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Aforky and the 21 January movement: security and military cooperation and disregard of reform demandsAdoulis -Al Kash Barka- Special- 31 March 2013

 The Aforky regime,  in its pursuit to handle the effects of the 21 January Movement and deal with its repercussions, a seminar was held at Hanshekit in the area of Hiokta (at AL KASH Barka)attended by heads of all special branches of the military ground troops, except for the officers of the Southern Region Operations.

The military seminar is considered the first of its type after the movement of January 21st with the participation of colonel and higher.

Informed sources revealed to Adoulis the contents of the agenda which the participants discussed over the two days meeting on March 13 and 14,. T he officers, according to the sources, discussed all the consequences of January 21 Movement and set up plans to thwart any similar plans and eliminate all the effects of the Movement.

The seminar issued a number of resolutions and recommendations, summarized as follows :

  • First: redistribute the military units and intensify the doses of moral mobilization and improve
    the effectiveness of military intelligence.
  • Second: Hasten to provide solutions to problems of social nature.
  • Third: Monitor and categorize the opinions of individuals and exclude any person or group that may be a potential risk on the loyalty of the army.
  • Fourth: re-establishing the hierarchical link between the military units and the Ministry of Defense that has been neglected for long time for the benefit of the generals.

As for the units (Popular Army)supervised by General Takly Mankous, the seminar recommended:

  • Shrinking the size of that army gradually in the cities and keep the local volunteer army units in the countryside and withdraw the arms gradually.
  • Setting up a program to integrate the popular army under the command of the Operations Branch in the Ministry of Defense and all the arrangements related to the coordination or communication with other regular forces will be conducted through a special coordinating unit affiliated to the Ministry of Defense.  
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  1. Smart move by our gallant leadership.So here you have it clue less diáspora opposition.What is next your agenda.

    • Decayed parochial!

      • According to Salih Gadi, who is originally from Shirie Tigray whose parents “official language was Arabic in Ethiopia”, Arabic is the legal language of Eritrea and Eritreans are Arabs.

        Amazing, a Tigrayan forcing Eritreans to speak Arabic language.


        This is how Arabs show their love to Eritrea

        “After he died, they left his body in the room with us until it became rotten and worms started crawling. They forced all of us in turns to hold him,” the Eritrean said.

        Amnesty’s report comes after the United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR, said in January it was seeing “rising incidents of abductions and disappearances of mainly Eritrean refugees, allegedly involving border tribes,” in and around refugee camps in eastern Sudan.

        UNHCR spokeswoman Melissa Fleming said that while some refugees are believed to pay smugglers to transport them elsewhere, others are abducted.

        “Those who are kidnapped are often held for ransom or trafficked onwards for the purpose or forced marriage, sexual exploitation or bonded labour,” Fleming said at the time.

      • Wei-Zero ” Halengit”
        Your word has full of resentment expression,what a loser Qomal.
        Please get a life.Leave Eritrea for pure Eritrean.

        • Faeces!

        • Abak bishim hizbi jegna hamassirn aytishekit…hizbi hamasien wereja hozbi eyu kemaka zibele Tifuu zelimits newram melihasu zeiedub welidu ayfelitin kemti ebud merahika Wedi Arba ika tikewin

        • What pure Eritreans who are the pure your demi god isayas or monkey from adwa hagos kisha I know who you are.
          we shall meet in the near future

          • All of you who says something out of desperation about our PIA are deep in trouble with your own ID, otherwise who the hell is more Eritrean than the respected jgna IA and his bstot,you lost in a fiction world wake up if you want to see some one like you some where in the new f.

  2. S E G U M !!!


    V I V A ….. E R I T R E A !!!

  3. Things are already under the control of the majority DIA is not incotrol of it.Seminar, compromise wela esh wesh yelon higi. It is to late!

