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To: The Honourable John Baird  
Minster of Foreign Affair Canada  
Ottawa, Ont.
Dear Sir:
 RE: 2% Is Undisputed.
 After reading your article and listening to you on CBC Radio and Television, I realize your concerns about the alleged extortion is much appreciated by many although it seems you are misled.
Your approach to the issue made many Eritreans feel threatened and baffled by your suggestion of closing the Eritrean office in Toronto.
Honourable Minster, the issue of 2% tax that was raised last year, and the allegation that the Government of Eritrea is diverting these funds to help the insurgents of Somalia, turns out to be false. The monitoring group stated that, they have no hard proof that the money is being diverted to Somalia.
Presently, there is the accusation that the 2% revenue that the Government of Eritrea receives from citizens with duel citizenship in the Diaspora is considered extortion.
Honourable Minister, if one is a supporter or in opposition of the Government of Eritrea, the 2% is acceptable and undisputed. Why, because it is a service charge and based on the wisdom of obtaining dual citizenship,  as Eritrean Canadians we pay dual taxes if we work in foreign countries. Do we consider it extortion? The answer is a resounding no, because it is legally justified to pay taxes when services are rendered.
Honourable Minster, unlike other Countries in the world, in Eritrea education and medicare is free.
The question is Honourable Minister, have you ever asked yourself where does Eritrea get the money for education and medicare with its limited resources?
On the other hand Honourable Minister, when did your government assist Eritrea in a form of Humanitarian Aid or in any other form? Where the whole world has a pledge to assist the impoverished countries in the world. Your answer most likely will be none.
Eritreans by and large has more grievances and concerns against the existing Government and its system of Eritrea than you can count, however, the 2% is not one of them.
Honourable Minister, as I stated above your concern and advocacy to help Eritrean Canadians is always welcomed, however, if you can and are willing to raise the border dispute issue with Ethiopia and to put an end to it, that is getting Ethiopia to surrender the occupied zone to its rightful owners, this would be far better that disputing the 2%. Eritreans would then encourage the Government of Eritrea to:
  1. Put the constitution in place, and work accordingly,
  2. Recognize prisoners of conscious
  3. Provide for Freedom of Press and freedom for the people to speak out,
  4. Create a workable frame work that all Eritrean can benefit from,
  5. Advocate on behalf of Eritreans based on being the victims of human trafficking in Sinai.
  6. Open a dialogue with Eritrean counterparts like Sudan. Egypt, and Israel.
  7. Limit National Service to 18 months only, etc.
So, Honourable Minister as we speak, Eritrea is a hostage of the world and Ethiopia maybe promoting this mis-understanding. Therefore, if the world could enforce the verdict of 2001, where Ethiopia has to abide by the Algeria Accord then Eritreans at home and in the diaspora will accelerate the change our people needs so badly.
Closing the Eritrean Office in Toronto is not the solution. On the contrary, it will only serve to increase the burden and the expenses for those wishing to travel to the U.S.A.
Honourable Minister if you do your homework unbiased and not listen to the rumor mill, you will find the truth.
Mr. Nazareth Yemane
Voice of Eritrea CKDU FM  88.1
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  40 Responses to “2% Is Undisputed: Naz of Voice of Eritrea Halifax, Canada writes to John Baird, Minster of Foreign Minster of Foreign Affair Canada”

  1. Hello Naz,

    well said, it is very clear that the corrupt international community is biased and working against Eritrea from day 1. Yet, it is a shameful act for Ottawa to go this far and abuse the right of the Eritrean Canadians by banning us from interacting with our mother land.

    Thank you for asking a smart question of weather Canada ever attempted to channer a Humanitarian aid to wards Eritrea and also you highlited the point that Eritrea provides a free health care and Education. I guess it would have been wise for the Minister to google for few minutes and read about Eritrea instead of following some corrupt minded culprits of Ethiopia.

    To those of you trying to Isolate Eritea and siding with Ethiopia if you indeed call yourself Eritreans, please think the difference between a Nation and the Leadership.

    We are Eritreans and not Isaiasians or HGDEF ians. Let all think for a better Eritrea and oppose every act that dehumanizes our nation and abuses our rights including Canada.

