Aug 232012

Ethiopia has delayed plans to swear in Hailemariam Desalegn as the new prime minister, following Monday’s death of Meles Zenawi.

Parliament had been expected to hold an emergency session Thursday to install Mr. Desalegn. He had served as Mr. Meles’ deputy since 2010.

However, the government communications office issued a statement late Wednesday saying the session had been canceled. There was no immediate word on what prompted the delay or when an installation will take place.

Crowds of mourners gathered outside of the presidential palace in Addis Ababa Wednesday to pay their respects to Mr. Meles. The 57-year-old leader died from an infection while being treated abroad.

On Tuesday, Communications Minister Bereket Simon rejected concerns about a power vacuum resulting from Mr. Meles’ death.  He told VOA the country’s leadership is united and the government is as “strong as ever.”

Mr. Meles ruled and tightly controlled Ethiopia for more than 20 years.

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  28 Responses to “August 22, 2012 Ethiopia Delays Installation of New Prime Minister by VOA News”

  1. The Weyane junta was armed to the teeth (including drones) by the U.S. while Eritrea is sanctioned not to import arms.

    I hope that it is time for the Weyane junta turn the guns into each other. This is inevitable but the question is when?

    I am sure Eritreans, Somalis, and majority of Ethiopians are celebrating the death of the tyrant!



    • i dont matter wat political dif we had it s sick of u enjoying death of another human being. After all he was just human, father , son , …….. It is not like we killed him in battle field he died like very other human dies. Let him RIP.

      • efimel,
        why should we feel sorry like you are? Meles sentenced us long ago to death, it just happens to be he is gone before us. Plus, don’t you know the history of Meles, to tell us we did not kill him on the battle field? He runs away from any war zone like a chicken with a head cutoff.

    • I know Ahmed in this site long time ago.I am 100 percent sure that he is Elementary school student.

    • you are not Eritrean Ahmed because you don’t deserve to be Eritrean with this pity thinking

    • You and the minority of your likes who couldn’t gauge the value of the person for the region are the only ones celebrating, He has never been a rhetoric and short sighted like your DIA. He was pragmatic, visionary and well accepted by majority of people within Ethiopian and the world. History will write it this way irrespective of what you say.

  2. We Eritreans are civilazed people. We dont enjoy on no mans death in this planet. We advocate for peace. Thats our motto. We Eritreans are engaged in biulding our nation with out other nations assistance.God bless the peace loving people of this earth. Awet NI Hafash

    • Day dream ! Civilized people? A term with a big ” “, I am sorry it is not something which can be proved in laboratory. It is just a fantasy !

      • ghion roha.

        rha is in tigra ghion hoel is far away. are you notryingf melesdeath.meles died like a chicken not like rime minster.

        cry cy this tie fo you cry .

        gion roha so do youneed apr that meles is dead. mny tearus wantpoof fr everthinglike o the povert in etopia, thy as or proof for th fmine of 994, 1974, andall he beggas inaddis. Ghion what is the problem ith you guys profprof,so proof ms i dead is e is i the boxproofthere is faminein ethioia a is that tereae 00,000 beggarsin Adds. thisare proffs fo u undestand

  3. The cat is smellin a rat!! The ethno-fascist of abay Tigray are waiting for their masters in washington to put on of their parasite in the helm. I bet every penny I saved so far that is the case

  4. I am an Eritrean as a human being Mr.Meles has passed away,
    as any other leader and human being he has good and bad things.
    But Mr.Meles is better than the other Ethiopian leaders,and better than
    the other leaders of Horn of Africa.
    And when we compare him with Eritrea leader Isias Afeworki
    Mr.Meles is better 100% coz Isias refuse to ratefay constitution
    and kill his comerades and Journalistes coz they told him the right.
    Death of Mr.Meles is dignified,but Isiases will be like Gadafies.
    The people of Eritrea and Tigray will never ever be enemies every thing will be change.
    after death of Isias Eritreans will help the Tigraians and Tigraias will help Eritreans.
    But the Amhara by support of Isias will not gain power in Ethiopia do not dream it.

    may his sole rest in peace

  5. We Eritreans not gonna enjoy of his death,Because we are human being and that is our typical and identity. but the only thing that we are hoping right now is peace, As we pay more life for that , God bless Eritrea coz of thier respect of any one , Am proud to be Eritrean not like others

  6. Having civilized people to the north of us is good.
    But look the recent past of Eritrea,just last decade
    civilized people cant do that in the era of civilization.
    Eritrea has instigated more than five wars with its neighbours.
    Let me add one more thing can civilized people do not respect
    and give burial ground for its citizen.

    • If you know you are 100% sure Ahmed is elementary school student, I know you from one stupid sentence your wrote, you are ignorat and shallow individual to write such garbage! so nothing is expected from an ignorat individual people like you!

      Go back to elemtary school and learn Eritrean histroy.

