Dec 132011

The truth is “hate speech” only to those who have something to hide.

Michael Rivero

The long awaited and heavily invested ENCDC Congress has finally ended, but the true nature of the Congress and its representation has not been told. Albert Einstein once said, The search for truth implies a duty. One must not conceal any part of what one has recognized to be true”; hence, I took the project as my duty to hold accountable those who propagate in the name of “The People”. I am a true believer of data and statistics as long as no subjective assumptions are incorporated in to them. Although I am not going to tell you that there is no single flaw in my research, I tried to be as objective as I can by giving the benefit of doubt to EDA and the political organizations to be on the safe side for the sake of my own credibility…………..

READ THE FULL STORY!!…….. (statistical data included..)

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  3 Responses to “Fraud! Fraud! Fraud! Cries Negash Haile ..ENCDC Awasa National Congress in the Name of People!”

  1. ato Negash Haile did a very impressive scientific and statistical analysis on Gujle Hawasa and its false representations.
    This is what education is supposed to be — liberating our minds. In my ignorance, I thought Gujle Hawasa’s mistakes were not this big, not until I read this well written report. It is my hope that some one will write a deep analysis on this statistics.
    This brief data exposes Gujle Hawasa to its bones. Indeed, Gujle Hawasa has no dress.
    These people are trying to replace Higdef but they are not better. Read the data below:!/index.html

  2. We are zero,we are all zero as one Ethiopian singer sing in Addis before this Awassa groups were there.For my guesses where were are the Jeberti?they are evrywere,where is bilen? yes ofcourse they are overall.
    Fishikta Ameley weyane are in deep did grav with this nonescaly way.