    Thank you Naz again and again,

    • Dear Yonas

      While I respect the fact that you are entitled to your opinion, this whole issue of 2% to me is becoming a criminal act in the current state of Eritrea. Empowering financially the government that is systematically pushing every single young generation out of the country, depriving the right of the elders to be looked after by their childeren by hogging everyone under the age of 50, choosing to live in a no peace no war situation, condemning those veterans to silent death, etc is wrong. It can only extend our misery by extending the lifespan of the dictators. If the money was going to a ligitimate government it would be an honour to pay the 2% or even more. I am of the opinion therefore, that those who pay the 2% should be condemned and not condond.

  2. Hi… NAZ…

    I appriciate the arguments you wrote. It is easy and clear message to the Canadians. I think those people who wants to close the Eritrean office knows where is going the 2 % money. But they do not want to say that. Canada went far from the reality.

    Best regards

  3. Dear Nazi,
    While we may not see eye to eye on many points and can have differing views about events in Eritrea, it is nonetheless important to acknowledge and make a note of your patriotic stand as was exhibited on your letter to Canada’s Foreign Minister. For Canada to make such a big noise about the 2% tax Erisporas pay and falsely attribute such contribution to financing terror groups is beyond me. What is even more disheartening is to see some nationals who were the beneficiaries of the tarrif and sent abroad to study go beyond campaigning against the 2% legitimate taxation and openly calling on Canada to deny Eritrean officials entry into the country . These faceless “human rights advocates ” did not even blink an eye to label the former EPLF fighters who came to participate on the annual festival a terrorists.
    What I personally see as narrow minded and racist on the part of Canada in dealing with this issue can be exemplified by these two facts. 1. Canada persistently chose to weigh in on the accusation made by the handful Eritrean “activists ” without any consideration on the view of the accused in making its threat of closing the consular office 2. Despite reservations about the credibility of SEMG monitoring group by several members of UNSC, Canada took the fabricated report by the group about Eritrea at face value. It did so primarily because it valued the position of the head of SEMG, a Canadian national more than that of the accused.
    It’s an absurd for Canada to portray EPLF as a terrorist organizaton. It is a historical fact and well documented that EPLF, as liberation movement, led a principled and well disciplined army during the struggle for independence. Unless removed by the order of high authorities one can easily retrieve these documents in the archives of Canada’s major news outlets including CBC and Toronto Sun .


  4. Naz we are proud of you. You are the real opposition that we are dreaming of to come in Eritrea. For the sake of opposing some people go against their interest. The 2% tax EPLF introduced in early days of independence when the organization was so loved almost by everyone will be a legacy of future governments who are coming in Eritrea and it can be used for education and healthcare until we as a people manage to find other sources of income. But if the current opposition work against the 2% and if it happens that they could manage to stop it, it will be impossible again to impose on the Eri Diasporas once they are in power. I was laughing when some Ethiopian opposition are also campaigning against Ethiopian Airlines. This is wickedness we need to broaden our mind when we oppose. ZeywegiH mesiliwas ab bokra keykonena negeru.

  5. It is funny,

    MSR Naz, you have always some hope that the government of eritrea will do some good to the future.

    But your good willing wish is far from the fact. I red your article to foreign affair canada. you seems very confused.By mentioning to opposite things. you asked to mediate humanitarian case in and to introduce institution in eritrea. The other hand you said the eritrean government is not guilty of doing but look ethiopia is wrong.

    Dear bro Naz, if there is no rul of law in eirtrea how could you explain ?who is getting service by paying 2%, to the people only support the government? what kind of service are they getting?or let me put it other way. As opposition did u have any right in eritrea? if we have the right to oppose get service in eritrea we all where happy to pay the 2%. Then you can say it is service fee.But as opposition seen as enemy of the country. a ligated as enemy of the country. how could you explaine it? it is difficult to follow you .

    For me it seems you are a little bit confused. i hope you will explaine me how you think about it .

    your brother


    • Mengis,

      I think you are FUNNIER because you are putting us in CONFUSION with your poor English. I’m sorry but your English is DIFFICULT TO FOLLOW.

      Let someone translate the letter for you or get back to this website when you develop your language skills so that it wont sound funny to you.

      • Dear daniel or what ever you are,

        You are right my english is very poor.But I am not experiancing a poor mentality like you.
        you are definately higdef dog. shout ..your time is almost finished!!

    • dear mengi
      with due respect to your right of expresion on how you understand the 2% taxation in Eritrea I would like to comment on your reply to Naz’s letter to the Canadian minister. Do you know that If you do not want to pay the tax no one is going after you to sue you, but you should not expect anything from that part of the world, and I think you know it very well if you are living in a country anywhere in the world( unless you are exempted or living in bush) you can’t escape this tax, so why are you winging, just do not pay the tax and as well don’t as any serveice)
      We all have reservation or questions to ask but we all can not afford to stand against our own country.
      My appriciation to the letter of Naz is an reserved and I say to him WELL DONE NAZ.


