Apr 062013

Eritrean five-time IAAF world half marathon champion, Zersenay Tadese took home gold at the Hervis Prague Half Marathon IAFF Gold Label Road Race in the Czech Republic.

Tadese came first ahead of his fellow countryman Mesel Amanuel who won silver for Eritrea despite tough competition from an elite field of Kenyan and Ethiopian runners.

The Kenyan star athletes included three men with personal bests of below 60 minute participating in Prague. The most prominent of this trio was Philemon Limo, who won the Hervis Prague Half Marathon with what was then a course record of 59:30 two years ago, which is still his best.

Tadese 31, once again managed to silence his critics who claimed the Eritrean could not perform well in cold weather competing with younger athletes.

“The weather is cold, but it will not be cold just for me. It will be cold for everybody,”Tadese said at a press conference before the race. “We will all do our best.”

The Eritrean half marathon champ was not able to break his own world record of 58 minutes, 23 seconds, which he set in 2010 at the Lisbon Half-Marathon. ” I felt sick last night and my body was heavy during the entire race today” Tadese said in an interview following the race. 

Organizers of the 15th edition of the Hervis Prague Half Marathon had offered a €100,000 World record bonus as an inventive to break the record.

Tadese completed the first part of his preparations for Prague in Madrid where he has a second home but for the past five weeks he has been training at high altitude in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea to secure his gold medal.

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  1. YOHANA YOHANA IN AFRICA sicle no body beat ERITREA like TEKLEHAYMANOT & ATHERS now runing it is ZERSENAY TADESE iam happy i born in THIS CAOUNTRY OF HEROS this is abig blow to those trying to put ERITRE down evry time it keeps SHAINING AWET NIHAFASH

  2. This is the home of the braves typical performance . Congratulation Tadese , .not only Eritrea or Africa , but the whole World is proud of you .

    • Except the dictator

      • Meskinay Thomas! All ways complain never enjoin. Art, sport, nature, nation, politics, no difference for you!

        Poverino, amlak, gehanem yhabka.

        Zeresinay God bless you! You are our shining Star who is bearing out Martyrs torch!


        • But Zeresenay’s championship in no way belongs to the dictator, who betrayed our Martyrs

          Zeresenay is a hero of the Eritrean people, giving a better face to Eritrea, whose image has been severly damaged by the dictator.

          Bravo Zeresenay, We LOVE YOU!!!! Keep that, we are always standing with you.

        • Senay,
          Those like Thomas if not have any other agenda that will never change the Eri ppl.love and respect to PIA,must have decided to live with the imagination, just create something bigger than you to shift the blame on for ones own faults,paralyzed loser mentality.

          • You Selfish Terry like your freind Zelku Dea, There is nothing that belongs to the dictator in Eritrea.

        • Even he have no any culture beside his bla bla culture of Weyane.

  3. what a brave man, zerisenay ,we proud you.

  4. We are high over the moon because of u taddesse for sending high our flag in the field of sport as ur fathers did once again to be called an eritrean.we proud of u.congratulations.

  5. Congratulations Zersenay! Keep up the good work! You are one of the few who are lifting our spitrits and give us hope in these darkest and sad days of our history. Again Congratulations!

  6. congratulation zersenay

  7. congratulation not only zersenay but also for all Eritreans

  8. Congratulations Tadese, you are an inspiration for our young.I hope our young generation excel in science, art and diplomacy as well.


    WAY TO GO..SEGUM! …birk-kha titsnaE !

  10. Zersenay we Eritrian proud of > U < nska kuratnan habenan eka so congra.

  11. Congratulations Zersenay. You did it as usual. Wining is a norm to you because of your substantiated energy and synergy resulted from your dedication and commitment for your profession. You deserve it. You are a hero and a model of success to Eritrea.
    God bless you. Wish you all the best.

  12. we r proud of u. u write the name of our country in everybody`s brain. bravo

  13. congratulations Tadish,,, thank you for you gave us the fun….you make history the first athlet to win medals in 2004 I remember you from that time….jigna wedi erey,,, anbelbila ab semayat banderay,,,,,, keep the good work,,,,,. I congratulate you again.
    thank you,,,, Tewelde from Norway.

  14. Zersenay the great Eritrean athlete! highest reward for your hard work,there is more to come.

  15. Congratulations Zerit !

  16. Congratulations to the Eritrean team and coaches!
    Zerisenay and Mesel Amanuel were very special.

    • Congratulations ! This is one of the few good news from Eritrea.

      When will Eritrea reduce the number of enslaved and butchered Eritreans in the Arab world? When will Eritrea tell the savage Arabs to stop the rape, slavery and murder of young Eritreans in the Arab world?

      • Canada,

        Did u mean the young Ethiopian women being sold to the Arabs with the approval of Weyane! May be you are confused, Zersenay is an Eritrean.
        What have you been smoking? Get your head straight!

  17. Congratulations Zersenay and Mesel Amanuel you made us and our country Eritrea happy. way to go Zersenay, we really thankfull of you that you encouraged Mesel to fallow your foot step to the final journy.

  18. Go Zeraesenay Go

  19. you are the men zerom wdi erey .

  20. ዋእ!! እንታይ ደኣ ኾንኩም ኣሕዋት እቲ በዓል ቡሩር ከ ወዲ ኤረ ዶ ኮነን? ቪቫ ወዲ ኢማ ንዓመታ ኸኣ ወርቂ ንዓኻ

  21. Zeresenay Tadesse, bravo, you are our Hero.

    We know that Eritreas reputation in the international community has been severly damaged by the dictator in the past 21 years.

    So Zeresenay, your championship is giving Eritrea a better stage in the international community, demonestrating that Eritrea has also such a good face with a promising future, not only the bad face of the dictator with a broken future.

    Great Job Zeresenay
    We stand with you

  22. congra zerisenay and mesel we are proud of you , you raise and our nation up.you give good leson for those who try to sell our freedom to weyane.continue all true eritreans are on your side.

  23. championship is for ERITREANS just normal !

  24. Congratulations to all eritreans.

  25. Congra to Zerisenay and Amanuel.

  26. CONG. Zersenay……My hero, My Blood …long live Eritrea,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  27. ERITREANS ARE ALWAYS CHAMPIONS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PROUD TO BE ERITREAN<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<CONG ZERSENAY <<<<<<<<<<<<<<OUR HERO

  28. congrats!

  29. Yes Simertina, we are always champions by safeguarding the most brutal dictator [Isayas] in Africa.

    Anyway, Zerit, Keep-it-up. You are so great.


  30. Congra bro

  31. K E D E M H A G E R G O B A L I L H I J I H A G E R G O B A L I L

    A I N I Ke

  32. KUUULU DIHRI HAAAAAGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  34. Job well done. Is the government as good as the athletes ?

    long live to you -to WARSAY IKEALO to our hero P I A.

  36. Congrats wedi ere gigna. you are a role model for our young. Congrats to Mesel too.
    Mesel you were equal to zerisenai in this competition. I see it as a double gold medal victory for the proud nation. God bless you all.