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By TesfaNews, Posted on 24 September 2013. 

Eritrea condemns the callous and cowardly terrorist attack that killed 62 people and wounded more than 170 at an upscale Nairobi shopping mall on Saturday.

In a letter he sent to his Kenyan counterpart, Minister Osman Saleh expresses his deepest condolences to the bereaved, a quick recovery to the injured and solidarity with the people and government of Kenya.

He says he is deeply saddened and shocked by the chilling attack on innocent shoppers and staff at the Westgate mall.

“We are confident that Kenya will show its strength and unity at this difficult time,” Said Osman Saleh in his message.

Minister Osman who is currently in New York attending the 68th UN General Assembly would meet Kenyan Officials on the sidelines of the meeting to re-affirm his country’s solidarity.

The Wastgate attack was the worst in Nairobi since an Al-Qaeda bombing at the US embassy that killed more than 200 people in 1998.

The Somalia militant group Al-Shabaab took responsibility for the attack. However, Kenya’s foreign minister Amina Mohammed today says the Westgate attack was not carried out by just Al-Shabaab but by Al-Qaeda.

Interior minister Joseph Ole Lenku said early Tuesday that all of the hostages held inside theshopping mall have been rescued and their forces are “in control” of the mall.

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    • Afro agamino
      Then the whole World will cry if they didn’t condemn it, Ha! Gondaf shit head .

      • Spears(chumara)
        moron.go to the shop and buy for yourself hair and put it on your head until you get bald head.

        • I am just laughing at all this low life sell-outs and rubbish woyanne substandard nature on this form, trying hard to downplay the mighty Eritrean Government who already proved and exposed the lies and deciet fabrication aligation that was made against him to the World about the al shebab fiasco, that Woyanne thugs was linking Eritrea to prolong their survival and to loot the poor Ethiopian people, it Is over, no more hideouts and scapegoating left now, except to accept your death .

          • Spears(Chumara)
            You are blasphemous to Shaebias and tell you the truth Shaebians are not haters.You like to throw stones everywhere in every direction,like a desperate ape.learn from Shaebia and be smart.You are an insult to Shaebia under your current mental-weakness.

      • Spears,
        It is shame that you have to reduce yourself to such a low level; instead of acting like a rational human being, you turned yourself into Isaias Afewerqi’s barking dog.

        Since you always bark for Isaias Afewerqi’s protection, and since you would not reduce yourself to such abyss without having a good reason, why don’t you share with us your knowledge as to how your master, Isaias Afewerqi, not only survived with Qiada Al Ama but also managed to be trusted so much that they sent him to Communist China?

        Soon after he returned from Communist China however, he splintered from Qiada Al Ama and he stated the reason for his splinter: Qiada Al Ama was murderous and religious fanatic organization.

        It is true that in the history of Eritrean Liberation, Qiada Al Ama does not hold a paragon of excellence. Many university educated young Eritreans from the highland unnecessarily lost their lives wrongly suspected as Ethiopian spies,and many had no choice but to surrender to Ethiopian Colonial Army.

        Nobody in his/her right wit can tell me that Isaias Afewerqi was literally oblivion to the unfavorable situation Qiada Al Ama was creating to his comrades from the highland and that he woke up to the nature of Qiada Al Ama after he returned from China. No. This is unlike him.

        If you are not a simple disposable Wahio that regurgitates whatever he is ordered to do by Isaias Afewerqi, I hope you will clear our baffled mind by laying out every bit of the Qiada Al Ama and Isaias Afewerqi Connection.

        • WE are all “spears”, U idiot. U touch him, U touch all of us!

          • Yes, it is obvious that you are all SPEARS of the EVIL but you should to know that the day of your Destruction is coming soon.

          • We all are spears, well said John . When it comes to our beautiful Eritrea, they know this cowards hiding behind pc talking trash but the familair spears of Shabia is right on their faces . Long live Shabia

          • John,

            I wish you use your human intelligence to defend and promote the unity and territorial integrity of Eritrea instead of degrading yourself to serving Isaias Afewerqi, the tigrai conspirator. But again, who knows , you may be another kisha, the two Yemanes etc., all DeqerbaA from tigrai, working secretely to nip our country in the bud. Of course in vain , because The Home of The Brave is here to stay as it had done since time immemorial.


            Wake up, use your god-given analytical skills, and know the enemy of your country if you are genuine Eritrean. Do not be carried away emotion but by analysing the situation objectively.

            Remember, con artists ,like Isaias Afewerqi, are charming predators and they put in chain their prey blinding them with false emtions.