      • Dear brother Haile!

        I think we are communicating along side. No one is against the 2% .

        But The government who asked(higdef) the 2% is not legitimate .He used to divided the people of eritrea through 2% . If there was legitimate government , he have all right to ask ,yes it is my duty to pay 2% even more i do with love . to my country.

        come on brother Haile,

        you know it i know it .even you do not have to be an intellectuals to know this.

        So , yes 2% is a duty of all citizen But if the citizen of eritrea has elected his government.And the people of eritrea has a control system to excersise his power to who has elected.

        That is all i can say! bro!

        we need free eritrea. free people of eritrea.

        That can be only if eritrea has institution. Ruls and Law lead the country. As long as a few people rules the eritrea, the 2% and all there rules is illegal .we do not know for what where they used.

        There is not control mechanisms. that makes it illegal.

        you brother mengis

  6. Dear Naz

    Congratulations you have entry Visa to Eritrea with out condition now, ” if one is a supporter or in opposition of the Government of Eritrea, the 2% is acceptable and undisputed”. that’s wrong it has never been accepted by any one who oppose the dictator. Where is the accountability that provides with clear figures audited how much they receive from each region and each country. There is not explanation where the money is going to!

    while our people is suffering under this brutal dictator you and like you others to support and advocate for this an elected and shamble organization mafia is morally wrong.

    • Nakfa, It is because you are stupid. I oppose the Eritrean government, in many ways but I pay the 2% and I am always ready to voice in defense of Eritrea.

      • Raque: why me stupid, can’t I express my view. You can pay 2% even more this is very little compare the men and women defending the country in the trenches of Eritrea.. my Concern is this: I don’t recognise this government as for the interest of the people! The criminal scores committed are a way too high. While this is not chrange, I will work how to weaken this dictatorial mafia organisation! Financially publicly letting know the world about the evil acts taken place on the people of Eritrea! You can pay what ever you would like! You should even pay your life because you are not more special than the people in the army! But please don’t tell me you defend Eritrea! You are defending the dictator who is weaken about every core value of Eritrea!

        Your people needs you to be a voice for them!

  7. Dear Naz;

    There are so many things which are not clear about you and your website. It is not clear whether you guys are opposition or supporter of the goverment? in your website we see a lot of pro-goverment propaganda and when it comes to Naizgi Kifilu you guys campaigned as human right advocate.

    What did you get from you advocacy from the goverment, Eritrean effort, nothing. The dictatorial regime in Asmara doesn’t give a crap about your thought or campaign like yours. Don’t campaing for the oppressors, campaing for the oppressed. My advice is either be an opposition or a supporter….langa langa tselaena.

    The 2% tax is proclaimed by the ‘gov’t of Eritrea’, but my question is does Eritrea a constitution? is the president sworn in as a leader in front of functional parlament? then who gave him the mandate to declare a decree, like the 2%. We, most Eritrean, don’t recognize the PFDJ gangs as a gov’t period.
    And second point I would like here is, goverments spend million of dollar and capital on diplomacy and publicty, which the PFDJ failed misserably, then opposition has to capitilze on this. I don’t know in which planet you are living but in the planet ‘Earth’ there is no fairness. It is all about presentation. There are so many unfairness going on in this world.
    Canada declared ‘EPLF and ELF fighters are inadmissable in Canada’. The question here is not about fairness or correct policy. It is law that we should respect it because it passed through a formal process, if you would like to change it then it has to be done formaly. Go and complain to your representative, then it has to come to parlament.
    But for the oppostion and Eritrean-Canadian, when our oppressor abuse (PFDJ) like Zemihret we should expose him. We are in Canada because we hated them and we left our beloved country. They come in Canada and abuse our new country law, hell with fairness they should be exposed.

    A week ago you were talking the unfair treatement of Meron Estifanos and now you act as a supporter or at least sounds one.

    my pledge here is either be an opposition or a supporter…langa langa tselaena!!!!

    • The question here is, what difference will it make for you if he is a supporter or an opposition? Fyi, he is an Eritrean before being a supporter or opposition….ne’aka tselaena!! (you, we hated!!)

