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  1. The following article was written ten years ago. It may remind you something. The link needs to be copied and pasted on your search engine.

    ‘Now face the truth, admit and make the way free; and this not vengeance but justice’

    Dr.Alazar Gebre-YesusAn Independent Observer and Concerned Eritrean, London, 19.09.01

    Your Excellency President Isaias Afeworki (PIA),

    “Human freedom is absolute only in the sense that people have a right to choose a certain course of action in their own domain”. That is why I have decided to address my case via the public way to make it audible. The purpose of this piece of writing ‘not vengeance but justice’ is to demonstrate my protest while you are going against the will of our people and not abiding by the rule of law. Without law there is no liberty. Law should therefore be above politics. This is reflected in the principle of the rule of law: the idea that law rules. But this bedrock principle applied in civilised societies has become invalid in Eritrea. Hence, there is a range of evidence for my protest. … link


    • Dear Adulis: There can never be absolute (but relative) human freedom

      You quoted certain Dr. Alazar as having said, “Human freedom is absolute only in the sense that people have a right to choose a certain course of action in their own domain.” Any human being exists surrounded by other beings (living and non-living). And one human being’s freedom is limited by what the other beings would allow, or tolerate. An individual human being does not have the knowledge, capability, or liberty to do anything, at will, at anytime, anywhere, to anybody, for some or no reason. Other human beings or natural forces may not allow such kind of absolute freedom. It is a sovereign supreme being (what we human beings call God) that has the rights and power to do that.

      Our current human sovereign in Eritrea is the Government of Eritrea that PFDJ instituted. The head of PFDJ is Issaias Afwerki. To demand absolute human freedom from the Eritrean sovereign is like seeing Issaias or PFDJ equivalent to God, which is not true or valid. If we see Eritrea as one group of people, it can exercise its freedoms relative with what natural forces and international community of States/nations would allow, or tolerate, it. If we see into Eritrea as comprising groups and individuals, our sovereign has the liberty to do things at pleasure as far as the combined forces of other entities allow, or tolerate, it. What does this mean in terms of practical actions? Devise ways to encourage the sovereign do things you like and block or resist the sovereigns actions you do not like.

      But there numerous things that you might like and dislike, and your knowledge and capabilities are limited, implying that you have to sort them out based on certain values and priorirties. So, is fully establishing the Eritrean State as a republic with all necessary laws, procedures and regulations more important to you than raising what you think is irritant to Issaias Afwerki? Which one do you think is more valuable not only to you personally or to the community at large? Every issue as important as it is, its importance needs to be seen in comparison to other issues. Everything human is relative, not absolute.

      • … be it relative or absolute, we need to have a system/institutions in Eritrea to facilitate our affairs. If you think we have independent institutions governing Eritrean, i rest my case.

  2. Dear Adulis: President Issais Afwerki is facing the truth and the non-truth

    You seem to be publicizing what you feel is important but you are not communicating with us to convince us, but to tell us what, in your view, we have got to follow. You know that there are known truths (proven facts), allegations (unproven accusations), and lies (disproved allegations, or untrue claims purposely fabricated for deception). Issaias, as a person and as an official, faces all kinds of truths, allegetions and lies. I have read your source of information, and I trying to let you know that everything Dr. Alazar claims are truths cannot be accepted as truths before they can be proven to be factual.

    To do so requires a method, procedure, and a neutral body, that the two contenders agree on as a determiner of truth, to provide us with a judgement (scientific, moral, or legal). I am trying to point out to you that an institution is necessary to determine what is the truth in a society. Without such an agreement, “a contract”, to determine truths, every side owns its own truths and their conflicts is likely to be resolved by force (physical violence, political dominance, size in numbers and technologies, etc.). Therefore, if Dr. Alazar, or you, and Issaias do not have common institutions (government structure, laws, rules, regulation, policies, and magistrates to execute public affairs), Dr. Alazar or you will separately remain with your truths and Issaias will proceed by facing his truths, your allegetions, misunderstandings, and lies from all directions. I urge you to be activists among Eritreans, preferably in Eritrea. Try to convince the people who support Issaias and made him sovereign. Be pragmatic, and not idealists. Above all, avoid collaborating with Eritrea’s enemies, for if you do, you will be treated like one. Stand for Eritrea’s rights first, and, then, aim to improve, in a series of reforms, individual/sub-national group rights, liberties, and freedoms within Eritrea.