    • Berhe Kebero, entay de’a tera’era, what the hell is esh wesh , hilmi derho eyu ezi hilmika, i know it is going to bite you by coming back like nightmare. PIA is going to make everything happening, he is about to cut the oppositions dreams having an office in the middle east. they getting burn in addis by weyane and now in the middle east. you are hasus. it would be wise for you to stand by your people instead of helping weyane to destroy Eritrea. if you are Tigray then i don’t blame you because we don’t expect anything better from you guys. Lemanay ” the S’lemariam nation”

      • W’lad:Hahhaha it’s not i who is dreaming you are the one dreaming and talking about impossible. I am not for the opposition or the DIA, let him ransack them if he can. But i do not understand what do you mean stand by your people? i am standing with my people and that is why i am advocating freedom and democracy is what my people need. conversely you are for the dictatorship and oppressive government. One party, one president, no election,no free press, no freedom of speech, no freedom of religion, no right to trial by jury, no constitution for at least 20+ years now. so what do you want me to say other than this government need to come to terms and make a policy change or otherwise be overthrown by the people. So it’s you that really need to ask your self and say wait what am i doing? and why i am doing what i am doing? you need to weigh your state of mind. It’s not all about the government or the so called opposition it is all about what’s right and what’s wrong.
        God Bless Eritrea!

        • Berhe dont be a fool. Ppl like w’lad eri are paid to write stuff like this. He supports a dictator because the dictator pays him. If he didnt have this job he would be in sudan kidnapping eritreans and selling them to arabs. What you said is absolutely and he knows it but doesnt care because the money is more important to him than his people.

          • We are rich in money,dignity over all are greatful Eri.we r who shoud pay back that’s what we doing,you think to be paid,stupid yrdaacum!

          • One wonders who is working for money! And whose money !!!

      • Fake W’lad Eri,

        Do not insult Your BOSS The very Lemmanay from Tigrai/Tembien IA.

    • Really??

    • Berhe,
      What is the oppsite to those you mentioned above? It’s esh waesh no diference.

      • @ Terry: Ya whaham! Ok if you do not like the idea of freedom democracy, constitution, fair justice system, upholding citizens’ right to freely practice their religion and express their feeling about things around them what would be your alternative approach?? Do you love your country and your people? how would you ensure that they are happily living in their home if you do not allow them to use the above listed universal practices? what would be your approach?? But do not tell me i am going to ask monkey or esh waesh try to be a man/ woman and represent your heart if you have one.

  4. Eritreans being abused and used as Arab slaves. I thought we were Arabs!

    Refugees from the dictatorial regime in Eritrea who have ended up in camps in the Sinai desert in Egypt are being used to blackmail Eritrean families who have found safety in Sweden.

    Lola Habtom’s 20-year-old brother was kidnapped in one of the camps. His captors then contacted her and demanded $35,000 in ransom.

    “I asked them where I was going to get that kind of money,” Habtom told the TT news agency about having to listen to her kid brother cry in pain over the phone as the captors abused him.

    “They said they were going to cut out my brother’s heart and kidneys.”

    She managed to transfer the money, freeing her brother who was dumped in the desert to make his own way to the Israeli border. A fellow captive who was released at the same time did not make it out of the desert alive.

    TT has now identified at least 20 families in Sweden who have had to go through similar ordeals. The Swedish-Eritrean human rights activist Meron Estefanos says the number is closer to 300 in Sweden alone.

    Habtom, along with fellow blackmailing victims Medhanie Neraio and Tesfay Berhe, decided to speak out to raise awareness.

    “The kidnappings keep happening. Any day someone might call you from the Sinai and say ‘Your brother, daughter or nephew has been abducted,'” said Neraio. His family recently paid $38,000 dollars to free a young relative.

    “Everyone knows someone who’s been affected. People talk about this everyday,” said Tesfay Berhe whose brother’s grandson was abducted.


  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6-XcFQV2fg

    kHalif iyu kulu !!!

    Eritrean is tested by fire like GOLD for decades,

    Burned with napal bombs….hunged with ironfeast….gn…kulu Halifu, Hjiwn kHalif iyu !!!

    God Bless Eritrea!!!

    • And brave citizens who defended Eritrea being tested by fire as GOLG are now being disintegrated and driven to exodus by the dictator to Ethiopia and Sudan.


      • @ Thomas,
        for your information, GOLD does not disintegrate whereever you put it. Likewise the ‘tested like gold eritrean’ remain an Eritrean nomatter where he is.

  6. Wo….Zahra! your echo is sounding on all Eritrean ears!
    You have a vision because you know where you went trough.

    Nkid Tray my dear Zahra. meTsaina buruh u!!
    Viva Wedi Afom: “nHna, nHna ina. nzKone kale knmesl ayndeln ina”!
    What a visionary man!

  7. Thanks Senay kem shimu.

    Yes! soon is the time that we all relax and enjoy our Resorts in Dahlak…….

    Zelalemawi Kbri nSwuatna !!!

    • While the entire cities and villages in Eritrea are running out of electricity, you foolish and selfish Zahra are dreaming to relax in resorts in Dahlak .