      Oh & btw, congrats for having a new country :)

      You have explained your feeling about the Eritrean gove and Naz’s website, I am afraid that I have to remind you that you have no right to tell somebody to be a supporter or opposition. If at all you beleive on right to speach and write. Just say what you think is right but do not impose things to others.
      nska dlayka ktbln, ktamnn mesel kab haleweka, naz nmen yamn, entay ybl, tekawami dyu degafi naka zmlketeka koynu aysmaann eyu.aygbaakan dma. N sle mkuwam wey mdgaf ente zey tsahafna zhashe wtseet mhalewo ile eamn.
      when I say this please do not take it personal, it is just comment, you can take it or leave it.

      and thank you

  8. Mr. Nazi hgdef doesnt deserve to collect 2% from Eritreans. Hgdef is not elected by Eritreans and as we all know hgdef is a group of mafia who lead the country with out constitution and budget. Mr. Naz, Do you have any idea where the money(2%) go. If a country does not have a constitution, rule of law, who is going to control the government? by the way do we have a legitimate government in Eritrea. We chose Isaias to lead Eritrea. Do you know that the term for the provisional government of Eritrea is expired in 1998 and Isaias deliberately started the war with Ethiopia as a pretext to cover up his hidden agenda and dreams. I am a suspicious those of you dress up as opposition and try to find an excuse to help this tyranny government financially. No matter what we all Eritreans in the opposition working diligently to expose this brutal regime all atrocities has done to our people and country to the international community day and night and at last peace will prevail at the grave of this dictatorial regime.

    victory to the peace loved Eritreans
    down with hgdef and its supporters

    • ” Do you have any idea where the money(2%) go.”

      Read the letter before commenting, my friend.

      Btw, I would like this occasion to express my sympathy & condolences to all those in “opposition” (including Kidane) on the death of your spiritual father & leader, Mr Meles Zenawi.

    • Dear Kindane

      selamtay bmkdam hanti msla tray tray kehlfelka (for a word is enough for a wise man)



    • Dear Kindane

      selamtay bmkdam hanti msla tray tray kehlfelka (for a word is enough for a wise man)



  9. i am very very very proud of you Nazeret. keep it on. Meles is die. Wedi Afom is alive. Long live Eriterans and Esayas Afewerki. God is always with US.

    • what an idot think before you open your dirty mouth; esayas he never mention himself to be proud as eritrean. the only think he did is destroying , eleminating innocent eritreans and made distruction and mayhem to our beloved country.
      The sooner we get rid of him is better than later before he destroyed the whole country and including you zombe.

  10. I am very proud and touched by your brilliant article NAZ. Today you placed a seed for a strong, healthy and wise future Eritrean opposition that really cares about Eritrean and its people. All true opposition must act in this manner to be taken seriously by the Eritrean people. Opposition must not be about destroying current political system and replacing it by another one but about correcting any flaws and strengthening the current system with better approach. It must also, must be about constructive criticism. True national opposition must always give priority to the national sovereignty, national interest, harmony and unity within the nation population, justice for every single member of the nation, etc., The individuals like the once opposing your opinion on this article who are claiming to be opposition, are not opposition, they are actually the enemies of the Eritrean people who only focus on their individual interest. They are tools of the Eritrean enemies. They are only interested in seeing the destruction of Eritrea as a nation so that they will not pay 2% later ( hibey si meriet intetiglbets kuenti mitsegbna kem ainte sebat eyom). Also, some of them are directly agents of the enemies of Eritrea assigned to defame anything positive about the national interest of the Eritrean people.

  11. Dear Zereom I am so pleased by your political maturity. This is what should be a spirit of true Eritrean opposition who is ready to build a new Eritrea on the strong foundation EPLF and ELF have constructed. Some wicked opposition will keep on going to the extent of questioning the struggle for nationhood , undertaken by the martyrs of both ELF and EPLF heroes and heroins, as something useless . Even though the current leadership took the system out of track we still have a big respect for the members of our armed struggle. Our task should be to work and think how to bring the system back on track.