  7. Guys I don’t believe Prime Minister Meles had any ill thought of Eritrea or Eritreans. At the cost of his political career he had done what he could not to humilate Eritrea and Eritreans. Some of you are celebrating his death but I don’t think it is wise to do so. Things were difficult during the war but he has done what he could and you need to remember he was the leader of Ethiopia not Ertirea.
    Meles is not a loss of Ethiop only but also for Eritrea – Just wait and see the view point of the next Ethiopian leader to words you then you will apperciate PM Meles.
    Peace to both people

  8. It doesn’t really matter whether I am elementary school student or not but I can assure you that I was praying to see this day since 1998 (when the evil Weyanes declared war on Eritrea and deported 80,000 Eritreans). I am also sure that almost all Ethiopians (except few Tigrians in the North) are celebrating the death of the dictator as this would bring the end of Weyane’s rule a bit closer.

    The dictator did his best to frustrate peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia by refusing to be accept the ruling of the EEBC. Hence, he is primarily responsible for the suffering of young who were/are stationed at the border to protect Eritrean.

    It should also be noted that it is the dictator (with the guidance of the West) that worked hard to sanction Eritrea so as to weaken it militarily and economically. His dream was to invade Eritrea but he is gone without realizing his dream.

    Yes, Meles will be remembered as an opportunist, liar, and criminal who created a lot of death, displacement, torture, deportation, etc, in Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Ogaden, Gambella, etc. He is surely burning in Hell for all the crimes he committed.

    How many of us know that the US/West has armed the Weyanes to the teeth to invade Eritrea? My next prayers is to see the Weyane gangs turn the guns against each other.

    Allah/God bless Ethiopia and Eritrea,



  9. show some personal and poletical matunity. if there are two people who are closer than anyother people in the world, it would be Eritrean and Ethiopia. We have more in common that what seperates us. Let’s us build our future on our common values. think about what we can build together than destroying each other. Success should not be measured on our oppenents failer.

  10. you need to wake up dear. You are stationed through out your life on EPLF’s propoganda. The death , suffering and displacement of 10s of 1000s of Eritreans and Ethiopians should not be blamed to Meles alone. Isaias Afeworki is equally responsible, even to a higher degree.

    • Adam ,Aronait , Hamad ,Efimail
      If you have a sympathy to the all time low, murderer and looter , why don’t you hung yourselves and join him to a burning hell , I am sure he will appreciate you .

  11. Mr Meles Zenawi is dead . I wish to see all ethiopians united and go on with the splendidly impressive economic growth they have achieved during, the exellent leadership of this honorable man.
    As an Eritrean , I feel that this man was good not only to his country but a good Example to many african leaders who ,only fight to stay in power while ignoring their people who suffer from economic backwardness and corruption . Like Meles Isaias is going to die to when his time come.I wonder if we Eritreans are going to mourn or celebrate his death . At this very moment and time i think i do believe with all my heart that people in Eritrea would be relieved that the tyrant is gone for good

  12. The God of allmight justified and answer the crying voice of the voice less innocent Ethiopian ppl,So the ppl of Ethiopia must honor and glorify their God, and he removed the devil blood succer from Ethiopia.Tanks God peace in Ethiopia.

  13. No matter who takes over or leaves . The true fact is , Ethiopia ‘s fate remains unchanged ,” Live on Welfare” stamped .

  14. Awget Ambessa,

    Ahmed you said well, Meles sentenced us to death long time ago, unfortunately he entered the hole he dug for us first. so you are right. I don’t care what happens to Ethiopia and Ethiopians as history thaught me and also exibited thier mean attitude towards Eritrea.

    It is surprising though, to get some dirty comments from people who claim to be Eritreans and airing nasty words in support of Ethiopia. They must be deki tor or gusmat tor zebeyom and not clean Eritreans.

    Tmal Hager, Lomi Hager Tsbah win Hager

    • you are to emotional sir try to cool down a bit. What should be quetioned here is your own identity…. in our Eritrean calture, we do show respect for the dead person even though we do have poletical difference. poletics is just one thing not everything in our thinking.

      for the good of the people and the country, we can not and should not keep blaming others for what ever problem we are in. Look inward for the cause and as well as the solutions; and live with all people in the world in peace and respect.

  15. you all guys forget that TPLF/EPLF was Killed a lot of clean Eritreans on 1980’s too, so they are all the same, i hope our DIA will follow him soon and start new page.

  16. Together,

    Yes, we are civilized people hence, we accepted the Eritrea-Ethiopia border ruling of 2002 for the sake of peace though we lost a lot of land that belonged to us. The ball is on Ethiopia’s side – they frustrated us since 2002 by refusing the border demarcation. If they are wise enough they will accept and implement it soon. Otherwise, it will be “yekotun awrid bila yebibitwan talech”.

    If you ask any Ethiopian about the demarcation he would tell you that it should stay like that and some even claim the sea to be their border. Hence, not sure how to make peace and live with such people.

    In conclusion, whether you like it or not the Ogadenese, Gambellans, etc … would get their independence one day as they are occupied land and that would bring the end of the empire!

    I know “Togeth”, “Dawot”, “Jos”, “Sammy”, etc are stupid enough to analyze and understand the situation but you can join the dictator in hell if you have problem with what I said!