    • … YaY wrote; “I urge you to be activist among Eritreans, preferably in Eritrea”.
      .. aSha diye beraki. You very well know what happened to people who tried to voice their concern. Who are you trying to kid? Telling people to go straight to prison? No, thank you. Brute force, oppression , and abuse in the ugliest form is the answer from Isayas and his yes men to any one who tries to raise a concern.

    • Hello yay i really do not understand what are you trying to say. no one need such a lecture to talk about rule of law. and you are telling him to be an activist, where? don’t you think enough activists are already languishing in underground cells. may be you have no idea what is going on in eritrea. The people of eritrea have paid enormous price for his independence and liberty in which the latter is denied by few selfish individuals. So if you think you know the truth, go and tell iseyas to implement the already ratified constitution. No one is asking for more. So it is good to stand for justice, equality and liberty. I feel it is time to work together and achieve those deserved rights.

  3. wedi afewerki,
    Enough of your lecture, we all know, you “know all knowns, even the unknown knowns”. I do not have doubts of your intelligence. You are not stupid, however you are too protective of your little “zewdi”. You are very stubborn. .
    I am begging you to talk something about the Eritrean Constitution. Say something about law and order, and act on, give some hope to the young Eritreans.
    wedi Afom, given your experience, your understanding of regional and global politics is very good. My suggestion is that you become a foreign minister for few years and make Osman Salah or Ali Abdu — the President.
    It will be lots of change and rest to you. You been in power for forty years, twenty of this as President. That is too long for one man.
    What a greedy generation! You were making fun of Haileselasie but you are doing and acting like him, so is Hury Bairu and Dr Berhanu. You are all power hungry, don’t you feel tired of politics? Get some hobbies, like gardening or running like Jimmy Carter. Do some charitable work like Clinton or some ranching and mountain biking like Bush II. Get a small boat in Twalet and start some sailing and fishing.
    I just wonder, if there is something called “the curse of Africa”? The same is happening in Uganda, Ethiopia and Sudan. You guys are all the same greedy bunch.
    Man! I am tired of this never ending lecture. wedi Afom, I tell ya, your cabinet meetings must be very boring. I am glad you are not my boss and I don’t have to drink scotch with you. Oh! you remind me now what happened to Gerewegna when he called you wedi …
    After all these, do you still ask why young Eritreans are abandoning Eritrea?

  4. Mr President,
    Watching the jumbo mumbo of your interview is like wasting 20 minutes of your life telling lies after lies and never ending false promises every other year.I don’t know who your rambling interview is intended for as our people and the region as a whole are tired of all these years ago.Its mind boggling though,that you keep mentioning the word ‘JUSTICE’ several times but you should know that you are the last person in the world to utter the word JUSTICE.Its an insult and a mockery to our people in general and your dead brain supporters in particular.You have been successful in creating a little North Korea in Africa where imprisonment without due process,summery execution,torture,systematic rape have become the order of the day.Thousands were made to disappear in the thin air as if they didn’t exist and thousands more are still languishing behind bars for years without a charge or a day in court.Your ruthlessness and cawardness have no exemption for anyone including your life long friends and comreds in arms and that was the dumpest mistake you made.You jailed old,frail and less threatening for over a decade without a charge or a day in court.These people were less threatening and weak who could not protect say the least.We know that most of them have died a painfull death without a chance to defend themselves.Thousands of ordinary citizens who are less threatening are also suffering the same way under you rule.
    Mr President,
    I beg you to behave and act like a leader atleast once in your life.Instead of false promises and lies that won’t be delivered,do a noble and unforgetable thing thats not going to fade from our memories.Release our prisoners for the New Year.
    Mengistu Hailemariam who was considered the worst leader in the chapter of Ethiopia used to release prisoners every new year and even the Cubans realesed 3500 prisoners last week.The Woyanes who are always smarter than you are about to release the Dergue ex officials who are pardoned and that includes the notorious Major Melaku Girma who was an architect of red terror in Gonder and Sergent Legesse Asfaw who is believed to have ordered that bombardment of Hawzen that killed 2500 people on a market day.

  5. i am not impressed by the reply/comment of wede zere and his likes………………….,
    it is annoying this webpage has become a place every watee/lowly person throws his dirt.i dont know what they could contribute if they are at home … that is if they are eritreuen.

  6. What is this all about? Guys, there has never history records in the past and will not even be in the future such inhuman treatments of own people. Meles is by far better off to isaias at least he truly sypethizes with eritrean people and is often exerting his atmost efforts to see eritreans stable and in peace, while the never do well isaias is against eritrea and its people