  12. Naz you said it well,we are proud of you

  13. Dear Nazareth Yemane: You are out of the crossroads; and you are headed toward the right direction

    What is right is right; and must not be denied, but proclaimed publicly. It is excellent that you did just that. I believe you have made a qualitative change in your political stance. You realized, I noticed, that in seeking what is the right thing to do on Eritrean issues, Eritrea’s national interests (the common interests of the people in general) integrated and always kept in the right balance with the freedoms, liberties and wellbeing of parts of the nation (individuals, groups, government,etc.) come first. Now, I like to think, you are out of the crossroads, and you will further see what more positive things could be done for Eritrea.
    You can criticize Issaias Afwerki, PFDJ, any GoER official based on objective evidence and suggest, or struggle for, change of national policies, or change of administration, now. Also you have to seek some common ground with the people you criticize, for we are members of the same nation, and we have to debate and argue about what ought to be done, but ultimately we have to cooperate to implement what needs to be done.
    What many people in the “opposition” seem to miss is that the GoER is still a transitional government that faced tremendous obstacles and had to withstand strangulating external and natural pressures when it was six months away from beginning a constitutional government as was self-planned. For an objective observer, neither Issaias nor PFDJ are against the democratization, or for the dictatorial or authoritarian rule of Eritrea. War and no-war-no-peace circumstances have compelled them to do many of the things they are doing. The best course that would benefit the Eritrean people is, then, neither collaborating with Eritrea’s adversaries, who are deliberately refusing to bide by international law and make peace with our nation, nor using violence in destroying the current government, and putting the people into the agony of a civil war, without having an equally strong or better one to substitute it.
    The letter you sent to the Government of Canada is an excellent start. It could be made a starting point for a joint initiative of the “opposition” and “supporters” of the government and the in-between, of it is edited and put as a petition to be sent to the Canadian Government. That will be, I believe, an excellent beginning for working together while there are other unresolved differences (which, based on written studies and proposals, could be narrowed down through continual dialogue). It takes a little courage, phone calls, and dialogue on how to do it, but it could be done, and would boost Eritrean fraternity and unity.

  14. Part of the reason Canadian FM implicated the 2% taxation to terrorism and threatned to close Eritrean Consular office was based on the report by the UN monitoring group (SEMG) and, of course, the false testimonies by the so called “human rights advocates”.The recent report by Matthew Russell Lee of the Inner City of the dismisal of Matt Bryden, the chief of SEMG, from the group supports the long held suspicion that the monitoring group was swaing from its assigned tasks and, rather, engaging in espionage, undermining a country’s sovereignity.
    This is how the UN officials explained as to the reason for his (Matt Bryden) removal from his post..”With Bryden the questions were larger of leaking, of micro-managing the Eritrean air force and more.” Good Riddance!!
    What one can hope now is for Canada to reexamine its position on Eritrea and work in normalizing its relations both politically and economically.

  15. For me to pay the 2% is not a big deal; but where about is in the constitution of Eritrean? if it about the people of eritrean i would be happy to pay much more than the 2%. but this money is implemented in the distruction of our unity as eritreans by those who recieve it (PFDJ). You guys this is a serious issue which needs commitiment by all eritreans who oppose or support the regime in Asmera. It is not how many words you type on the screen; it is the time to be united to avaid the situation we are facing in. We are losing generation in 2011 only the UNCR has registered 63000 eritreans who left the nation who are under the age of 35. So if this the result of the 2% why do you need to pay right now. I am sure if PFDJ was ligitmate representative of the eritrean people every single person would be happy to pay more; But now, guys it is not the right time to pay ,stop being brainwashed think about your sitzins.

    May God bring unity to all eritreans where ever they are!!

  16. Naz, in Canada you pay taxes because it is mandated by law, law that is enacted by a duly elected and constitutionally authorized legislative body. What autorizes isias to collect taxes.

    You don’t pay taxes for services rendered by any government, YOU PAY SERVICE FEES! TAXES HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH that? Read this for more info
    There Are No Taxes In Eritrea; It’s All Extortion Money!