            Do you think Isaias Afewerqi selected Kisha, the two Yemans etc., all, like himself, DeqerbaA from tigrai, because they have more superior intelligence, or distinguished themselves as consummate patriots more than any genuine Eritrean in war or any field of national importance?

            The answer is, No. None of them ever held any gun, and are not in any way better than the genuine Eritrean.

            As a matter of fact, those genuine Eritreans who distinguished themselves discharging their national duty, in war or otherwise, are either killed or are languishing in prison, locked up by Isaias Afewerqi.


            During the Third offensive of w-o-y-a-ne, Isaias Afewerqi was the commander of the entire Eritrean Defensive Forces. He took the leadership under the guise of achieving spectacular success but that was not what materialized. W–oy—an-e was able to break the Eritrean Defenses , ransacked the towns Tesene, Barentu etc.

            As if that was not enough, Isaias Afewerqi attempted our beloved Port of Assab to fall to the hands of w-o-y-a-n-e forces by ordering Eritrean Defense Forces to withdraw. Fortunately, Eritrean Defense Forces refused his orders and Port Assab was saved.

            How did w-o-y–a–ne forces break our defenses in Gash-Barka?

            Ignoring Eritrean Militia information, Isaias Afewerqi allowed w–oy–a–ne forces to cross Eritrean borders and to fall on our forces from behind.


            Isaias Afewerqi is patently Eritrean enemy. Please, use your God-Given intelligence towards the benefit of your country.

      • ኣየ ኤርትራዊ ዕደ፣ መዓስ ኮን ኢና ነንሕድሕድና ተሰማሚዕና ብዛዕባ ሃገር ብዛዕባ ቁም ነገር ንዛረብ። ደናቁር፣ ኣብ ክንዲ ነንሕድሕድኩም ብዛዕባ ውልቃዊ ጸርፊ ትመላለሱ ብዛዕባ ሓሳባትን እንታይ ምግባር ይሓይሽን ዘይትዛረቡ። ሓደ ብዛዕባ ሻዕብያ ዝወቅስ እንተተዛረበ ዓጋመ፡ ሓደ ንሻዕብያ ዝድግፍ ተተዛረበ ድማ ከምኡ ጸርፊ፡ የሕዝነካ መጻኢ ኤርትራ!

        • እወ የሕዝን እንታይ ተስፋ አሎና ሓደ ዑቡድ ድላዩ ዝገብራ ሀገር ሒዝና። እዚ ቐታሊ ፣ ሓራዲ ፣ ዉልቀመላኺ ከይተአልየ ወይ ከይተቐትለ ሀገርና አይሐልፈላንኢዩ። ዕድል ዝገበርና ኢትዮዽያ ነንሕድሕዶምይበላለዑ ስለዘለዉእምበር ቀደም ምወረሩና ኔሮም። ሀገር ክትድሕን እንተኾይና እዚ ዑቡድ ክእለ አሎዎ ፡ ካብቶም ተቃወምቲ ኢና በሀልቲ (ሀገር ክሸጡ ምስ ኢትዬዽያ ዝማኸሩ) እኯ ተስፋ የብልናን። ደሀይ በዐል ሙስጠፋ ኑርሑሴን ዘለዎ ኣሎዶ? ቀቲሉዎም አሎ ፍሉጥ!

    • Poor Semre Habtemariam who grew up in Jabha and Sudan brain washed by the Arabist ideology of Jabha and who is coward enough to condemn the Arab Bedouins and Rashaydas and the burning of Eritrean languages by Jabha so as to Arabize Eritrea says:

      “I first saw an Amhara in Khartoum, Sudan, and I was surprised they look like us”.

      This complete brain washed idiot is supposed to be enlightened to be a “leader” and this is why many Eritreans call him a “useful idiot” who will never stand up to defend the Eritreans suffering in Arab slavery or the burning of Eritrean languages.

      The only thing good that came from this useful idiot is that like me many others, he supports the good cause of petition of ato Kidane Alemayehu to expose the fascist Italians but sadly Semere Habtemariam is coward enough to stand up and condemn the Arab world for their silence to the on going slavery of Eritreans by Arabs.

      Will the coward Semere Habetemariam raise his voice like Meron, Elsa, Yosief Ghebrehiwet, Aba Mussie, Dr Yebio and many others … let alone to organize a petition to condemn the Arab savagery on Eritreans or the burning of the Tigre language by the criminals in Jebha?

      Semere Habtemariam writes:
      I too was a product of my upbringing who did not feign any qualms of expressing hatred towards the Amara. Like my generation, I hated everything Amara, and took pride in not being able to speak their language. I still don’t speak Amharic, but as I got older and hopefully wiser, I am neither proud nor ashamed of it— just neutral. [But you are not ashamed to see the burning of Tigre, Bilen, Afar languages by your own Arabist shifta]

      The first thing that struck me about ato Kidane Alemayehu was that he is a gentleman through and through. His nobility of character, decency, and integrity was evident; but, most of all, he was very open and honest on all issues. I liked him immediately; and knew instinctively I could work with him. As the founder of the Horn of Africa Peace and Development Center, he was looking for a few good men and women from .…”

      • Rezene,

        Please read my response to Spears and answer the question with regard to Isaias Afewerqi and Qiada Al Ama connection, the connection that rewarded Isaias Afewerqi with Scholarship to the Communit China.

        Remember at the time Qiada Al Ama was rewarding Isaias Afewerqi with scholarship to Communit China , so many innocent university students were being murdered as Ethiopian spies.

        But that was not all; as Isaias Afewerqi was reaping fruits for collaborating with Qiada Al Ama, Israel was training and brainwashing illiterate young Christian Highlanders as Military Commandos to serve Ethiopian colonialism in its evil policy of driving wedges between Christians and Muslims in a bid to kill Eritrean Liberation struggle.

        Could it be by pure coincidence that Degiat Solomon Abraha from Tembein, Isaias Afwerqi’s uncle was also Wolo Governor? I do not think so.

      • Rezene

        You are the poor who is lonely obsessed by ethno-religious sensitivities. Your sectarian obsession is driving you mad to hate great Eritrean nationalists like Semere Habtemariam

      • Rezene

        You are the poor who is lonely obsessed by ethno-religious sensitivities. Your sectarian obsession is driving you mad to hate great Eritrean nationalists like Semere Habtemariam

    • afro:

      Agree with you – Terrorists/bandits/killers in our country denouncing terrorism in Kenya? It is paradox! I think we should unite and do all we can to get rid of these bandits. It is sad that we are seeing our country being destroyed by these bandits.

      From the latest interview of the dictator nothing seem to change as long as he is in power. I do hope that he follow his comrade Meles in hell soon.

  2. Afro. It just shows how retarded you are. Whatever happened in kenya is horrible and decent people will show support for the victims and their families and the good minister is conveying that on behalf of all eritrean people and imbeciles like you since you are incapable.

  3. Eritrean Cadres,
    So still you don’t believe that Al-Shabab is a terrorist group?
    You will accepted is when the world chocked you morons

    • By the way do you know eritrea was the first victim of terror. We fought Binladen way before 9/11 and before you start reading politics. Do not just jump and litter the play ground. Learn first men we are professionals all here.

  4. PFDJ wooo it has no shame what so ever. Who is the darling of Al shabab? PFDJ is responsible to this carnage as mush as Al Shebab. Until PFDJ eradicated from the surface of the earth terror in the Horn of Africa will stay there.

  5. Do not confuse by the foreign minister of PFDJ,they do not have
    moral ground to say like this coz
    They are tourching the people of Eritrea
    ” ” inslaving ” young Eritreans
    ” ” raping ” young girls of Eritrea
    ” ” selling ” Eritreans to boduin arabs
    ” refuse to ratifying the constitution of Eritrea
    ” are appointing to poisition members of demhit insted of Eritreans
    ” are cultivating narcotics in semenawi bahri selemuna.
    Still they are not government coz Eritrea hasn`t constitution with out constitution there is
    not government they are group of mafia.
    There is no prsident with out election.
    nothing at all.
    Say what ever you want to say,but the reality speaks loud every body,and every country knows what is going on in Eritrea.
    Dawit wedi keren
    is going on in Er

    • Dawit:

      I agree with you that we are being ruled by bandits! We are not lucky to be ruled this way after fighting 30 years of brutal war in which each family lost a family member. For example I lost 3. Nothing will change unless the bandits lose power. We really need to be united to achieve that. Now the country is almost destroyed and everyone who is able is leaving the country. Let Allah / God be with Eritrea.

  6. Spears&cazzate , agamino or tewelje:hgdef&al shabab are the same, you guys are papagalo, just repeat what dictator issaias or hgdef don’t have any humanity for the eritrean people.

  7. Afros comment is very true ,The regim in Eritrea is by him self terrorist,and he dont have right to denounces terrorism

  8. A terrorist regime condemning another terrorist organization’s act? the irony lol

  9. What can we say. There are people such as afro and Tes. You might not disagree with the current government political point of view but you should not have any reason to disagree with what being said. ” Eritrea condemns the callous and cowardly terrorist attack that killed 62 people and wounded more than 170 at an upscale Nairobi shopping mall on Saturday” Isn’t it true ? Evey Eritrean that lived to tell the story knows what it means losing innocent family member through bombing and killing. Unless you have another hidden agenda what is being said is clear and direct. You see when you try to disagree with the current government, you should have solution for your points.

    What does it mean ?
    “PFDJ is responsible to this carnage as mush as Al Shebab”
    What are your intention ?

    Your mentality shows that you either have another agenda or you do not know what you are talking.

    Every time you say something think about the people of Eritrea above all the young sacrificing their lives to protect your country so that you will have place called home forever!!!!

    All this being said assuming that you are Eritrean. Even if you are not you should understand that for Eritrea and Eritrean to prosper is on your benefit as well.

    • Sawa,

      “PFDJ is responsible to the carnage as mush as Al Shebab” what are your intention?

      You know what my intention is. if you don’t know there is something missed from your collection( collection). Just to give you a hand who armed and trained Al Shebab. Oh no because you boss denied it, it doesn’t mean he didn’t. You seem to be concerned about Eritrea and Eritreans young man Sawa? It looks how shallow knowledge you have about our country and people. Even you dare to call yourself Sawa the painful place to Eritreans youths. I am sure you are the most confussed kid only you know little about Eritrea and Eritreans. I don’t blame you but your parents.

    • Sewa

      You are right the consortium of Shefatu in our beloved country they don’t kill people in shopping centers, they kill and torture thousands in secret underground prions.

  10. This news is not in Shabait in TV Eri therefore not true, or show me.

  11. Is this the first time for the evil terrorist group Al Shebab to carry on a terrorist attack wherever it is? Aye tfesha Hgdef !

    • Almaz

      This is the new look of the regime after Embatkala’s meeting just for international consumption.

    • Alqondaf, woyanne(terrorists) are silently and slowly disappearing,that these region can gasp of relief,the aim wrong dark doings in terms of somalis have its own answer by return,name them al-shabab or whatever,these angry youngsters are who have lost everything during the invasion of those baggers and Kenian army,is now showing its true image,contrary to these malheur Eritrean ppl and government will fight for a long lasting peace in EA.

      • PFDJ is only good at exercising short term political prostitution and creating long term crisis. I am 110% sure that this world and especially EA will be much better and peaceful without them. Hope they perish for good any time soon.

  12. Tes I think you are so far from the truth. Al shibab. Somalia people not eritrean people. So please shut your mouth.

  13. PFDJ is not terrerist in all kind of parameters but it is a communist dictator that imprison his own ppl. To be exact PFdJ is the enemy of itself

  14. The only difference between alshebab and PFDJ is, PFDJ doesn’t have any vission other than destroying our counttry and culture. Alshebab atleast aims at having an islamic rule.

  15. SHABIA is learning some diplomacy – but little too late.

  16. I feel ashamed of my self when I hear people calling government of Eritrea!!! I call the childish government of Eritrea, which is good for nothing.

  17. A regim who never condemed the Al-shabab attack in Uganda where several of the victums were Eritreans is a terroris regim.

    This morons learn things very slow, after so many years of refusing to accept the Somalian goverment, they suddenly announced that they accept it. What did change, nothing. And how much did Eritrean and the people did lose becuase of the diplomatic incompetence of HDGDEF?. We will get internal peace once HDGEF and its drunk presidents are gone. My god have mercy on us Eritreans.


  19. Eritrawit ade:entay aflituki, shilu.hgdef are ‘shefatu’, they have no any good intentions for the eritrean will understand them when you are dead because you are so damn, you have no clue what’s going on in eritrea.

  20. I never had the patience to read all the comments before, but I did today as the issue was quite sensitive and required attention. Sad to say, I never found any of the comments pre-meditated and originated from a mature individual. Yet, only one struck my head and big thanks to you ” SAWA” please if we are commenting, let’s think about what seeds we are sowing as our readers will judge our intelligence and level of maturity from what we say.

    The Minister did the right thing in the right time. If not tell me I am wrong. We all condemn the act and all of you do condemn it of course if you are right minded people, for it is a heinous act. If PFDJ is a terrorist as you guys put it forward, it is good to see them condemning their own behaviour and hopefully they will change for good ” I in my right heart and mind don’t agree with it though”. Otherwise, you guys should learn to say good things don’t be always on the blaming end as it is good sometimes to be on the praising end as well.

    I am pretty sure if they didn’t condemn it you would still have picked on them. Guys can’t we be mature and think for the wellbeing of our mother land. When will we learn to support or decently disagree with others comments.

    I beg you to if you are Eritreans please don’t cast nonsense, if you have nothing to say you better stay quite rather than telling the world how stupid you could be to think and write dirty. If you are not Eritrean, you will still be judged for your mental disability to think properly.

    Long live Eritrea.

    “Dream, Hope, pray, work hard and do your best to see a better Eritrea”

    • Yosef wedey,
      Gele kfal Kabzom tenbibom zelekha Ertrawyan kemzeykonu kberhalka, miinti.
      Kemti zbelkayo Ertra teQawmo nayti zterekhbe ftsame inte zeyteriE neyra abal nayti zterekhbe geben mukhana iya malet iyu. Izom triOm zelekha iwn Eritrea abal nay ikey gbri ktkonelom leytn qetrn tselot zgebru iyom. Slezi kabzi kemzi zmesele tegbar zelewom Halemti senay ayt’tsebe.
      nBel izi tegbar izi ab Ethiopia agaTimu intezkhewn iwn, wala ikua tselaEtnan seb demnan ykhunu imber, ktqawem mesel alewa Ertra. mkhnyatu kem Eritrea bshigr ztemokere Hzbi ab kebabina keto ayrkebn. Mret nayti zegaTeme, selamawi hzbi zgodiE aseQaqi tegbar sle zkhone, izi zeytekhonene imo antay k’khunen?
      Ethiopia zeykonenet intekhoyna gn natna tsegem aykonen.

      • Eritrawit Ade:

        I remember someone on this website advising you to use the below website to type in Tgrinya but you seem not to make use of it. Please try as it is difficult to understand what you are writing. Hope you will make use of it…..

        • ዬሴፍ ወደይ
          ገለ ክፋል ካብዞም ተንቢቦም ዘለኻ ኤርትራውያን ከምዘይኮኑ ክበርሃልካ ምአንቲ.
          ከምቲ ዝበልካዮ ኤርትራ ናይቲ ዝተረኽበ ፍጻመ ተቓውሞ እንተዘይተርኢ ነይራ ኣባል ናይቲ ገበን ሙኻና በሪሁ ምተባህለ። ናይዞም ዝቃወሙ ዘለዉ ድልየት እምበኣር ኤርትራ ኣብ ከምዚ ዝኣመሰለ እከይ ግብሪ ክትቆማጣዕ ዘለዎም ባህጊ እዮም ዝገልጹ ዘለው እሞ ካብዚኦም ሓለምቲ ካልእ ኣይትጸበ።
          ንኣብነት ኣብ ዐጢኦፒኣ እውን ተመሳሳሊ ፍጻመ ኢንተ ኣጋጠመ፣ ዋላካ ጸላአትናን ሰብ ደምናን ይኹኑ እምበር ኤርትራ ከትቃወም መሰል ኣለዋ። ምኽንያቱ ከም አርትራ ብሽግር ዝተሞከረ ህዝቢ ኣብ ከባቢና ከቶ ኣይርከብን ስለዝኾነ። ምረት ናይቲ ዘጋጠመ፣ ሰላማዊ ህዝቢ ዝጎድአ ኣሲቃቒ ተግባር ስለዝኾነ እዚ ዘይተኾነነ እሞ እንታይ ክኹነን፧
          ኢትዮጵያ ነዚ እከይ ተግባር እዚ ዘይተቓመት እንተኾይና ግን ናቶም እምበር ናትና ጸገም ኣይኮነን።

          • Isyasawit Ade

            ቲ ብጃንዳ ሸፋቱ ኣብ ህዝብና ዝወረደን ዝወወርድ ዘሎን ግብረ ሽበራ ኸ?

          • Nahom:

            You are right! ንሱሞ ተዘርዚሩ ዝዉዳእ አይኮነን ። እዞም ሸፋቱ መዓልቶም ይጸበዩ ። 22 ዓመታት ብከንቱ ጠፊኡ! ክንደይ ሰላማዊ ሰብ አጥፊኦም!!!

  21. Look who is talking. Alshabab is financed and trained by Eritrea, primarily to destabilize Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti. It is an insult to the Kenyans specifically for those who died and injured when this comfort note comes from Eritrea. East African must confront the Eritrean dictator and held him accountable. If you watch Esaias Afework’s recent interview, it is all about Somalia. He attempted to portray himself as the genius guy in African politics when his people are dying in thousands in Sinai desert and Italian seashores. The pictures speak for themselves.