the heroic Eritreans who are working day and night with great stamina, courage & optimistic thinking which is definitely a ticket towards bright future and success. Pessimism & lose of hope will only destroy you. The Eritrean government and all Eritreans participating in nation building are all doing their share, do your share and the minimum you can do is to pay the 2% tax but also look beyond that. Do your basic national obligations, stand for your nation in all fronts and then ask for your rights. Those of people like Gezehai Hagos, you have no right to ask for any kind of rights. You are unqualified to speak about your right or on behalf of other Eritreans. Unfortunately, Nowadays the world is dominated by liars and obviously you are encouraged by this liars to abuse your community, you society & you country using the liars media power. If those, who are encouraging you to lie and defame your own country, are really interested to know all the facts about the Eritrean community in Canada or Eritrean government and society, they should have done professional research about the Eritrean situation in professional manner instead of depending on an individual lies & defamatory reports. There are more than 25,000 Eritreans living in Canada, National post or Winnipeg free press didn’t bother to ask these thousands of people to find out about the facts in Eritrea.
    All of you showed a defeatist character ready to say sorry to those enemies of Eritrea who committed an imaginable crime to yourself and to the people of Eritrea as a whole. You are hypnotized to apologize for the crimes committed by the consecutive Ethiopian regimes and their American masters. You are repeating word for word what the enemies of Eritrea are saying. Even for the sake of hiding your true defeatist and loser character you never try to criticize the crimes committed by the Ethiopian regime. Let me remind you some of these crimes: The unjust US sponsored UN sanction against the Eritrean people based on white lies, the refusal of the implementation of the final and binding agreement, the war crimes committed by Ethiopia when they invaded Eritrea that include rape of young children and old women, the desecration of Eritrean martyrs cemetery, robbing of thousands of live stocks from Eritrean farmers, destruction of property, removing forcefully about 90,000 Eritreans from Ethiopia and robbing most of their property and money and inhumanely separating young children from their parents, over 80,000 young precious lives of the Eritrean fighters lost to defend Eritrean people’s right to self determination, the savage killing of Sheab residents by running over them by thanks, the vicious killing of wekidiba residents, the killing and property burning of the Gash barka region in 1967 which triggered 70,000 Eritreans to flee to Sudan , etc., These are some of the crimes that can be mentioned from so many of them. To those who lost their mind by forgetting all of these crimes due to the continuous psychological warfare of the enemies of Eritrea you need to be rehabilitated. How? By reviewing history, thinking rationally, stopping vindictive attitude, Focusing on the bigger picture of national interest, admitting that you have a problem (reason you have a problem when you are thinking differently from the majority 99.9%). The Eritrean government is not lame for all the problems in Eritrea at this time.
    For any rational person it is clear who is to blame. The Ethiopian regime and their US masters that are the root causes of all the problems in Eritrea and in the horn of Africa. The Ethiopian regime refused the key solution of the problem in Eritrea and the region by rejecting the final and binding agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia. By taking this action Ethiopia chose endless war against Eritrea in trying to destroy Eritrea economically. However, the Eritrean government with its brilliant approach and dedicated effort they managed to ensure the nation’s survival with full support of the Eritrean people. About democracy and human rights Eritrea is striving to build true democracy and human right but these cannot be achieved when a country is taken hostage by the hanging cloud of war with political and economic attack of the most power full countries. At this time Eritreans top priority is national sovereignty and food security. So far, no country archived to have true democracy and human right as true democracy must be accompanied by economic justice. All those who are claiming to have democracy including the self-appointed champion of democracy the US, it is proven to be there is no true democracy in the US but fake democracy which is used as a tool to fool and control US society.

    • Zeroem

      ‘crimes committed by the Ethiopian regime’
      You are one of moron die hard supporters of DIA.
      You can write a book about crime of others but you can’t
      write a word about your boss in Asmera.
      You accept the decision of international body when it say Bademe
      is Eritrea land but do not accept when the same organization say that the 2000
      war is instigated by Eritrea.We Ethiopians are tired of you your likes are in thousands in Addis Ababa
      and refuge camps in Ethiopia and the world.I tell you if majority of Eritreans are like you I can say like many of Ethiopians that Eritrea is the cancer of Ethiopia which deserve to cut out.But we know that you come to us in thousands.

    • Zerom:
      Thank you for explaining all the facts and deeds,for sure people who are allergic to the truth will bark on us, people like aronite.
      Yes everybody knows that ethiopia is the cancer of the Horn, but time will come soon.
      for gezae, he is a looser who was nobody when he was living in Montreal, until he moved to Calgary and being bought by weyane chifra.

  12. Dear Ghezae hagose,you are doing a good job .Just keep your effor to expose the dictatorial regime whose playing game with his own people.Do not listen to those who claim that they are eritreans who worship a single man as their own creater.

    • They have no choice but to take desperate measures under trying circumstances. After all, are they not being attacked by their own people who, in turn, are being paid by the enemy to stone our freedom fighters? My Ghezae Hagos’ tactics are not the right way to bring about change, in order to be able to bring about change one must first respect those who gave us a land to call our own. Awet n’hafash!

  13. Meskerem net lier and the owner is narrow minded. Ghezae is our hero, you can not blackmail him by giving wrong and false information.


  14. Dear Mr Ghezae Hagos.

    Had I known that my own people’s struggle would one day be sabotaged by my own people, I would never have returned home from exile. Sir, you make me ashamed to be Eritrean. How dare you insult our leaders, our martyrs and our history just because you do not have the guts to challenge your new slave masters! So now you are siding with our true oppressors? Your stupidity astounds me! I wonder if Amanual Asrat too is as much of a traitor as his friends are? Dual citizenships, Dawit Isaac blablabla, a journalist is an it that stinks!

    Rahwa Tesfai Ghermai

  15. AIME CESAIRE, KWAME NKRUMAH, ISSAIAS AFEWERKI, YEMANE GHEBREAB, IDI AMIN, BLACK JESUS, JOMO KENYATTA, PATRICE LUMUMBA, ZERAI DERES, MALCOM X, ROBERT MUGABE those are OUR TRUE African heroes, people like Ghezae Hagos can gradually fade to a ghostly shade of white, freeze and then get covered up by an enormous avalanche in Montreal for all I care. Yes, GHEZAE HAGOS you may have missed IRAIRO by a hair’s breadth but MY AVALANCHE is definitely going to get you (DON’T WALK UNDER ANY ROOFS TODAY…)