    To Whom It May Concern, especially Canada, The Netherlands, and the USA: Say all you want and give all the reasons in the word, Eritrea tyrant’s financial interactions under the guise of exile tax is bare-naked criminal activity that must be arrested stat. In Eritrea there is/are no tax/taxes; it is all extortion money. Whatever money Eritrea tyrant collects from the people of Eritrea under the guise of tax is money collected by the barrel of the gun. Eritrea tyrant Isias Afareki has no constitutional legitimacy, authority, or popular consent to collect taxes in Eritrea and anywhere else in the world and the tyrant cannot claim that and has not and did not invoke that either when he was confronted by Canada in this matter recently click here . The click renders the message “error 404 File Not Found’ because the tyrant has removed and destroyed the file from his website for it was simply embarrassing, ridiculous, baseless, and an argument that would not hold water vis a vis the Canadian charges of extortion!
    Common sense has it that: Where there are taxes there are laws, where there are laws there is a legislative body/parliament, and where there is a parliament there are elections, where there are elections there is a government, and where there is a government there is constitutional governance. None, absolutely none of the above exists in Eritrea that Eritrea tyrant Isias Afareki has turned into a Gangland!
    Absent that, nothing but the barrel of the gun legitimizes or gives Eritrea tyrant the right to levy taxes from the people of Eritrea any where in the world. And that is broad daylight banditry, extortion par excellence, and extra-judicial means the tyrant may pursue only in his own backyard that he controls by the barrel of the gun. That alone, in and of itself, is more than enough grounds, not to speak of the incriminating findings of the UN Monitoring Group, to stop Eritrea tyrant from pursuing his criminal activities of exacting money under the guise of exile tax from citizens of Canada, The Netherlands, USA and anywhere else in the world.
    Taxes are mandated by laws; laws that are enacted by a duly elected and constitutionally authorized legislative body. As stated above, that is not the case in Eritrea. There, the barrel of the gun mandates whatever money Eritrea tyrant levies under the guise of taxes. And that is plane banditry and robbery to say the least.
    Where laws mandate taxes, it is every citizen’s duty to pay taxes for evasion has severe legal consequences. It is not duty but extortion when citizens are asked/compelled to pay money mandated by the barrel of the gun.
    Let it be clear, no one is talking about fees paid for consular services rendered by any consulate. That is legit for there is no free service. But what has people’s salaries and taxes to do with that? Raising those issues is nothing but intimidation and threats to deny the services!

    Enough is enough! Eritrea tyrant has gotten away with this criminal activity with impunity for over two decades. The Netherlands, Canada, USA and the rest of the international community cannot and must not allow such criminal activities of Eritrea tyrant to be pursued in their respective territories. Therefore, it behooves those nations to bring an immediate end to such shamelessly overt criminal activities by closing the tyrant’s consulates and other offices, only effective way for that is the primary raison d’etre of the consulates.

  17. Dear Emma: Your theory on the nature of governments and taxation is defective
    Statement 1. You claim that ” Say all you want and give all the reasons in the world, Eritrea tyrant’s financial interactions under the guise of exile tax is bare-naked criminal activity that must be arrested stat. In Eritrea there is/are no tax/taxes; it is all extortion money.”
    Response1: Extortion, by definition, is “the act of extorting” and to extort means “to obtain from a person by force, intimidation, or undue or illegal power.” One must use an “illegal power” to tax the 2% mehweyee gbree, or “Diaspora tax”, for it to be a criminal activity, or an extortion. But this 2% tax is based on Eritrean law— Proclamation No. 17/1991 ንኣካለ ስንኩላን ትጋደልትን፣ ጽጉማትን ስድራ ኣካለ ስንኩላን ትጋደልትን፡ ብባህርያዊ ሓደጋታት ዝተጎድ ኡ ክፋል ሕብረተሰብ ኤርትራን ንምዕንጋል ናይ መሕወዪ ግብሪ ዝወጸ ኣዋጅ and Proclamation No. 67/1995 . ካብ ኤርትራ ወጻኢ እናነበሩ እቶት ንዝረኽቡ ኤርትራውያን ግብሪ ንምኽፋል ዝወጸ ኣዋጅ If anyone is applying these Proclamations out of legal bounds, that would amount to extortion by that individual, and you could bring him/her to a court of law, but that does not make collecting the 2% tax criminal or extortion money.

    S 2: ” Naz, in Canada you pay taxes because it is mandated by law, law that is enacted by a duly elected and constitutionally authorized legislative body. What authorizes Isaias [the President of the Government of the State of Eritrea] to collect taxes? ”
    R2: Your statement assumes that Eritrea should be like Canada to legitimately collect taxes; and that assumption is defective. The two countries have different histories and different governments and different circumstances or stages of political developments. The State or Government of Canada has been long established while the that of Eritrea is transitional and still in the process of establishment. Both, however, have the same fundamental characteristics in their overall authority to taxation. The source of every State to tax anybody within or outside its territory is its sovereignty, and not necessarily the consent of the tax-payers. In short, the sovereign power that controls the State, or Government ( e.g. monarch, parliament, Hagerawi Baiyto, transitional authority, etc.) has the power to make laws and to collect taxes.
    The nature or form of the sovereign power may be different but “taxation is an inherent or essential component of sovereign status”. That is what authorizes the GoER, or any other government, to collect taxes. As Jean Bodin (1576). Six Books on the Commonwealth. put it,
    “The right of levying taxes and imposing dues or of exempting persons from the payment of such is also part of the power of making law and granting privileges” of the sovereign authority (elected or not elected).
    And Eritrea has laws, and is in the process of improving them. I may direct you to check out ግንቦት 2011 ሲሞፖዝየም ሚኒስትሪ ፍትሒ ከረን