      I would advice you to tell to your dictator to stope exodus of citizens to neighbouring countries.

    • Adgi kalot bizumrtulka…niska hilna albo guhuhaf ab dahlak kitzanagae Chrmlak donkoro!!

  8. We never expect any peaceful solution from world number one dictator. The dictator will never give up until the stick that will punish him nock at the door of his hiding place, like what happened to his former older brother Muamer Gahdafi.

    It is terrible to hear such nasty and nonsense resolutions. But that is highly expected from such world number one dictator.

    • Thomass,
      Muchan stlul icha gen mentan lomi dekiska keythader knwscheka,ewe nhna 50 bhawi tefetina westiena gena qalsna chea netom hlawnetna zeydlyu breqiq hasabawin gbrin aselichana alash nblom alena ezi natka husur n duchum hangol nay becheyti hizka nmen ktedengst icha,kemu ms reanas melsu ygedena,nmuchaunu kemti ztebahle drbay hango stelaee lewti wey gedshu eykonen mehlef gizen ms qumneger sle zchone gn metaalilti tba’e hizbi Er.qoinka alacha ab internet ,techeyef.

      • Ezi tigrigna ka nay Demhitawit eu mesleni. Tigrigna iytemeharkan dika kisab lomi weys ab kereba gize eka training wesidka??

        • Berhe,
          Men eya demhit zemedka? ,eske asfh abilka btgringa gerka sthaf dhar men kemzchelen zeycheln neraeyo dhar dma siq ilka beraa raa Democ,freedom,hizbcha tfetw etechonka habes kedes hatef tef tbel alech kab Eri.nlaali selam zelewo bota habrena gen kabachan wedi kemachan qurub fltete alena zblu resom zeyamnu duhulat ftret entay keyrikeb.

          • Terry: you 100% know that there are a lot of political prisoners waiting for justice why you don’t want to talk about this issue with your government either to convict them or free them if they found not guilty. Ezi enafeletku kemey zeyferih! This by it self is a concrete evidence that to live in Eritrea is not safe. If you plan to travel to any part of the world first thing you need to think about is safety. Yes by default a lot of people are living safe in Eritrea, at the same time there are a lot of people who have stolen from their loved ones for unknown reason. Do you have a power to ask where those innocent might be or why they went there? Never because it’s not safe to do so. The main reason of this vicious circle is because the law is not above all. Some one, that you know him has the power of doing everything and every body around him, perhaps, some people who live thousands of miles away from him such as you Terry also has no gut to stop or criticize his act.The tyranny make the land unsafe place to live for its citizens not only unsafe but also scored some success in making some of its people to assume the insidious system of administration.
            God Bless Eritrea!


  10. guys is that the topic here ? it never match with the above article what u guys r talking about.
    go to the doctors before u get mad soon. and ask ur doctor what u have to do to follow once a topic.
    your friendly brothat and doctor addviser.

  11. Churum E.
    Please keep your dogs under control, too much barking may hurt their lungs.

    • Zahara AKA Tekie Kibrom, a frustrated person using multiple aliases in order to mislead and deceive people that the camp of the selfish opportunists is still vibrant. What a cunning person! Raza nay abu’ haza! N’skan kemzi kemakan usurat hangol b’zeyka ktfetn hasotn m’dngarn nayti metaleli begamido sraat Higdef m’klahh entezeykoynu kali entay fayda alekum. Losers!

    • zahra
      take care am not elsa churum am CHURUM .i personaly hate dogs ooops i mean human_dogs who those who changed to dogs. who barking day and night instead of working and being selfreleiant. am freeeeeeeeeeeee of poletics and have no idea of poletics cos i donnt understand the language of poletics. sometimes i feel as i am flying where as in no poletician fly zone.and hate maltivisoin in poletics that is why i hate it. if u donnt mind. i may study one day poletics hahhahahahha and creat the 38th party

      • Churum,
        As if we are short of oppositions you want to create another one. Good luck it is only a number. Everyone could oppose of everything if we are used to criticize what a working man does. Yes every working man make mistakes but to sit idle aside and criticize the worker for your personal interest is none but arrogance and hypocrisy. I would rather look the greater picture of the government safeguarding the sovereign state and I give all credit to the hardworkers at home, because they are not as selfish as you and me to abonden the country and belittle what others are struggling for from afar.

  12. for those who don’t know DIA identity have a look of his family tree: