Mar 032013

 Khartoum (smc) 
Sudan made an agreement with UNHCR for holding regional seminar includes participation of Libya, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Egypt to discuss human trafficking phenomenon and its impacts on security of these countries.

Sudan refugee commissioner Hamad Al Gizuli said in statement to (smc) that they coordinate with authorities concern in the country including Kassala and Gedarif states to control the phenomenon. 
At time he said legal checkup camp on border is suggested in coordination with ministry of interior to control human trafficking gangs. 
The commissioner however urges for providing authorities at camps in eastern Sudan with logistical and communication facilities.   

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  1. where have been when the tragedy in human history was happening? According the world history this tragedy have been committed with the cooperation of the Sudanese border security that they were part of the scandal. Those they are going to convene in Sudan have the information from the beginning of the tragedy. Now they are going to gather to show off to victim’s relative that they are doing something. It was there from a long time and the intelligence security knew about it. Now who is forcing them to act. This is mimic.

    • Kiflemariam,
      Instead of passing a sweeping statement of responsibility on anybody, why don’t you give chance to the proposed UNHCR’S initiative of holding the regional seminar and come with a concrete fact later?
      My suggestion is, brother, to be patient and wait for the findings the UNHCR will come with.
      Never say it is too late, as evil doings do not advertise themselves before hand so that we may prevent them from happening.
      Selam !

      • Hey, What do you know! Isn’t this the hideous vandal and terrorist by the name of Selam kidane!

        Hey, did your son receive the e-mail? What ? you did not know?

        Just wait. you will see what we have waiting for you?

    • Human trafficking and kidnapping has not so far affected the security of the countries which are supposed to meet. In fact, the lack of it has prospered most of them according to their involvement and collection of ransoms paid by families and relatives of the victims. It would be ironic then to expect good results from countries when the military, police, security apparatus, individual citizens and Eritrean refugee impostors at the camps are involved. Under such given circumstances therefore, the human traffickers and kidnappers were able to operate and are still operating with impunity.

      The perpetrators in this case are Bedouins and Rashaidas from Egypt and Eritrea respectively. In their hands Eritrean refugees have fallen victims and were killed, tortured, their body parts harvested, raped, dehumanized, starved and mistreated in the thousands in the last ten years . And it is continuing, which contain children as young as six years old.

      On the other hand, the statement of Sudan refugee Commissioner, Mr. Hamad Al Gizuli’s to coordinate and control the sad occurrence to Eritrean refugees within his country’s responsibilities, which should include the no return of asylum seekers without their consent should be supported. However, his suggestion that a separate check up camp on the border be set up would create more bureaucracy, more corruption, and further delays the least. The lead role of the UNHCR in the safety and well being of refugees should be intact also.

      It would be better still however, if the U.N. Security Council acts swiftly through the UNHCR to bring about pressure on both the Israeli and Egyptian governments to increase their security to STOP THE ERITREAN CARNAG in North Sinai. Refer BBC World Service broadcast of 7 March 2013 under Escape from Sinai, and U.N. and UNHCR reports and many other reports. “Hundreds of bodies” in the last two years says the mortician in El Arish, Egypt.

      Let this cry to save Eritrean refugees lives to H.E. Mr. Ban K. Moon and H.E. Mr. Antonio Guterres be outstanding until the situation in North Sinai is rectified.


      Berhane Kidane, R85237
      United Nations Retiree

  2. Dear All: “Better late than never,” and they have to act quickly to save lives

    Human trafficking and organ harvesting is reportedly still going on. The number one priority is to save lives and the sufferings of victims. What I want to see is not just meetings and conferences, but effective action. It is my firm belief that the relatives and friends of the victims who have paid ransom to save the lives of loved ones are the best source of information to begin with.

    They were given telephone numbers to call, names and/or destinations to transfer ransom money to, and know freed victms of this horrendous human trafficking business. All these starting points hopefully could lead to each node of the connected chain of human trafficking.

    Promise for refunding amounts paid for ransom, partially or fully, to those who paid ransom, by accessing cash deposits or liquidating assets/properties of human traffickers and collaborators, may/could be a good incentive for their complete cooperation.
    Another thing is also to seek cooperation from countries that are intended destinations of the potential migrant and the residences of the ransom payers. But most important of all is to reduce the potential of victims of human trafficking through eductation and distribution of potential dangers involved when crossing borders.

  3. Hi focus,
    No……no ! this is not ‘ the hideous vandal and terrorist by the name of Selam kidane !
    This is some body concerned that the kind of statement Kiflemariam posted might rock the UNHCR’S initiative even before it starts sailing. A prudent poser pays off, brother, to give the truth a chance of coming out.

    • Kidane,
      My apologies !
      I don’t know how I came to the conclusion that you are that stupid woman. Sorry, I should have read you comment properly.

      Now that I re read your comment in detail, I am with you. Better late than never and we have to give a chance to those who set out to investigate