    S3: ” Common sense has it that: Where there are taxes there are laws, where there are laws there is a legislative body/parliament, and where there is a parliament there are elections, where there are elections there is a government, and where there is a government there is constitutional governance. None, absolutely none of the above exists in Eritrea that Eritrea tyrant Isaias Afareki has turned into a Gangland!”
    R3: First of all, do not assume that you are the only one who has the aspiration for the democratization of Eritrea. I, for instance, support the idea for Eritrea to have a constitutional republic and an elected government at all levels. Issaias and other PFDJ members and GoER officials also do believe and are working for the establishment of such a government in Eritrea. It is only because of a situation, an emergency situation, that some seem to willingly ignore, that national elections were not done. For example,
    “Eritrean National elections were set for 1995 and then postponed until 2001; it was then decided that because 20% of Eritrea’s land was under occupation, elections would be postponed until the resolution of the conflict with Ethiopia. However, local elections have continued in Eritrea. The most recent round of local government elections were held in May 2004. On further elections, the President’s Chief of Staff, Yamane Ghebremeskel said,
    “The electoral commission is handling these elections this time round so that may be the new element in this process. The national assembly has also mandated the electoral commission to set the date for national elections, so whenever the electoral commission sets the date there will be national elections. It’s not dependent on regional elections, although that might be a very helpful process. Multipartyism, in general principle yes, it is there but the law on political parties has to be approved by the national assembly. It was not approved the last time. The view from the beginning was that you don’t necessarily need a party law to hold national elections. You can have national elections and the party law can be adopted at any time. So in terms of commitment it’s very clear, in terms of the process it has its own pace, its own characteristics.”
    “Interview of Mr. Yemane Gebremeskel, Director of the Office of the President of Eritrea”. PFDJ. 2004-04-01. Retrieved 2006-06-07.
    The Electoral Commission functions according to the “Eritrea Electoral Law.” . Retrieved on August 03, 2012.
    What we all should do is not accuse each other based on assumptions and exaggerations. Eritrea was wronged by external forces, and it is better for all of us to work together to get out of the sticky situation we are in and move on forward and achieve the end results we all agree on–i.e. the formation of a functioning constitutional republic in Eritrea.

    • Dear YAY, things are not defective because one says so! It must a factual basis. Whatever money including money under the guise of ‘exile tax’ the tyrant’s consulate collects by interrogating ppl directly or even mere mention of tax and by implication constitutes intimidation.
      The source of all laws is the Eritrean National constitution. Eritrea is not governed by the National Constitution of Eritrea. What Eritrean laws, then? There are no laws in Eritrea whose source is the Eritrean National Constitution. Btw. laws are enacted by a duly elected and constitutionally authorized body called the Legislative body. There is no such body in Eritrea. So what there are no Eritrean laws that mandate a national tax. So what legitimizes the tyrant to collect any money from Eritreans but the barrel of the gun? Extortion par exellence.
      Common sense is common sense not my wishful remark. National elections were planed for 1995? How can hold a national election when we even did not have then a National Constitution, that governs, among many other things, the laws that regulate and govern elections?
      What national assembly? Can’t have a national assembly without having national elections, which in turn can’t be held without national constitution? We never have and had a nationally assembly constituted on the basis of national constitution and which have constitutional authority to impose taxes on us.
      Where a nation is not governed by a national constitution one cannot speak of multi party system or any other thing. political parties are constituted on basis of a functioning national constitution, our country is not governed by any national constitution.
      Who runs the business of controlling our country: Esyas the employer all the rest are employees. No law, person, people abobe Esyas.
      what local elections? all elections local or nationalin Eritrea are regulated and governed by laws that emanate from a national constitutions. Where our country is no governed by a national constitution one cannot speak of any elections for they have no constitutional legitimacy. What was the source of the laws that governed and regulated whatever you calling local elections but laws of the barrel of the gun?
      There are no assumptions here. Facts only: Eritrea is not governed by a national constitution.No one in Eritrea has any constitutional authority or popular consent to levy money from Eritreans under the guise of taxes but the barrel of the gun. Got any other legitimization? No assumption facts only. Dear YAY, no national Constitution no legitimization or justification for whatever the tyrant is doing

    • Dear YAY:
      QWAM ZEYBILLA HAGER’N LUGUAM ZEYBILLA BEQLIN HADE IYEN- SLOGAN OF ERITREA TYRANT AND CO. REMEMBER? So, agian, say all you want there is nothing that legitimizes or justifies whatever Eritrea tyrant does, says, ordes but Barrel of the Gun, Izi wedhanka

    • Dear YAY:

      ቅዋም ዘይብላ ሃገርን ልጛም ዘይበላ በቕልን ሓደ ኢይን! ቅዋም ዘይብላ ሃገር ከምድላይካ ኢኻ ትዕንድራላ:: ሓደ ሰብ ከምድላዩ ዝዕንድራላ ሃገር ካኣ ዓዲ ሸፋቱ ዊን ድማ Gangland ትባሃል::

  18. Dear Naz, No Eritrean would resist to assist Eritrea, not just financially but to pay the ultimate price. As you rightly stated we don’t have constitution in place and that makes any law including the “law” pertaining to the 2% illegal. If the government is legitimate all its actions are illegal. We have been betrayed by a “leader” we wholeheartedly trusted and supported. When our country is dubbed South Korea of Africa, when every right imaginable right including the right that made you dare to write such letter to the foreign office secretary is unimaginable and non how could you say our people is benefiting from the 2%. Had we have a government that work for the country and its people, our Eritrea has more resources to provide its people without looking for any 2% or any handout that you suggested. Eritrea has one and only problem: the infamous dictator who enjoys by the plight of “his” people. Any thing that cripples his belligerent behavior and shortens his deadly acts against our people should be supported and is for the benefit of Eritrea.

  19. Naz,

    How are you planning to encourage the tyrant regime to implement the constitution after the border is demarcated? If the criminal regime does not respect the rights of its own citizens today, why do you expect them to respect it later? Does the border stand-off justify the killing, torturing and imprisoning your fellow Eritrean brothers and sisters? What makes you think murderers and hostage takers will start behaving and live-up to their obligation after the border is demarcated?

  20. meles is going long live issays afewerki you are our hero .meles he try a lot of thing to fallen eritrea since EPLF put him to goventmet in addis ethio. but he did not get succses . but we have to becarefull from amhara they steel dreaming the door of assab red see.

  21. Your advocacy on behalf of eritrean canadians from across all political sides is verymuch appreciated.
    Eritreanizm before everything else. Unlike those worthless eritrean human rights groups that work tirelessley to defame their own people by calling them terrorists, I sense that there are plenty of people in the opposition who find these EHRG very offensive to their cause. To oppose politically and to call your own brothers and sisters and even own children terrorists are two different things. It is uneritrean and ignorant of the ramificatitons that come along. I hope all opposition groups distance themselves from such volgar groups who are putting all of us and our children in a bad corner. If one allines themselves with our common enemy who seeks the destruction of the eritrean fabric, then he or she cannot advocate for eritrea and its children. We know better what is good for us. Our differences will converge one day if we keep open mind, oppose while giving credit where credit is due.Right now the Eritrean government is due a lot of credit for restraining itself militarily when being provoked, for food security, expanding education and health care to rural area and developing human capacity etc.. Imlementation of the constitution depends on how much we advocate for the implementation of the algier’s final and binding
    agreement. Being ignorant about it and oppose for the sake of calling oneself an opposition is no different than contributing to the no peace no war situation we are in and therefore the prolonged national service and slower development of the nation. “Dont’ ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country”
    zelalemawi zkri n swaatna.

    • Hey Naz,
      Your letter to the canadian minister is baseless and missleading.
      stop playing this kind of double policies which is not helping but, damaging our values as a nation.
      we had enough experfience of pretending thoughout eritrea history
      no one can deny the EPLF did not brought anything to the country but pain
      ONE TIME , JUST ONE TIME …. lets be one all together and say no to the injustice.

      I can’t tell how are they taking the 2 % in Saudi ARABIA

  22. Thanks for writing great article, i appreciate it very much …..!

  23. Mr. Nazareth Yemane you said it well,we are proud of you and i m pleased with your political facts in this blog for expressing her views in front of authority